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  • Question:-Topamax.....?.......?
    I have mirena iud my doc prescribed me topamax is there less effectivness of mirena if i take topamax. Thank you for responses.

    Answer:-I'm not sure in your case, honestly. I know that Topamax can lessen the effectiveness of birth control, but I'm not entirely sure to what degree. I've been on it for awhile now.

    If you're concerned I would discuss it with your doctor. That way you get legitimate answers with no questions about the facts.

    Good luck.
  • Question:-How safe is Topamax to take during pregnancy?
    My husband and I are starting to think about kids after 2 years of marriage. We are starting to take the first steps in planning a family. I have taken Topamax for 3 years now to help control rare epileptic seizures, I've done some reading about Topamax and birth defects, but they chance seems low. Has anyone taken Topamax during pregnancy? ..and how was your outcome?

    Answer:-There have been many FDA warnings released concerning Topamax use in pregnancy lately, including a change in pregnancy category to reflect the fact that its more dangerous than once thought. Topamax has been found to cause oral clefts (cleft lip and cleft palate) as well as something called hypospadias which is a genital defect when taken during pregnancy. The chances of these birth defects are low, but they are apparently prevalent enough to warrant lawsuits, which look like they are going on now.

    In my opinion, why chance it? Taking folic acid before and during your pregnancy can greatly reduce the chances of any side effects, but talk to your doctor about safer alternatives to take while you are pregnant or not taking an antiepileptic at all for a period of time if there is no real danger to your health or the baby's health. I found this website to be extremely helpful concerning <a href="">topamax risks during pregnancy</a>..
  • Question:-How long before Topamax changes the taste of carbonated drinks?
    I started on Topamax 3 days ago at 25mg each day for a week. I go up each week 25 mg till I reach 100mg. I am just wondering how long I have before it changes the taste of carbonated drinks?

    Answer:-I noticed a change within about a couple weeks.
  • Question:-What are the physical withdrawal symptoms of Topamax?
    I recently went off the medication, Topamax, with the instructions of my doctor and a gradual decrease. Ever since I have been completely off of the medication I have been so nauseous and dizzy. It has been a week and I am still feeling this way. I can't find any information on the withdrawal symptoms of Topamax, other than the increased chance of seizures. Am I suffering from withdrawal and how long will it last?

    Answer:-I cannot find any info as of yet either. I stopped taking it yesterday and i too am dizzy as a bat!! Nausea is one of the main reasons i stopped it and that hasnt changed as of yet. I was down to 15mg (sprinkle caps) and yesterday i took none. Probably not much help, but wanted u to know you arent alone!
  • Question:-What dose of Topamax did you start noticing weight loss?
    I starting taking 100mg of Topamax for migraines. It you lost weight on Topamax, what dose were you on and how long had you been on it? And what was your start weight and how much did you lose?
    Also, I take it in the morning, but I've noticed a lot of people take it at night. Is it supposed to be taken at night?
    Laurie- I'm not taking this medicine to lose weight. It's a very common side effect and I was wondering how it worked for different people.

    Answer:-I take it at night because it says that one of the side effects may be potential drowsiness, so I started taking it at night to be on the safe side because I drive to work in the morning. It doesn't really matter if it is taken in the a.m. or p.m.
    I started noticing weightloss when I was on the 25mg dosage after about a month. I lost 10lbs. I am on the 50 mg dosage now. My weight hasn't changed. I take it for migranes.
  • Question:-How many days after begining Topamax will I continue to have headaches?
    I began a 50mg dose of Topamax 4 days ago due to be increased to 200mg by the end of the month. I am taking it for migraines. The headaches are so bad they are imparing my functioning. It gets right behind my right and left eyes. Is this normal and how long will it last?

    Answer:-Topamax is used for seizures in some patients & also it seems to help headaches, It takes until you reach the full dose your doctor prescribed to see if it will help you. If it doesn't help when you reach your 200mg call your Doctor.
  • Question:-Switching from Topamax to generic topiramate for seizure control?
    Due to health insurance issues, I have been forced against my neuro's advisement to switch to the generic for topamax for seizure control. I am wondering if anyone out there has had any adverse side effects when doing this. I have been on Topamax for 7+ years now and all side effects of the drug had weaned off. However, within 24 hours after making the switch, it is like I have never taken the drug before.
    Has anyone else encountered this experience?

    Answer:-Generics don't always have the exact same amount of medication in them. The dose may need to be adjusted. They also may have different fillers in them you could be allergic to.
  • Question:-What are the side effects from stopping topamax?
    I stopped taking Topamax and now im itchy all over. Is this a side effect from the topamax or is it side effects from imitrex?

    Answer:-It's a sign of serious liver problems called pruritus.
  • Question:-How less effective does Topamax make birth control pills like Yaz?
    Everywhere keeps saying that Topamax "might" make the contraceptives less effective but no one lists how "likely" this is to occur. My GF is taking about 125 mgs a day. She's been taking both pills for about 3 years and we haven't had any problems. Neither her doctor nor neurologist said anything about it to her.

    Answer:-at doses of 200mg per day or less, topamax has no effect on oral contraceptives. see study
    At dosages of 200 mg or less, topiramate as daily monotherapy in healthy volunteers does not have a significant interaction with oral contraceptives, researchers reported here on April 1st at the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

    results of a 2004 study:
    Unlike old AEDs such as phenytoin and carbamazepine, topiramate is a mild inducer and, currently, the only interaction observed as a result of induction by topiramate is that with ethinylestradiol. Topiramate only increases the oral clearance of ethinylestradiol in an oral contraceptive at high dosages (>200 mg/day)
  • Question:-Taking 75mg of topamax want to start taking birth control but heard it alters effectiveness any suggestions?
    I'm taking 75mg of topamax I want to start taking birth control pills so my boyfriend and i can become more intimate but i have heard topamax alters the effectiveness of birth control pills any suggestions or experiences with this?

    Answer:-Doctors recommend using a second form of birth control because of the lowered effectiveness of the birth control pill, patch, and implant. Depending on what you are on Topamax for you may want to talk to your doctor about the effectiveness of the Topamax while on birth control. While I was on 200 mg of Topamax and the birth control pill my Topamax didn't seem as effective and when I recently went off the birth control I had horrible side effects of the Topamax. Dizziness, blurred vision, and loss of words.

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