Monday, November 14, 2011

kenny chesney

  • Question:-kenny chesney?
    how did kenny chesney hurt his shoulder?
    is kenny chesney home or in the hospital?
    how is kenny chesney feeling?
    i just sent him a get well card
    i care about him
    is kenny chesney dating anyone?
    u think kenny chesney will date me?
    bye bye katina
    ps kenny chesney 4ever

    Answer:-don;t know how he hurt it,,
    hop ehe is home and doing well
    lets say since he is sooo hot we go nurse him back to health we can take turns giving him sponge baths,,
  • Question:-Kenny Chesney ???
    I'm looking for a quote said by Kenny Chesney..Says something about southern women and that once you go southern,you never go back? ?? Just wondering.. Couldn't remember.

    Answer:-"Southern girls are God's gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the Mason-Dixon Line. And once you go Southern, may the Lord help you, you never go back." ~Kenny Chesney
  • Question:-kenny Chesney?
    heyy im going to the kenny chesney concert and am sitting in the sandbar area just wondering what i should expect. was the greatest concert ive ever been too (until i sat front row for the spice girls but nothing can ever beat that lol)
    its loud and fans are the best..he has soo much energy on stage and with all the openers its just a really great day =) have fun ill be at the one in phillly!
  • Question:-How do I find a particular Kenny Chesney mp3 to buy?
    Kenny Chesney sang with Elan & The Wailers - Everybody Wants to go to Heaven (Kenny's song) and then they went into Three Little Birds - How do I buy the mp3 of this mix from the CMA Award Show?
    I have searched and I cannot find it. Does anyone know where it can be bought?

    Answer:-see if they have it for sale on itunes and rhapsody.
  • Question:-What do you believe is the best Kenny Chesney song?
    My favorite song by Kenny Chesney is Don't Blink. It has become very important in deciding how I live my life.

    Answer:-I love all Kenny Chesney songs. My favorites would be from before he went all island boy or the ones that are still country. I like Me And You, You Save Me, The Woman With You, and his cover of Please Come To Boston is amazing.
  • Question:-How can I dress like Keith Urban or Kenny Chesney for Halloween?
    I want to dress up like Kenny Chesney or Keith Urban for a halloween party. Any suggestions on outfits?

    Answer:-Kenny Chesney- just dress like your gay.
    Keith Urban- Crocodile Dundee
  • Question:-What is the name of the last song in the Kenny Chesney 3D Summer concert movie?
    What is the name of the last song in the Kenny Chesney 3D Summer concert movie?

    The song where he starts crying,

    Answer:-Better as A memory. It's on his Just Who I am:Poets and Pirates CD released in 2007
  • Question:-Who agrees that Kenny Chesney is the best in Country?
    Many think it is Kenny Chesney and Carrie Underwood, who do you think?

    Answer:-Jamie Johnson and Lee Ann Womack
  • Question:-Is Taylor Swift opening for Kenny Chesney or co-headlining with him?
    I believe she has her own tour at the beginning of the summer but on the end she's going on tour with Kenny Chesney. Just wondering because I like her but don't really know him, but the only time she's coming close is on tour with him.

    Answer:-Well I know that Taylor is doing her first headlining tour very soon, if she hasn't started it already..

    As for the whole Kenny Chesney thing, she is co-headlining with him.

    Oh, and check some of his songs out! Especially Better Than a Memory, You Save Me, There Goes My Life, and Don't Blink. Those are some of his most popular ones and I love them. He's great and its good to get into some of his songs before actually seeing him so you know what to expect :)

    Oh and Taylor's cool too haha I love her she's such a great role model.

    And I loved your answer to maddog's question.
  • Question:-Kenny chesney...?
    do u think he is gay or whatever...even though he married and then divorsed Zelwiger??
    do u think that he is hot?? guys and girls...

    Answer:-He is gay, and yes that is why Renee LEFT him, because she found out he liked it that way. Part time or full time, GAY IS GAY!!

    All you gotta do is watch him in interviews and you can clearly see he acts like a woman. So yes, he is GAY!!

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