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turkey recipes

  • Question:-Turkey Recipes?
    I am beginning to get my Thanksgiving Dinner menu planned for this year, and I was wondering if anyone had a good Turkey recipe... I generally just use water and butter with mine... Someone told me to Roast it in 7UP instead of water.... Do any of you have a Unique Great tasting recipe you would like to share?

    Answer:-To help make the skin a rich, golden brown, I rub the turkey skin w/ soy sauce and little canola oil before placing it in a roasting pan.

    I baste the turkey w/ turkey or chicken stock. Then I like to use a little bit apple juice/cider to baste the turkey during the last half hour of roasting. The sugar in the apple juice/cider caramelizes so the skin browns & crisps even more.

    My mother in law recommends laying thick strips of baking across the turkey breast. As the bacon melts, it bastes and flavors the turkey. Remove the bacon once it has cooked so it doesn't burn & to allow the turkey skin to brown.
  • Question:-Turkey recipes?
    Ok my mom is injured and i want her thanks giving to be delicious.please give me some turkey tricks and tricks to the flavor of the basting and stuffing and tenderness and juiciness??

    Answer:-Hint 1: if this is your first time baking a turkey, make it a smallish one (10-14 pounds, not 20 pounds). (Of course, if you haven't bought your bird yet, it's a bit late...)

    Hint 2: Use a baking bag. Yes, it seems silly to put a plastic bag in the oven, but it really does work. (Make sure it's an actual baking bag, not some random plastic bag you found in the kitchen.)

    Hint 3: After sprinkling seasoned salt (or just salt & pepper) *lightly* all over the turkey (inside & out), cover the entire breast with bacon slices. Put it in the bag and into your roasting pan, and roast as directed (i.e. find the little timing chart on the turkey's wrapper, because ain't none us ever gonna remember those guidelines from one year to the next).

    Hint 4: Make the stuffing separately. It can probably share oven space with the green bean casserole, after the turkey is cooked and is resting.
  • Question:-turkey recipes?
    Can I use aluminium foil to bake a turkey? So when it is cooked I can take it off to leave the turkey skin crispy and roasted?

    Answer:-Yeah, you can. It'd probably be moister that way. Personally I use oven bags. It still browns but the inside is moister. I also cover it with kosher salt before hand for a better flavor. Let your meat set for about 10 mins. after done before cutting it as that gives it a chance to redistribute the juices making it moister as well. Btw this may seem a given but just in case make sure it's in a sturdy pot. Alot of times those disposeable ones break & you have a mess, not to mention possible burns.
  • Question:-Where can I find great turkey recipes?
    Hi everyone, I need to find some turkey recipes since I'm a teen who will be helping my family make the turkey this year.^^

    Thank you very much for reading and happy holidays!

    Answer:-Go to google and search. But you could always go to my favorite website.
  • Question:-Does anyone have any favorite ground turkey recipes they could share?
    I just recently started trying more recipes using ground turkey, and I've really come to like it. Would anyone like to share ground turkey recipes that they love? I have already gone to the recipe websites, but I was hoping for other people's tried and true experiences. Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-I have found that it makes a lean and tender substitutue for ground pork! So I end up using it in meat balls, egg rolls etc. Here is a "Chinese Spaghetti" recipe for you to try.

    1 lb ground turkey
    2 Tbsp soy sauce
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp 5-spice powder
    4-6 cloves garlic, minced
    1 Tbsp minced fresh ginger root

    Mix turkey with soy sauce, salt, 5-spice powder, garlic, and ginger root. Let this sit as long as possible in the fridge--it's fantastic if I do it in the morning but 1/2 hour will do.

    3 Tbsp oyster flavored sauce
    2 Tbsp soy sauce
    1 Tbsp dry wine
    1 Tbsp sesame oil

    Mix together in small bowl and set aside.

    2 stalks celery, julienned into 2-3 inch strips
    2 large carrots, Julienned into 2-3 inch strips
    1 large onion, peeled, cut in half, thinly sliced into c shaped arches (onion rings cut in half)
    1 lb "french style" green beans
    1 lb dried spaghetti, broken into 4-6 inch pieces, cooked according to package directions, then drained and rinsed with cold water.

