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  • Question:-How hard is it to take care of a robotic baby for health class for the weekend?
    Okay, so for health class we have the choice to take care of a robotic baby, or to write a long essay about what you would do if you had a kid. I'm really not the best essay writer, so I'm thinking about taking care of the robot for the weekend. How hard are they to take care of, and any tips on taking care of it? Thanks.

    Answer:-I had to do it in high school. We wore a key around our wrists (that we couldn't get off, unless cut and that would be an automatic fail). There was a keyhole in the baby's back and when the baby cried you had to put the key in, turn and hold it. When the baby gave another short cry, you could take the key out. The length of time depended on the "activity" the crying simulated. It varied from about one minute (diaper change) to 20 (feeding) and you had to hold the key the whole time. If you didn't or if you threw the baby, dropped it, hit it etc it would show up as abuse. It was even possible to "kill" the baby. I took it for a weekend and comparing it to caring for my daughter, it was fairly realistic. You get a carseat and/or stroller and have to take the baby everywhere with you, as it could cry at anytime. I didn't think it was hard, just a pain in the butt. If you take it, make sure you treat it carefully, like a real infant. Plan a weekend in and sleep with it in your bed so you hear it cry. I can't imagine the dolls changed much, I only graduated 6 years ago and they were brand new then. Good Luck and I hope I helped!
  • Question:-How to take care of a one month old poodle mix?
    My cousin got a 1 month old female poodle mix from her friend yesterday, and I wanna help take care of it.

    Are there any tips to take care of her? Or warnings that I have to watch out for?

    ***BEFORE***IT DIES!!!!
    It's * TWO -ING MONTHS TOO YOUNG*!!!!!

    Get off the PC & GO NOW!!!!
  • Question:-Is it hard to take care of live aquarium plants?
    I have all artificial plants and i think i would like to switch to live plants. But i don't want them to be a hassle. Some people say they are easy to take care of and some people say they are hard to take care of. I don't want to buy all these chemicals for the plants, i already have to deal with other chemicals the fish need. So can i have plants with just lighting and the water conditioner that's already in my tank?
    If i got them what are the NECESSARY things i would need to do to take care of the plants.

    Answer:-Adequate lighting is the most important factor for growing aquarium plants.

    >1.5 watts/gallon, with 'full-spectrum' florescent lamps will produce good results. Make sure that the lamps you use say "Aquarium Use", they have the ability to deliver full spectrum light thru the aquarium water.

    Most tanks have inadequate co2 levels, and adding co2 with a simple 'bubbler' will produce a noticable change in plant growth.

    Liquid fertilizer is easy to use, but I don't find it necessary.

    ADD: The substrate is important. You need to use gravel, sand will not work with live plants. There are better substrates than gravel, like 'Florite', but are not neccessary and are relatively expensive.
  • Question:-How to take care of a baby cockatiel bird?
    I have a baby cockatiel that was abandoned by his parents in the cage and the parents won't nurture it so i decided to be the one to take care of him. But i don't know what to feed him or formula to mix and give him. So if someone can give me some tips to take care of a baby cockatiel, that would be very helpful.

    Answer:-If the parents kicked it out of the nest and are still taking care of the others, chances are there is an undetected health problem with the bird and it won't survive to adulthood.

    That being said, your local pet store will have a formula you can buy and mix at home. Feed the baby tiel with an eye dropper. Giving it some plain yogurt will also put some good bacteria in it's stomach if you end up needing to give it antibiotics. Also make sure everything that even goes near it gets sanitized thoroughly.
  • Question:-How do you take care of a baby bird hatchling?
    I just recently found a baby bird hatchling in my front yard. It seems to be very young (no feathers and its eyes are closed shut) and I'm not quite sure how to take care of it. I tried to find its mother, but there seems to be no nest nearby. Does anyone know the best way to take care of it? Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-Step 1
    Determine whether a featherless baby bird has fallen out of its nest.
    Put the bird back in the nest if you can reach it.
    Carefully place the bird in a box or paper bag lined with soft tissues if you cannot put the bird back into the nest or if you do not know where the nest is.
    Poke holes into the box lid or bag to admit air.
    Keep the box or bag in a moderately warm place.
    Contact a licensed rehabilitator to care for the bird.
    Contact the local Audubon Society, Humane Society or a local veterinarian for advice if you do not have a wildlife rehabilitation organization in your area.
  • Question:-How many kids can you take care of in PA without a childcare license?
    My friend and i are stay at home mothers and we have been thinking about taking care of a few neighborhood children from her home. We are not sure how many children we are able to take care of in Pennsylvania without having a childcare license. So my question is how many children per adult are we allowed to take care of without a license in childcare?

