Monday, November 14, 2011

itunes match

  • Question:-Will iTunes Match work for my youtube mp3 converted songs?
    I usually BUY music from my favorite artists, just to support them and have them, but about 95% of my iTunes Library are songs that I converted from youtube by copying the video link, putting the link through a website's mp3 converter, and putting it on my iTunes. The iTunes Match preview description says that it takes lower quality songs (youtube ones usually are) and matches that song with a high quality iTunes song. Will this process work with my from-youtube songs? Thanks!

    Answer:-Yes, I have those on my IPod right now.
  • Question:-What exactly does iTunes match do?
    What is the perk of getting iTunes match? I've looked at the description and was video reviews on it, but I still don't know what it does? Can some one explain it very simply lol thanks.

  • Question:-Does the apple ID of a macbook pro need to match the iTunes account used on the laptop?
    Basically, I'm just wondering if the apple ID of the laptop needs to match the iTunes account. Yeah. They are also set to different regions, if that helps.

    Answer:-No the\y don't
  • Question:-How do I get the play counts on my iTunes and iPod to match up?
    I want to make my Top 25 Most Played playlist's have the same songs, but on my iPod it says I've listened to a certain song 200+ times and on iTunes it says the same song has only been played 82 times. How do I get them to match up?

    Answer:-make sure your ipod is NOT set to manually manage should match up if its not.
  • Question:-Are the items in iTunes suppose suppose to match the song numbers on my iPod?
    I charged my iPod on a different computer from which I sync it with and I don't know if something got erased. My iPod says I have 3746 songs and in my iTunes the it says I have 3766 items in my library. Are my songs and items suppose to match. I'm just wondering if 20 things got deleted from my iPod. I want to know if I have to restore the whole thing just get everything back on it. Or is it a way I could just get the 20 things that may have been deleted.

    Please help iTunes is confusing sometimes!

    Answer:-You have 3700 songs on your iPod and you are concerned with missing 20? Maybe they are duplicates in your library? Maybe those 20 are not included in a playlist? Seems like more work than it's worth to find those 20 songs then to just foget about them.
  • Question:-Will iCloud & iTunes Match count against Data Plans?
    Both seem like cool and useful features, but if I pay $25 dollars to store my entire music library in iTunes match, will streaming the music count towards my data limit? It seems utterly pointless if that's the case, since most carriers no longer offer unlimited data plans. I'd blow through 2gs in a day or two of listening to my own music.

    Answer:-Yes, streaming anything counts against data plans, unless you do it with your wifi.
  • Question:-Why do the playlists on my iTouch not match the playlists in iTunes?
    I created playlists in iTunes that would play music by year, date added, etc. They appear correct on iTunes in my computer but when i sync them to my iTouch none of the songs match what was set up on my computer's iTunes. How can I fix this????

    Answer:-When you plug the iPod into your computer, click on the ipod when it shows up in the playlists area, click on the music tab, and make sure it is set up to correctly sync those playlists
  • Question:-How can I transfer songs from Music Match Jukebox to Itunes?
    I downloaded songs from Yahoo musicmatch. Can someone explain to me in detail how I can move them to itunes?

    Answer:-you have to get a converter and then transfer the music to itunes
  • Question:-Do we have to get iTunes match?
    If I agree to the iTunes terms and condition page to update my apps do I have to get ITunes match?? Is it mandatory to buy ITunes match?? Thank you for your answer!!!

    Answer:-No,Not at all,I do this every so often,and u don't have to pay a penny =D
  • Question:-Does iTunes match also match data, and if so how?
    I imported my library to a new computer for college, and I lost all my purchase dates and play counts in my iTunes library. While they are still on my at home computer, I want to know if that data could end up on my laptop, so I could not have to start from scratch with play counts. Also if it does that will one computer take over as dominate or does the data assimilate?


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