Saturday, November 19, 2011

lee corso

  • Question:-Is it true that somebody spied on Lee Corso and released a tape of him nude?
    First Erin Andrews, now Lee Corso. There are some sick people out there!

    Answer:-I'll buy it if he is wearing a Sooner Schooner hat!
  • Question:-Could Lee Corso win a presidential race?
    If ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso,the best one on the whole year, ran for president would you vote for him?

  • Question:-Did anyone see Kirk Herbstreit start to tear up when Lee Corso questioned whether or not Ohio State deserved#1
    I thought Kirk was going to come across the table, until Lee Corso explained what he was saying.

    ROFLMAO...I like Kirk a lot as a commentator, but this was too much. His eyes got watery, and he almost bowed up when asking for clarification.

    Did anyone else see last nights BCS coverage & notice this?

    Answer:-i did.

    and i hated how he was spposed to be telling us how georgia should go, but then decided to say that that is who he was "assigned" but what i really think is...

    kirk kills me. poor baby don't cry. your team doesn't deeserve to be #1. trust me.
  • Question:-What is the song in the new ESPN college football commercial with Desmond Howard and Lee Corso?
    The one they play when Howard is looking in the mirror, before he goes in and sees Corso playing dance dance reveloution.

  • Question:-Are any of you Lee Corso? Did you know that Lee Corso of college gameday worked in a zoo?
    Lee Corso also was born in 1935 in Memphis.Lee coached Michigan University from 1955 to 1999.Lee Corso also is a secret agent

    Answer:-1. I am not Lee Corso
    2. I did not kow that he worked in a zoo
    3. I did know that he was a secret agent....and a ninja!!
  • Question:-Why does Lee Corso always hold that damn unsharpened pencil?
    I know people who have had a stroke or parkinsons sometimes carry a pencil or an object b/c their hand is permanantly clinched like that or from the shaking. Is this the case? Please help, I've been wondering this for years.

    Answer:-When Lee Corso isn't playing College Football Analyst, he works for Dixon Ticonderoga which is most predominantly known for making pencils. He started carrying around a pencil on air as a gimmick and he it has become one of his trademarks.
  • Question:-Why doesnt Lee Corso actually comentate with kirk herbstreit?
    He is always there for the pre game and post game but, is never in the booth with kirk during the game, why is this?

    Answer:-I'm guessing that ESPN believe that Corso best serves them by being an analyst. To be honest with you, it works well between them, the banter flying back and forth is good.

    Only way it could ever happen is if they were in a three-man booth with Musburger. And that wouldn't sound right. And, the "not-so-fast-my-friend" routine could easily grate if repeated too often during three hours plus of a football game.
  • Question:-Is there any truth to the rumor that Lee Corso is leaving College Gameday?
    I've been hearing about this elsewhere, and was just wondering if anyone else was hearing it too. If so, I say good riddance. He's an IDIOT!

    Answer:-I sure hope so.
  • Question:-Why does Lee Corso always pick WVU to lose? Did a mountaineer beat him up or take his girlfriend?
    All four of our last 4 bowl games.

    Answer:-because corso is a douche...
  • Question:-Why did Lee Corso say Michigan State and Michigan would win their bowl games?
    Apparently he knows nothing about college football. A first grade could have told you that Alabama and Mississippi State would win today. Their are scouting reports you know.

    Answer:-Mississsippi State is a much better team than people give them credit for and they proved it today. Corso doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground. The SEC west is loaded with top tier teams, either one could beat ANYONE in the nation handily.

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