  • Question:-How do you take care of a lavender plant?
    I have one and I cut the new growth once to make a smelly bag, but the main part is brown. How do you take care of it to last a long time? I mean like properly take care of it.

    Lavender can be planted singly, when the full beauty of its dome-shaped habit can be appreciated, or as a hedge. You will be rewarded with two or three months of summer colour, and attractive foliage throughout the year.

    For a hedge, allow 12-18 inches (30-45cm) between plants, depending on the variety.

    If the soil is at all acid, use lots of lime when planting and then an annual top dressing. On heavy soils, line a deep trench with shingle for better draining and add plenty of sand to the soil.

    Most plants enjoy a little manure, and it will certainly help to establish healthy plants quickly. High potassium feed promotes flowering, but too rich a soil may result in limp, over-leafed plants.

    Cut back well after flowering – at least to leaf level – to maintain a compact and tidy bush.
  • Question:-How do I take care of my baby parakeets?
    My budgie hen has been having eggs and they are starting to hatch. I fear that she has too many fertilized eggs since the first three hatched, and in her last clutch, she killed the extra chicks that she couldn't take care of. How do I take care of them myself without having to watch them constantly?

    Answer:-This is the reason some people should NOT breed!! You are not prepared for the consequences of your actions.

    You hen may be to young(under 2yrs of age). Or she is not being given the proper foods to sustain all the babies she has. By this i mean soft foods like scrambled eggs, pasta, rice, veggies, etc.

    Parents need more then just seeds to eat to maintain a level of immune systems for themselves and to feed their young. It also has to be broken down in their own digestive systems twice (in the beginning, the first few days of life) from the male to the female and then the female breaks it down again to feed the babies. In the wild, during this time, they forage on grubs, which are so much higher in proteins so the parents can maintain their own systems plus the feeding schedules of their hectic lives of their young.

    Apparently you were not prepared for all of this before placing a box on your pair. As a result, you had to endure the heart break which often i try to explain before hand. Making sure a pair is in tip top shape so people don't have to go through all this heartache is part of why i try to educate people on the diets of the avian species. So sorry you had to experience this.

    At this point you need to offer the pair a better diet. Petamine is located in just about every pet store. If the pair think you are interfereing to much with the box or their cage, she will kill the babies. Give them as much privacy as you can. Don't check the nest box, feed, water and leave them be.

    Good Luck!
  • Question:-How to take care of and foster a wild animal?
    I would like some info on programs that allow volunteers to take home and care for wild animals in need temporarily (rabbits, bears, wolf pups, etc.) I want to be involved in the actual care of the animal behind just sending money. Obviously I would go to training beforehand, but what program offers this?

    Answer:-You can go to an animal rescue centre and volunteer. If you want to do this in the future, that's what you'll need to do anyway because it's illegal to take animals from the wild and keep them as a pet. Although you may have the intention of hand rearing it, at the end of the day, the law might not see it like that.
  • Question:-How to take care of a Lionhead rabbit?
    I am looking for a rabbit to enter into the county fair. I have my heart set on the Lionhead rabbit. But first I need to prove that I will care for it. And I will give it attention. Until my 18 days are over to prove that i can take responsibility, I need to learn how to take care of them. Like what to feed them, when to feed.I already know how to take care of it. So, please I really need this infomation along with grooming.

    Answer:-give it rabbit pellets, (depends on your rabbits weight on how much you give them). give it a hand full of hay every day. You should brush it every couple of days. Give it fresh water every day. For more info go to this has lots of info on lion heads.
    hope i helped :)

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