Sunday, November 20, 2011

music awards 2011

  • Question:-What channel is the American Music Awards 2011 on in the UK?
    What Channel are the American Music Awards 2011 shown on in the UK? What date and time? I really want to know, so I can watch them! PLEASE HELP!

  • Question:-When is the next music awards 2011?
    when is the next music awards 2011 after billboards awards?
    Like pop, rap, r&b, most popular ones.
    Where they also perform live.
    If you can list all the ones that are coming or if you have a link to a website i will appreciate it so much.. oh and also if u know of any movie awards too. :) thank you very much.

    Answer:-2011 Music Awards

    Movie Awards
  • Question:-Where to watch mtv music awards 2011 watch online for free?
    I miss the MTV Music Awards and now I can't find it any where any help please! Please direct me to a website that's free, and has no virus's or just tell me what channel it will air on a gain and time. Thx!

    they have clips of the entire show on demand.
    hope i helped :)
  • Question:-Where can I watch Much Music Video Awards 2011?
    Where can I re-watch the whole Much Music Video Awards 2011? I missed it and I want to watch the whole thing. I already went on the official website but it won't let me watch it because it take hours to load and then says 'error' so where else can I watch it?

  • Question:-What was the dress Selena Gomez wore at the Billboard Music Awards 2011?
    The dress Selena Gomez wore was so pretty there and I really want to know what it's called. Can someone help?

  • Question:-Who were the interviewers at the Much Music Awards 2011?
    There were two of them, a guy and a girl. What were their names?
    Not Selena Gomez, it was a 20ish y/o Male and Female.

  • Question:-Will there be a replay of the 46th academy of country music awards 2011?
    I forgot to record this show.

    Answer:-June 15, 2011 @ 9:00
  • Question:-How many billboard music awards 2011 did lady gaga wins?
    I know she had many nominations

    Answer:-3, one for pop artist, another for electronic/dance album, and top dance album.
  • Question:-•◘○Who won best new artist at the mtv video music awards 2011•◘○?

    awww Foster the people didnt win:/
    what does tyler the creator sing? is it that Black and yellow song?


    edit: Wiz Khalifa sings Black and Yellow. Tyler's in a rap collective called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (ofwgkta)/Odd Future. They mostly got famous from his music video for 'Yonkers', but they have so many better songs such as Assmilk, Drunk, 65, Blaccfriday, Couch. You should check them out :)
  • Question:-What channel is the Much Music Awards (2011) on?
    I have Version Fios .

    Answer:-Fuse, this has the channel finder for you

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