Monday, November 21, 2011

natalie wood

  • Question:-What was the last thing Natalie Wood's mother said to her before she died?
    What was the last thing Natalie Wood's mother said to her before she died?

    "Natalie, darling, it's OK to have a few cocktails, but don't go overboard."

    I know, I know, sick, sick sick.

    How many more old Natalie Wood jokes can you remember from 20 years ago.

    The sicker the better.

  • Question:-do you hink natalie wood was murdered and chris walken and rob wagner guilty?
    Natalie Wood died from drowning in 1983 while on a boat cruise with walken and wagner.
    Both of which refused to talk about it.
    Natalie was said to have a fear of drowning.
    Was there a love triangle or something she found out that was not suppose to know about walken?

    Answer:-Oh gosh I hope not, I've never heard that rumor before. Christopher Walken has been married to the same woman for over 40 years, but that doesn't necessarily mean something else wasn't going on.
  • Question:-where can i find the movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood ?
    where can i find the movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood ?

    Answer:-the movie (3 hours long) directed by Peter Bogdanovich starring Justine Waddell can be found at
  • Question:-why are there so many Natalie Wood movies on TCM?
    there's a Natalie Wood marathon on TCM channel. Why?

    I adored her, but why is there a movie marathon of Natalie Wood on?

    Answer:-no idea... its not her birthday, thats in July, and its not the anniversary of her death, thats in November... it must be to fill some time...
  • Question:-Do you think the death of Natalie Wood was an accident?
    She drowned thirty years ago, but now the case is re-opened for investigation. The boat captain says Rob Wagner "delayed" the search for Natalie. Christopher Walken just hired a lawyer. Either way, an undeniable tragedy. She died way too soon.

  • Question:-what People's Choice Award did Natalie Wood win postumously?
    I believe her sister Lana Wood accepted the award for her.
    Sorry but it was a Hall of Fame Award or something like that. It was a Special award and had nothing to do with competitive categories.

    Answer:-The only thing I know she was awarded after her death was (shockingly) her Star on the Walk of Fame by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1987. Can't believe she didn't have one long before that. She definitely deserves some kind of recognition from the Oscars (ie. Lifetime Achievement or Honorary), it's definitely long over due.
  • Question:-How do you think Natalie Wood died?
    Lately in the news, the captain of yacht has come forward with new evidence about that night from 30 years ago. He says that he lied on grand jury due to pressure from Robert Wagner. It has always been somewhat of a mystery as to exactly what happened that long ago night off Catalina Island. Do you think her husband, Robert Wagner had a hand in covering up the truth? Maybe we will finally find out what happened and why.

    Answer:-I think they should just look at any new evidence they have.
  • Question:-In what movie did Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner star in together?
    Please name the name of the movie.

    Answer:-All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960)
    NW- Sarah 'Salome' Davis
    RW- Chad Bixby

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1976)
    NW- Maggie
    RW- Brick Pollet

    The Affair
  • Question:-Was it really Kirk Douglas who rape Natalie wood when she was only 16?
    I've heard so many stories, but was it ever proved? did anyone close to the families ever come clean?

    Answer:-they say it was
  • Question:-What was your favorite Natalie Wood role?
    I am a fan of her role in "Love with a Proper Stranger" co-starring Steve McQueen.

    Answer:-"Love With a Proper Stranger" came to mind first. It was such a touching story. I also liked "Inside Daisy Clover". She had a flair for this type of story and she delivered her lines with a good comic style. When I watch "Miracle On 34th Street", her beauty stayed the same as when she matured and her voice had the same quality. There was no mistaking that this was the same Natalie Wood.

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