    Spray large non-stick skillet with cooking spray and heat until very, hot. Add carrots and cook 1 1/2 min. Add celery to pan and cook 2 min. longer. Add meat to pan breaking it up into small pieces and cook until all pinkness is gone and it is broken up into small pieces. Add green beans to pan and cook until they are heated through. Add onions, spaghetti, and sauce and gently toss until well heated. Serve, will serve a family of 6 if there's little kids or 4 grown men!

    Good Luck!
  • Question:-Do you have any special turkey recipes that use for Christmas?
    I'm in charge of Christmas dinner this year!!! I'm the youngest but I'm the best at cooking :P

    We're having turkey, but I've never cooked one before. Do you have any recipes (rough measurements are okay if you haven't written the recipe down) that you use? I'm cooking for 5 people by the way.

    Answer:-Get yourself a 10-15 lb. turkey, some vinegar, honey, sea salt, chese cloth and a good store bought rub.(or make your own). Then go to food network and search turkey brine. They will tell you how to brine the turkey overnight.

    step 2.

    Pull out your smoker and make sure you have two large bags of hickory chunks from walmart.

    after turkey is brined pull it out drain and pat with paper towl. Then add rub(make sure you add your rub underneath the skin too!) and set in frige overnight.

    Cooking day: Put enough wood in your smoker to get it around 225 and let it burn for about 20 min. Wrap turkey in chese cloth then place on the smoker. Cooks 8-14 hrs(sometimes more) depending on weight of turkey and altitude. Now if a 10 lb. turkey and in lets say las vegas you would wanna take the cloth off at about hr 6-7 and let it finish without it on. You can also smoke it for that lenght of time and pull it out and finish it in your oven. Make sure you have a thermometer so you can check the temp. You want it any where between 160-165.

    *If you dont have a smoker get wood chips instead of chunks, then place some charcoal in your grill and put chunks,placed in foil with holes on top of foil, on charcoal. Once wood is smoking good place your bottom rack to its lowest level in oven and place them on there. Will smoke house up a tad bit but you can open kitchen window or door. You only need to do it for about 1.5 hrs

    ** Or you can just use the rub and chese cloth in your oven, but you will still need to remove the cheese cloth so the skin will brown.

    *** If you smoke the turkey don't put stuffing in it as it will take too long for the turkey cavity to get up to temperature. Im sure you don't want to get folks sick!
  • Question:-18lb turkey, all recipes say 10-14lb, can I still use the recipe?
    I have an 18lb turkey and I would like to find a good recipe online. My problem is that the biggest turkey recipe I can find is for a 14lb turkey. Can I just extend the baketime and I will be fine? I don't plan on going off of the oven temperature on the recipe, I will read the instructions on the turkey. Thanks for your help!


    It takes about 15 minutes per pound to bake a turkey. So your turkey will take about 4 and a half hours to cook. Of course, you'll can always stick one of those thermometors in and it will tell you when its done. I don't know what your other ingredients are, but just increase them a little bit, and you'll be fine.
  • Question:-Turkey recipes for smaller conventional oven?
    I am looking for a really good recipe that entails smoked turkey, or a flavored smoked turkey that you can make in a smaller oven. I only have this oven, so it makes it harder to cook in. I am looking for a tender, juicy turkey. I can make it in a bag, but need a really good recipe, that isn't spicy. Any suggestions that you can give, would be great. Only serious replies.Thanks to all those chefs out there!

    Answer:-For the smoked part, look at your grocery store for liquid smoke - that will give you the flavor of smoking without having to spend hours to do it. You can also check with a place that sells grilling supplies for a cast iron box (you buy wood chips, soak them in water, then put them in the box and it will give a smoky flavor). You're going to get a more tender turkey with a bag so liquid smoke might be a better option.

    Here's a recipe with a bag and liquid smoke:,1639,149166-241206,00.html

    Here's a site with some cooking tips:
  • Question:-What are some simple ground turkey recipes over pasta?
    Just want some simple quick and easy ground turkey recipes. Thanks!

    Answer:-My husband made ground turkey meatballs over marinara sauce and pasta for dinner last night. It was really good.

    Other than that, you can brown it, add some spinach and mushrooms with garlic, parmesan cheese and servce that over pasta.
  • Question:-need some good recipes for cooking turkey for thanksgiving?
    also if you have a good turkey recipe where i have to marinade it for a day or whatever would be great...
    ty jason ill try that.


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