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tiki barber

  • Question:-tiki barber...?
    after tiki barber left the giants they played as a real team.... the superstar running back badmouthed eli but eli went from a suck qb 2 a superbowl caliber qb... is tiki really the reason/distraction from the giants last year?
    ps: i think ny knicks should let go marbury too bec since he was injured they started winning games...

    Answer:-tikki is crapping himself and thinking why ever left the team
  • Question:-Tiki Barber?
    Good Job Tiki for leaving the Giants. :0

    Answer:-shut up u sore ass patriot fan. Even with tiki gone the giatns had a good running game
  • Question:-How much money is my Autographed Tiki Barber Card worth?
    I have a tiki barber card with his autograph on the front with his number.. However the card is not a rookie card... How much do you think it is or could be worth?

    Answer:-I would imagine the card has dirt on it. Why, you might ask? Because he fumbled it twice whilst signing it.
  • Question:-Who is most likely to come back to the NFL first Brett Favre, Tiki Barber or neither?
    Will one of them come out of retirement? I think Tiki Barber will because he's still pretty young and wants to play again and needs money.

    Answer:-I don't think either guy will play again but Tiki Barber is much more likely to do so.

    Tiki didn't get a training camp contract but he did workout for the Dolphins. I didn't read about any other teams taking a look at him.

    But there may be some tepid interest out there for him. With the new CBA, if a vested veteran (4 years or more) has a contract before the week 1 game, his team is obligated to pay his entire yearly salary regardless of how long he remains on the team. After game 1, if a vested veteran is signed, the team is no longer obligated to pay the full year contract if the guy is later cut.

    Since Tiki is a 10 year veteran, his minimum salary for a 1 year contract would be $975,000.

    I can envision a team wanting to sign an experienced RB after week 1, especially if they lose a starter to injury. So it's possible Tiki could get some looks after the first week's games.

    However, I don't think it will happen since there are many quality RB's on practice squads and others who were late training camp cuts that could be signed for a lot less. The minimum salary for a free agent rookie contract is $375,000.
  • Question:-Does Reggie Bush have a chance to turn things around and have a Tiki Barber or Brian Westbrook type career?
    If there's something that Bush, Tiki and Westbrook have in common is that they were outstanding college players but undersized for the NFL and with good hands.

    Barber and Westbrook became stars as they approached their 30s. Does Bush still have a chance?

    Answer:-Theres always a chance, but I find it very unlikely.

    Like Westbrook and Barber, Bush has great speed, agility, and vision. When you watch him return kicks or get into open space, these traits make him exciting to watch. As an Eagles fan, any time Westbrook is back to return a kick, I get excited because I expect a big play, and he rarely disappoints.

    The difference is that Westbrook and Barber were much better pure runningbacks. Bush is more of a kick returner who is lining up at RB than a RB who can catch and kick return. He doesn't have the power or ability to run between the tackles and run over/elude defenders that Barber and Westbrook possess. If you watch Westbrook or Barber play, they rarely take a hit on squarely. They always manage to be just that half step away from the defender that allows them to break a tackle for a big gain. They will break ankles from time to time, and will run someone over occasionally, but a high majority of their yards after contact are achieved because they have that great first move that gives them just enough space to get away from defenders without making significant contact. Bush doesnt do that - he either tries to break ankles on every contact situation or tries to run over the defender (which never works with him). If he can learn to get that quick, elusive first step that limits contact, he can be productive.

    Even so, if utilized properly, there is no doubt that Bush could be a volatile weapon. The problem is that he isn't a feature back, and he never will be. He's a great change of pace or 3rd down back, but he won't ever be an every down back like a Westbrook or Barber. He simply lacks the necessary running power and elusiveness.
  • Question:-What NFL teams has Tiki Barber played on?
    Okay well these two dudes that sit by me at lunch they like quiz each other on football.My friends and I call it Football Central.I want to ask them this because I bet that they don't know.I know Tiki Barber is kinda famous but still...
    I think the answers you guys gave should fool them.They'll probably think of Ronde Barber.I think Ronde had a longer career anyway.

    Answer:-New York Giants
  • Question:-What team will pick up Tiki Barber?
    Another legend coming out of retirement.

    I love this to be honest, I think it's amazing that we will see Tiki Barber play again. What team will take him.

    I've heard rumors about the Buc's. You know someone will take a chance on him, but who?

    Answer:-I say

    1 Buccaneers, opposite of starter Blunt, could be a mentor for him, has his brother under contract.

    2 Dolphins, with the success they have had with Ricky Williams why not try to do the same with Barber.

    Honestly though, I think he will get signed but miss the cut because the team will rather give his spot to a player that can produce on special teams as well.
  • Question:-Tiki Barber tells Brett Favre it is time to quit?
    Is this a joke?
    Tiki Barber cheats and walks out on his
    wife when she is pregnant!! Who the hell is Tiki Barber to give advice?

    Answer:-who is he so low he left his pregnant wife , he has no room to talk. this is what's wrong with sports, there are too many has beens who think they can still play and think they can tell others what to do/ maybe he should look in the mirror
  • Question:-How can anyone stand Tiki Barber?
    He's such a fool. He was always a "me" player, throwing his coaches and teammates under the bus. He always thought that he was somehow above the game. Thinks he's on such a high pedestal, with his stupid radioshow and his contrite comments he makes.

    Tiki Barber makes me sick. I hate Eli Manning and the Giants but come on, Tiki is away from the game, leave Eli alone. It's like he just can't stop criticizing people. He's such a smug prick.
    Like it or not, Tiki was probably trying to create some publicity for him self since he's been out of the spotlight for so long. That's the only reason I can think of for him to make such a statement out of nowhere. I love watching the Giants struggle and really enjoy seeing Eli fold on the field, but I genuinely feel sorry for Eli. He really looks like he has no confidence at times, seems like a guy who wouldn't be able to look you in the eye during a conversation, and Tiki starts making unprovoked shots at him.

    Answer:-Who can stand the Giants in the first place? Barber is out of line and has his underwear in a bundle because he was on a losing team and has to take out his frustrations on someone.
  • Question:-What is the real reason Tiki Barber retired?
    My boyfriend doesn't agree with me and basically thinks Tiki Barber is a punk, thats why he retired. But i wanted to get someone elses opinion. I think he retired because he was at the top of his game and thats how he wanted to leave it. Am i wrong??

    Answer:-He retired because he was smart enough to have a vision for his life after football.

    He was a veteran running back in good shape, and wanted to keep it that way. He was always conscious of not wanting to turn out as a beaten down 35-year-old walking with a limp. It didn't help, either, that he despised Tom Coughlin, and he may have returned to the Giants had a coaching change been made.

    I can't believe Tiki gets slammed for "quitting." All he did was make a career change, and that's his choice. Last I looked, he's not accountable to anyone for making such a decision. He didn't demand a trade, or hold out of training camp - he simply decided to take his life in a different direction.

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