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weather los angeles

  • Question:-Weather in Los Angeles during the summer?
    I'm planning to take a trip there to visit The Grove sometime in the summer, I live in New York so I'm a bit more used to colder weather.

    What is the average degrees around the Los Angeles area during the summer?
    Thanks :)

    Answer:-Depends, where in Los Angeles.

    If your going near the beach 70-80s

    If your going to the valleys 90-100s.

    If your going downtown 80-90s.

    Los Angeles has an intense microclimate.
  • Question:-Do you enjoy the weather in Los Angeles?
    I enjoy the weather right now. Normally I don't like it when it's windy but with rain and a possible chance of a Thunder storm it's all good. My reason is simple. One word "Kirin."

    Do you live in Los Angeles?

    At the current moment do you enjoy the weather in Los Angeles? Why or why not?

    What weather do you like best? Why?

    Answer:-Kirin in the city. That's not a good idea.

    I live in Japan you know that. It's cold here 46 degrees.

    I'm sure you do. I like the rain, but not when it's raining hard.

    I like the nice drizzle of a spring or summer rain. The warm summer afternoon when I go swimming. I also really like it in late March or early April when the Cherry Trees Blossom.
  • Question:-How is the weather in Los Angeles now?
    I am in Brazil, in Paranavaí, which is a beautiful city that is in the place most chic and richest of Brazil in the south, I feel like I'm in Europe because people are similar to English and Italian!
    Well, I'm in Paranavaí, and is very cold want to know how's the weather in Los Angeles, my hometown!

    Answer:-Hot, Smoggy, Dry, and with little to no clouds .
  • Question:-does anyone Know if there is a city in the US with similar weather as los angeles?
    I would like to move yet I would like to find a state and city with similar weather as in Los Angeles Ca is there one out there? how can I find one?

    Answer:-If you're looking for someplace subtropical, not too humid, not blazingly hot, and not California some possibilities might be Las Cruces, New Mexico or San Antonio, Texas.
  • Question:-How can I find out what the weather was in Los angeles on May12th 2009?
    How can I find out what the weather was in Los angeles on May12th 2009?

    Answer:-On May 12th, 2009 in Los Angeles the High was 74 and the low temperature was 59.
  • Question:-What is the weather like in Los Angeles in august?
    I am probably going to Los Angeles in August this summer. obviously i cant check the weather for august because it is too far away! please help!

    Answer:-Usually it's quite hot, depending on what area of LA you are in. The highs near the beaches can be 20 - 30+ degrees less than the highs in the valleys. We're having a cooler beginning to summer, so no idea what will happen in August. Pack shorts and tshirts and a lightweight hoodie and jeans for the evenings in case it's cool and you'll be fine.

    Have fun!
  • Question:-Weather in los angeles in early april?
    Im going to los angeles/aneheim for spring break and im wondering what the weather is like. I was hoping to go to the beaches wearing a bikini to lie under the sun since i live in cold seattle. What should i pack? Shorts, tanktops, jackets, etc?

    Answer:-Mad Dog...You crack me up. That was a funny answer.

    Unfortunately it is a very true answer for this question.

    It is mostly colder than heck here during early April. SoCal is not truly a good place to visit for tans before June 30th and after Sept. 15th. The prime time is 7/15 - 8/31. That's 47 days of sweating in the sun. The tourist guides try to promote the year round lifestyle showing sunshine, but that's not reality here. We don't have weather like Des Moines but it still is too chilly to swim and layout and tan on the local beaches.

    Bring your bikinis just in case. Bring your levis, shorts, sandals, tennys and hooded sweatshirts. It is a crapshoot as to what the weather will be at this point in April. March and April are so very unpredictable around here. I worked on the beach and somedays it was so freakin' cold I went home and that was in June!
  • Question:-What is the nicest month for weather in Los Angeles?
    In your opinion, what month has the best weather in LA?

    Also, on a completely unrelated note, when does spring fever kick in for you in LA?

    Answer:-April hands down. The air is clean, the weather is mild, and everything is still green from the winter rainy season.

    Mid May to mid June is usually cloudy and overcast. Late summer can be stifling hot, dry, and dusty.

    At my old age spring fever is just one of the many things that don't happen the way it used to.
  • Question:-What's Los Angeles weather like from the middle to the end of June?
    Is it t shirt and short weather?

    Answer:-it is usually warm. high temps can be anywhere from 70 to 85, which is t shirt and flip flop weather as you call it.
  • Question:-What's the weather like in los angeles now?
    Hi! We are italian and we're going to visit Los Angeles and San Francisco next week, I would be sure about the weather and the clothes to take with us... Which are the temperatures now? What are your wearing? Thank you so much, see you soon!

    Answer:-Right now, weather is about 60F and cool. It's supposed to rain the rest of this week.

    Check for next week's temps. Generally, you dress in layers in the spring here.

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