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uc davis

  • Question:-UC Davis ?
    Hi! im visiting the UC Davis campus in the next few weeks and i need to know what to look for in the college. I will be hanging out with someone that goes there and she will be giving me a tour, what type of things should i ask? Any tips are much appreciated! Thanks

    Answer:-I am a UC Davis freshman. Here are some things to check out:

    1) Ask your friend to show you the Tercero Area and the Segundo Area (for the dorms)
    Tercero sometimes smells like cows but is closer to the science buildings.
    Segundo has a huge dining commons and is closest to the GYM

    2) Definitely check out the ARC(Activities and Recreation Center) and the Memorial Union.

    3) Assuming she knows you well, ask her which dorm area would fit your personality.

    4) Drive around Downtown Davis, ask her the prices for the AmTrak (if you're gonna be taking it home)

    There isn't really much to see for the first time. Check out the dorms and the dining commons, you'll be living there for 9 months next year.
  • Question:-UC davis???????
    well im going to UC Davis for fall 2008, just wondering how is it like there? any good places to have fun, to eat, and just the environment itself. what do i have to look forward to Davis. How hard are the classes at Davis, is it very competitive?

    Answer:-I'm considering UC Davis myself :) and from what I've heard from current students/ visitors, the campus is amazing. they've got a reeeally good dining hall, new recreation center on campus, and it's like a city within the school. it's composed of mainly college students, and there's occasional parties. there's also a downtown Davis with stores/restaurants and what not.
  • Question:-..uc davis..?
    does uc davis have a veterinary college?

    Answer:-UC Davis has the School of Veterinary Medicine, which grants Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degrees.


    The school is ranked as the #2 best veterinary program in the nation by U.S. News, alongside Colorado State University and just below Cornell University (#1 program).

  • Question:-What day did UC Davis notify its applicants about its admission decisions last year?
    What was the date that UC Davis let all applicants know their admission status last year?

    AND...Does anyone have an idea when they will let us know for 2011?

    Answer:-I don't know about west coast but I know in the Midwest most schools will have posted notifications by mail by now. Northwestern University down in Illinois gives out acceptance notifications April 1st but this is the latest date out there for schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. I'm sure they will come soon

    I'm confident you will get in Sea
  • Question:-What is the fastest way to commute From UC Davis to San Francisco and vice-visa without a car?
    Hello, i am going to be a freshmen at UC Davis and i want to know how to commute to and from Davis and SF. My family doesnt own a car and I want to know whats the fastest or cheapest way to commute between the 2 cities. Thanks!

    Answer:-there is a bus for students and facuutly that operates between
    UC bekely and UC davis
    that might be the fast way
  • Question:-How to get to UC Davis from San Jose with public transportation?
    I need to go to UC Davis, but I don't have a car and I don't want to bother any of my friends, either. So, does anyone know how to get there with public transport?

    Answer:-well you could take amtrak to sacramento the yolo bus to UC Davis
    also I belive UC Davis also has a shuttle bus service from to/UC berkeley
    but I'm not sure if you have to be a student there to use it
  • Question:-What are the transportation options to UC Davis from San Francisco?
    Other than Amtrak, are there other (cheaper) ways to get to UC Davis?

    And, are there limits for the size of the luggage you can carry on these buses or trains?

    Answer:-You can take the UCD-Berkeley Shuttle from UC Davis to Cal, then hop on BART to the city. The only bad thing about the shuttle is that you have to buy your tickets two weeks in advance and have to be a Cal or UCD affliate to ride. Once in Berkeley, BART will get you to SF in 20 mins tops.

    Amtrak would be your best bet.
  • Question:-What do i need to be major in in UC Davis in order to go to be Dermatologist?
    What do i need to be major in in UC Davis in order to go to be Dermatologist?

    and also, im planning on gonig to community college and transfer after 2 years... and finish remaining 2 years at Davis... how will that work and what are the classes i should be taking?

    Answer:-You can major in any field as long as you take the prerequisites required for medical school. The commonly accepted coursework requirements for medical school include a minimum of 1 year of:

    General biology
    Physics with lab
    General chemistry (inorganic chemistry) with lab
    Organic chemistry with lab

    You should major in a field which leads to alternative career paths as most applicants do not make it into medical school.

    You should not take these prerequisites at CC. Take them when you transfer to a 4 year college.
  • Question:-How to tell UC Davis about the D I received in calculus last semester?
    I have been admitted to UC Davis. I have received a D in AP calculus, which is my fourth year of math, last semester. So what is the best way to tell UC Davis about the D so that I would not get revoked? Should I call or email them? And what is the best method to remedy my D, if they ask? Thanks

    Answer:-Unless there is a specific cirumstance/explanation of why you didn't do so well in calc (for instance, a family problem, medical reason, etc.) I wouldn't call too much attention to the grade. At the same time if there is a spot for additional comments in the academics/grades section of the application I would briefly mention the grade. DON'T make excuses ("the teacher was really mean", "I had a lot of other work") because everyone has those situations but do acknowledge that your grade was less than you would have liked and explain that you hope they can see from the other courses that you have taken that you pushed yourself to take challenging classes in high school, even when you didn't necessarily get the highest grade. Good luck!
  • Question:-Requirements for UC Davis for incoming freshman in the fall of 2008?
    I am currently a senior in high school and I really want to apply into UC Davis. A lot of people say that you need to have at least a 4.0 in order to get in. I only have a 3.6 GPA and even though I did not do too well on my SATS, I am very active in school activities. I also took 2 years of foreign language, but they are at Sacramento City College. But I have 5 years of math already. Is it still possible for me to get in? My counselor said that my chance is very low, so I don't want to risk it knowing that I won't get into Davis.

    Answer:-You can see the profiles of admitted students to Davis for Fall 2007 (detailed breakdown of GPA, SAT, ACT, SAT II, and other statistics) at: on page 38.

    Davis is not incredibly competitive, so I'm not sure why your counselor is being discouraging. I think you should apply and find out for yourself.

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