Wednesday, November 2, 2011

top chef

  • Question:-Top Chef??
    Does anyone know before hand who will win Top Chef?? I'm hoping it's Ilan, but I'm having a funny feeling it will me Marcel. I hope not. Please, if you know, tell me....I Can't Wait!!!!!

    Answer:-cnn says that it was Ilan Hall

    Eater LA, a Web log devoted to Los Angeles' restaurant and nightlife scene, said that for about 15 minutes a Food & Wine story identifying Hall as the reality-show winner appeared on the magazine's Web site on Monday afternoon. Eater LA quickly trumpeted it.

    Eater LA also noticed last week that Hall had quit his job at the restaurant Casamono in New York and was playing a song that talked about "money in the bank" on his page. The winner of "Top Chef" gets $100,000
  • Question:-What is the difference between Top Chef and Top Chef Masters?
    I love Top Chef, but I don't get how this will be different.

    Answer:-I NEVER heard of Top Chef Masters, will this be on Bravo too? I LOVE Top Chef, they compete against each other to win a cash prize, kitchen equipment & a chance to be at a famous cooking show or whatever. I LOVE restaurant wars! I enjoy all the episodes, even though I don't eat those kinds of foods generally & I don't understand cooking terminology sometimes, I'm not a chef, but I LOVE to watch them do their thing & see what they come up with, I LOVE the quickfire challenge too...I LOVED the NY Season & also when they were in Chicago, I LOVED the opening of the firsat episode, when they went to the pizza parlor, that was cool! And I LOVED the Season finale that they were in Puerto Rico, I'm Puerto Rican & enjoyed seeing them in Puerto Rico, dancing & roasting a pig...I LOVED watching them try to re-create Puerto Rican cooking!
  • Question:-top chef....?
    do you find the judge's critique of the chef's dishes alot "meaner" this season? ;(

    Answer:-Now that you mention it they are really breakin bad this season with the critiques !
    And we're only a couple of shows in for crap sakes they usually save the hard core stuff for the latter part of the season when they have thinned the herd so to speak and have the best of the best remaining.
    This year they seem to be getting harsh on the newbies right from the get go.
  • Question:-Has anyone ever made something they saw on Top Chef?
    Has anyone ever learned to make something new from watching top chef? What was it and did it turn out? Was it good?

    Answer:-I learned how to make the seafood sausage from the Chino-Latino influenced chef. While I made it out of skepticism I have to say I've found a new homerun in the kitchen. It's really not that difficult just a bit time consuming and not even so much for that. The blend of spice really livens up the seafood and brings out the subtle flavors you might not notice otherwise.

    I also tried making the vanilla lobster and the date wrapped in panchetta. That didn't turn out very well but I do believe with a small amount of tweaking in the amount of vanilla you could do incredibly well with it.

    The watermelon shooters from the one quickfire challenge are also incredibly delicious and perfect for summer get togethers. Highly recommended.
  • Question:-Does anybody know the name of the restaurant being opened by Harold, the winner of Top Chef?
    Top Chef was a show on Bravo... Harold was the winner and he is opening a restaurant in NYC. Wondering if anybody knows what his restaurant is called.

  • Question:-Why do the Bravo channel Top Chef shows have so many gay chefs in their contestants?
    I used to work in the field and knew a bunch of up and coming male chefs and none of them were gay. Yet the top chef male contestants seem to be stacked with gay men....have always wondered why? The top chef desserts has a total flamer on he creeps me out to even watch the guy.

    Answer:-Umm ... it's Bravo. They even have gayer versions of commercials for Bravo. No joke. They seriously shoot different, gayer, versions of commercials to air on Bravo and Logo.
  • Question:-What is the outdoor location of Top Chef Chicago?
    I was watching the Top Chef Chicago season finale, and the judges are served dinner outside on a beautiful landscape. Does anyone know where that is?

    Answer:-The finale wasn't in Chicago. It was in Puerto Rico.
  • Question:-Do you find it odd the most famous chefs on Top Chef Masters are not winning?
    Top Chef recently introduced a "Masters" version of their show by having celebrity chefs compete with one another. It's a tournament of sorts in which early rounds contain 4 chefs competing with each other. In each round, there is a chef that is more famous and renown than the others like Oprah's chef Art Smith. Do you find it strange than in each episode thus far, the most famous chefs and the ones that won multiple James Beard awards keep losing to the lesser known chefs? What is the explanation for this?

    Answer:-Some are surprising - like Besh. I figured he would have done well, having competed in the show to become an Iron Chef.

    But others admit it's literally been years since they've had to go to market to pick out food, or have to do their own prep.

    I think they were all taken by surprise at how difficult the competition was.

    There were also those who just had a bad day. It happens, but when you're in a competition, you can't afford that.

    If anything, it's been interesting to watch real "masters" at work.
  • Question:-Who would be the better chef, the winner from Hell's Kitchen or the winner from Top Chef?
    I have a debate going and I wanted to know the difference in shows and how they prepare contestants to be a better chef. Hell's Kitchen is more like a boot camp where Top Chef teaches contestants how to cooks different types of foods from different regions. So my question is, who would be the better chef (HK or TC) and what is the difference between the 2 shows.

    Answer:-Top Chef for sure. On Top Chef, the chefs create their own dishes by being creative and thinking on their feet. They often have to shop for their own dishes and have some type of constraint with either time, money or ingredients.

    On Hell's Kitchen, the chefs are running a restaurant based on Gordon's menu. We don't get to see their own dishes unless it's a special episode or it's the finale.
  • Question:-Where can I buy the kitchen timer used on Top Chef?
    I have Googled until my face is falling off and I still can't find anything on the large, red timer used in the Top Chef kitchen! Does anyone know the brand or where it can be purchased? Thanks!

    Answer:-Well I don't want my face to fall off is the only one I got even if it is old and wrinkled (grin) so not going to google.
    I yahoo ed and got there Contact page why don't you try here they should answer you.

    * Have a Good Day *

    ~ Don ~

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