Wednesday, November 16, 2011

white house shooting

  • Question:-What do you think about the White House shooting?

  • Question:-Will Dick Cheney Now Leaving the White House Volunteer Shooting Geese to Avoid Incidents as that of US Airways?

    Answer:-Lol... now this is the best suggestion I have ever heard.. please somebody suggest it to Obama.. maybe he can appoint Cheney as the Official Airport Bird Security Guy.. get him a cute little uniform.. he can sit in the bushes(no pun intended) from morning till dusk.. just waiting for that bird.

    Ho ho Ho.. I like it.. I have this mental picture.. Good one. Star for you!
  • Question:-Wonder how the media will handle a DC Occupier shooting up the White House?
    I'm guessing we won't hear much about that. Now, if it had been a Tea Partier then we could see some old fashioned media yelling and screeching. Does it rot the liberal's soul to have to be so craven?

  • Question:-what was that one guys name when he starts shooting the white house with a ak-47?!??!?
    he shoot the white house with the gun and he get tackled by someone else it was along time ago..

    Answer:-Just goes to prove that you may get your minute of fame, then you will be forgotten.
  • Question:-Why is the left wing media covering up the story of Oscar Ortega Hernandez shooting at the White House?
    What if the shooter was John Whitey Smith???

  • Question:-Would putting another religious president in the White House be like shooting America in the head?

  • Question:-could you shoot a missile at the white house?
    what is the security like at the white house and could you shoot it like with a bazooka?

    this is a serious question just in case it doesn't seem like one.

    Answer:-A guy did open up on the White House with an AK47 once any hand held weapon would be hard to stop a person from using any air to ground guided i would think they have a defense system against.
    I know there are Secret service snipers on the roof at all times.
  • Question:-what is stopping a terrorist from shooting a long rang missile at the white house?

    Answer:-Terrorists don't attack their own.
  • Question:-Where would President Palin use Marine One for shooting wolves:Camp David, the White House grounds or Wasilla?

    Answer:-Maybe she could cruise the border popping illegal aliens. If that was her platform I bet it would gain her votes.
  • Question:-Does the White House shooter look like an '0ccupy' protester?
    Man arrested in White House shooting probe


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