Sunday, November 20, 2011

hot chelle rae

  • Question:-What are the chords to Bleed- Hot Chelle Rae?
    Anybody know the chords to Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae.
    Thank you. The one that gets the closest to the song will get the points

    Answer:-I think this sounds right:

    9th fret 1st, 3rd, and 4th strings. second string is muted bottom 2 strings are open.

    then 7th fret 2nd and 3rd strings, 4th string on the 6th fret (like an E on the 7th instead of 2nd fret)

    then E

    I'm not sure about the "it's all here in back and white" part. That is why I was searching for answers :)
  • Question:-What's the name of the lead singer from Hot Chelle Rae?
    I've been having trouble finding out what the lead singer's name from Hot Chelle Rae is. If you have the names of the other members that would be great. Thanks.

    Answer:-Ryan Follese (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) :)
  • Question:-is nash overstreet from hot chelle rae gay ?
    i want to know if Nash Overstreet from hot chelle rae is gay,because of the way he dresses and how he talks.

    Answer:-Hmmm, I don't think so, but I can't really say. I googled it, and nothing came up about it, so if he is, he hasn't said anything about it.

    But, it doesn't really matter because they are still good(:
  • Question:-Hot Chelle Rae's hit single "Bleed" was recently featured on what hit TV show?
    Looking for the answer to the daily trivia (6/2/10) for the Cincinnati area radio stations: Hot Chelle Rae's hit single "Bleed" was recently featured on what hit TV show?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks. :-)


    Answer:-Finally figured it out. Answer is "90210".
    Under news and older news mentioned it was featured on CW show "90210".
    Works for trivia.
  • Question:-Who is the blonde actress in the beginning of Hot Chelle Rae's I Like to Dance music video?
    It's really killing me not knowing. But she's the one who gives them the keys. Anyone know who she is?

    Answer:-It's Stephanie Pratt from The Hills.(:
  • Question:-What are the names of the band members of Hot Chelle Rae?
    I really want to know the names because personally...there HOT! soo,any help?

  • Question:-Hot Chelle Rae stole music or just me?
    Is it just me or is the chorus of "Woah woah woah"s in Hot Chelle Rae's song "Tonight, Tonight" completely taken from the notes played in Mika's "Lolipop"?

    Answer:-Uhm sorry but no. Hot chelle Rae is completely original. They have alot more than just one song. And they are extremely good, both recorded and live. So die hard (fan), or go home. HCRmy<3 xD
  • Question:-Who wrote Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae?
    I want to know whether the group composed the music and wrote the lyrics or if their producer got the song from EMI.

    Answer:-No they wrote the lyrics and composed it. Amazing song!!!!
  • Question:-how do you play Tonight Tonight by hot chelle rae?
    i tried looking up some sites but they tell me to down tune and stuff. wanna play it with standard tuning or just adding a capo. help please?

    Answer:-I usually play it standard tuning, without a capo. Like this: It's really easy (:
  • Question:-How old are the band members of Hot Chelle Rae?
    How old are the band members of Hot Chelle Rae? I really wanna know.....especially Ian and Ryan

    Answer:-In their 20s

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