Wednesday, November 16, 2011

internet censorship

  • Question:-Internet Censorship?
    Should the internet be censored and by whom?
    Is internet censorship abridging our First Amendment right?

    Answer:-It's a tough legal issue because the Internet is international. The First Amendment doesn't apply everywhere.

    However, some standards need to be kept. If someone is libeled or slandered on the net, then it would be difficult not to justify some sort of legal action ... and some sort of censorship to prevent it.
  • Question:-Internet censorship ..?
    Are u going for or against the internet censorship ..??

    Answer:-Against, see the 4th admendment to US Constition.

    That dosen't mean that parents cannot limit accese of minors to sexually explict content.
  • Question:-What are your thoughts on an internet censorship bill?
    I have firefox and noticed a tab that said "stop censorship" only to find out that congress is planning something about censorship over the internet.. Anyone care to explain if please?
    *explain IT rather

  • Question:-How can Americans stop the internet censorship bill from passing before Christmas?
    Yes its true, the lame duck congress is going to try and sneak an internet censorship on us. I am just wondering how can we prevent these criminal politicians from forcing us to abide by there authoritative demise of our legal rights. What can we do to prevent this from happening. They keep trying to strip our freedom from us, and it's sickening to me.
    It's not just about copyright infringement. It's about controlling the internet!

  • Question:-Chinese Netizens: How has the Internet Censorship in China helped you in streamlining your online behavior?
    How has the Internet Censorship in China helped you in streamlining your online behavior to suit the harmonious society that CCP envisages?

    Please share your experience.

    Answer:-there is a difference between censoring potential threat and spreading lies to cover the truth.
  • Question:-What exactly does internet censorship mean?
    Cause you see I live in a country called Australia and unfortunately we have a communist as a prime minister. And we are getting internet censorship next year, I know that bad things like child porn are going to be blocked which is good. But what about other international sites? cause I have heard you can't go on any international sites(like in china) any truth to this?

    Answer:-its basically limiting your access to CERTAIN (porn, video sites, copyrighted materials, pirated stuff) sites. check the source below..yes it is, some countries block out facebook and twitter for political reasons (Iran).
  • Question:-Where can I find firsthand information on court cases regarding internet censorship?
    I am doing research on internet censorship for a paper, but pretty much all I can find is people's opinions. Sometimes they mention court cases, but I need firsthand info.

    Answer:-Here are a couple places with info on court cases dealing with technology (including the internet) and censorship:
  • Question:-Is it possible to create a computer virus which destroy internet censorship system?
    I recently read an article about Internet censorship in some countries and I wonder why hackers don't create virus which completely destroy such system and make world free of censorship?. I am wondering whether such action would be morally justified?

    Answer:-Because hackers don't write or distribute viruses, the correct term for someone that did that would be a 'cracker'. Even black hat hacker's don't distribute viruses because its a fairly pointless endeavor.

    Hacking has nothing to do with destroying data.
  • Question:-What is your opinion on Internet Censorship?
    I have a research paper for English and my topic is internet censorship. I have to get a public opinion on this issue. So if you can please tell me about your opinion and why you feel that way it would greatly help me. Thank you.

    Answer:-I'm glad we are trying to keep the worst of the filth under control. Not much you can do otherwise.
  • Question:-What are some visual aids for Internet Censorship?
    I am doing a speech on Internet Censorship, and I am against it. I have to have 2 visual aids, but I'm not sure what they should be. I was going to show a video about the Google issue in China, but I'm not able to show videos now because of formatting errors.... Any suggestions? It would help :) thank you.

    Answer:-Maybe you could try to try downloading the video again or try it in another extension ending (like .flv, mp4, .wmv, .avi, etc.)
    Or perhaps you can print out an article heading for it and print out the key facts in large, bold font. You can write on note cards the information about it, and have the Chinese flag up to show that you're talking about what happened in China.
    A poster might be good, you could have a small one about the specific article about china and then potentially have another one that's larger that talks about the issue as a whole.
    Or have two posters one with pros and one with the cons and visual demonstrate how there's more benefit to uncensored internet than disdavantage.
    Good luck

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