Sunday, November 20, 2011

mls cup

  • Question:-Is the MLS Cup or US Open Cup more important in America?
    Which Soccer Cup is more important in the US, the MLS Cup or the US Open Cup? I know that more than just MLS teams play for the US Open Cup, but I was just wondering which one was a bigger deal to the players and fans.

    Answer:-The MLS Cup; it's the main league, usually just called the MLS. If you watch English soccer, the MLS Cup is the Premier League and the U.S. Open Cup is the FA Cup.
  • Question:-Agree with my reason why I think us Americans will watch the World Cup and not MLS?
    The reason is because there is emotion in the World cup game and its a higher level of competition. Plus not enough comes on during the World Cup that would distract us from the Cup. While as MLS is just completely boring to watch, the level of competition compared to the rest of the world is shady, and they have to compete with the NFL,NBA,NHL, and MLB. Really would you want to watch the MLS Cup or whatever its called over the Super Bowl?

    Answer:-I agree with the idea that the level of competition is higher when talking about the World Cup as opposed to MLS, but I don't agree with the distractions. It think mostly now it's more haivng to work past the stigma that soccer somehow isn't a real sport, or a sport for wimps, and the perceptions that the MLS and U.S. soccer in itself is crap, and people won't watch until they can get themselves past that. Finally, I don't think people watch because Americans have this idea that something has to be better than something else, so if you're an American Football fan, then that's the best sport in the world and everything else doesn't matter. Problem is that the soccer season does happen while other sports are going on, but there doesn't have to be a distractive aspect to anything: people watch basketball and American Football at the same time without reservation, but for some reason they don't think they can watch soccer at the same time as well. Again, ultimately I think that people don't watch soccer in this country because of the attitude and nothing else. The idea of distractions is just an excuse. Beyond this, though, I also really believe that there is an undercurrent of superiority about other sports. Really, the U.S. can say we're the best at things like American Football because there's no competition from anywhere else to say otherwise. People can rest assured that they are the best in the world at that sport. When it comes to soccer, that isn't the case. Americans like the feeling that they are the best at whatever it is, they're secure when they know they are, and because they aren't when it comes to soccer, they poo-poo it because they are insecure knowing they aren't. It can't be a real sport if they aren't the best in the world. We can say that about the other sports because thus far we haven't had much in the way of competition (especially basketball because the U.S. tends to completely humiliate other countries during the Olympics); that makes us feel REALLY good. I think once you look at these factors, you start seeing the real reasons why we don't like soccer, and don't watch it in droves, even the World Cup.
  • Question:-Do you think the Houston Dynamo will win the 2008 MLS Cup?
    The Houston Dynamo has beat the New England Revelation twice in a row. Winning the MLS Cup in 2006 and in 2007.

    Answer:-Dynamo is a dynasty. I see no reason why they won't win 2008. The onyl problem is they lost Cochrane in the back line, which could hurt them. Revs are unlucky, but they only have three dominant players, while Dynamo have DDR. Nice final in November and I think Dynamo can get a third in row.
  • Question:-Is the MLS Supporters Shield more prestigious than the MLS Cup?
    A few weeks ago, Red Bull New York coach Hans Backe said that the MLS Cup is a mini-tournament, and a crapshoot, whereas the Supporters' Shield is the real league title.

    What do you think. Do you strive for your team to win the regular season (Supporters Shield) or the playoffs (MLS Cup)?

    Answer:-Nope. The MLS Cup is more prestigious. You don't get a champsshirt for the shield do you?
  • Question:-Is the MLS Cup the same or similar to the FA Cup?
    I'm new to the MLS in terms of fandom (NEW YORK RED BULLS ALL DAY!!!!) so I am not very knowledgeable on the various aspects of the league. Is the end of season MLS cup similar to the English FA Cup?

  • Question:-What two Teams do you want to see in the MLS Cup and who do you thinks going to win the Supporter's Shield.?
    I want the Houston Dynamo And Columbus Crew in the MLS Cup with Houston winning MLS Cup and
    shield. Excluding Redbulls, FC Dallas, San Jose, and Kansas City.

    Answer:-i want to see DC United and Dynamo in the mls cup final, and i want to see Chivas USA vs LA Galaxy for the supporters shield
  • Question:-MLS: Cup Winner and an MVP...What else do they get other than a Cup/Trophy?
    I was they award Cash Prize to the winner for the MLS Cup also? I know they got a medal and trophy...
    Also what did the MVP win other than a trophy?

    Answer:-This is just my best guess, but if I recall correctly, there is a small cash prize for winning the Cup, and the MVP gets a new car from the sponsoring company.
  • Question:-DC United fans, do you still plan to attend the MLS Cup even though your team has been eliminated?
    I heard they sold over 30,000 tickets for the championship match already, but I wonder how many were United fans hoping to see their team. Do you expect attendance to slip for that match, or are you still planning on going despite the fact that the Fire sent you home packing a little earlier than planned?

    Answer:-I am still going no dought!!!
  • Question:-Pando Ramirez's second goal of the season gave the Los Angeles Galaxy a 1-0 MLS Cup win in 2005 vs. what socce
    Pando Ramirez's second goal of the season gave the Los Angeles Galaxy a 1-0 MLS Cup win in 2005 vs. what soccer team?

    Answer:-New England Revolution
  • Question:-Do the Colombus Crew have the talent to win the MLS cup?
    They are doing amazing this year, especially compared to the last few years.

    Answer:-definitely.since guzan left the MLS will hesmer is hands down the best goalie in the MLS.robbie rogers is one of the best young talents in all the MLS and schelotto is no joke either.

    they have the fastest midfield in the league.they can out hustle any team in the MLS.

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