Monday, November 14, 2011


  • Question:-Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    All you ppl who think Favre or the Packers suck.

    Just remember that Favre beat all of your teams except the bears and cowboys. that Favre has beaten every single one of u atleast once in his career. that no one will ever be as good as favre. it was a cinderella year and like all of them they have to end. no one thought the packers would be this far.

    Answer:-I agree. I have a great feeling about next year!
  • Question:-packers.........?
    do u think that the packers will have a winning season next year?

    Answer:-Packers were 8-8 this year and probably just a good play or two away from 9-7 or even 10-6.
    Favre announced early that he was coming back. It seems like he is more excited to come back this time. That bodes well for the team.
    Also since this is the second season for the coaching staff, I would expect that the players will be more comfortable and the coaches will better use the player's talents.

    But the best thing we have going is just how bad our division is. 4 games against Minnesota and Detroit. Who could ask for more. Sure, the Bears are tough, but no matter what the Packers schedule looks like, they don't have to be a great team to win 9 or even 10 games.
  • Question:-What teams would the Packers have to play and win in order for people to say they are good?
    I've read a lot of people say that the Packers are not that good because they haven't played anyone good. There are only a handful of teams that are really good: Colts, Patriots, Cowboys.
    Are the Giants, Vikings, Chargers, Eagles really that bad? And does the fact that they beat them mean that the Packers are still not good? Does the fact they are 8-0 since last season, mean that they are still not good? I'll admit, they haven't been tested against the elite, but that still doesn't negate the fact that they are not a good football team.

    Answer:-Patriots, Colts, Cowboys, Ravens...Yes, the Ravens don't look so hot right now, but if Favre beats them, I will give them the credit they would deserve...
  • Question:-Can mover and packers hold the residential items till I finalize on the apartment?
    I have to move to a place and I don't know where I am going to stay. I will be in a hotel accomodation and then look for an apartment. So for some time my household items will have to be held by the mover, till I am thru the process and then deliver to my new apartment. Is this possible ? What will it cost ? Which packers companies do that? Does Fedex do this as well ?

  • Question:-How are the cheese packers SB bound when they beat a depleted team like the giants?
    No offense Giants fan but you have to admit that the past two weeks haven't been the most brightest in yall history.

    But how can a team with no running game be super bowl bound?? I'm telling you, the cheese packers suck! They are seting themselves up for a major let down watch.

    Answer:-How are bears SB bound with the 30th ranked offense?
  • Question:-How many losses will the Packers have by the end of the Season?
    Will the Packers loose any more games, if so who will they lose to?

    Answer:-2 more games.

    Panthers and @ Bears.

    Packers finish 13-3. #1 or #2 seed in the NFC.
  • Question:-Who still thinks the Packers made a mistake by getting rid of Brett Favre?
    Who still thinks the Packers made a mistake by getting rid of Brett Favre?
    Who still thinks the Packers made a mistake by signing Aaron Rodgers to a long term deal midway through the season?
    Both teams missed the playoffs.
    Aaron Rodgers 28TD 13INT
    Brett Favre 22TD 22INT
    Which quarterback is better?
    Which quarterback is the future of a football team?

    Answer:-Aaron had a better year this year. Brett should retire. Aaron will bounce back next year. GB lost because of their Defense mostly. Aaron lost a few games for them but GB Defense let him down. GB should stick to Aaron. Favre is old and worn out. Even if he stayed with GB he would of have a so-so year. His body cannot take it.
  • Question:-What does it cost to hire Movers/Packers while shifting houses from Kakinada to hyderabad?
    I'm planning to shift houses from kakinada to hyderabad soon, and I wanted to find out how much it costs to hire Movers and Packers. What are reasonable rates? What does the service include? Will they pack/unpack all furniture and all my stuff?

    Answer:-prefer a lorry.
    its better than transportation.
    transport agents costs more.
    we have recently shifted from kkd to hyd.
    we came by van which totally costs aruound 4000/- only.
    while we ask for SRMT to transport our luggage they told nearly 8000/-
    so i advice u to prefer a lorry or van depends on ur luggage.
    one more thing start at around 5pm in kkd then only u reach here erly in the morning.
    then no traffic problem ok naa.
  • Question:-What does it cost to hire Movers/Packers while shifting house hold articles from Kakinada to chennai?
    I'm planning to shift house hold articles from kakinada to chennai, and I wanted to know how much it costs to hire Movers and Packers. What are reasonable rates and whether they pack/unpack all articles?

    Answer:-if you want to move your house from one place to another so contact with wolfe house building movers otherwise keep searching on net for your purpose its better for you
  • Question:-When was the last time that the Packers won the super bowl?
    When was the last time that the Packers won the super bowl? What year?

    Answer:-The Packers defeated the Patriots 35-21 in Super Bowl XXXI (thirty-one) on January 26, 1997. The Packers returned to the Super Bowl the next year and were defeated by the Denver Broncos 24-31. They have not been to the Super Bowl since that loss, and today will be their first appearance in a Conference Championship game since that loss as well.

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