Monday, November 7, 2011

ohio issue 2

  • Question:-Sarah Palin Endorses Ohio Issue 2 As Anti-Union Measure Heads To A Vote. Do you think it will win? If so, why?

    Ohio's Issue 2, a referendum on a controversial law curtailing collective bargaining rights for public employees, picked up the endorsement of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Friday.

    A "yes" vote on the issue would uphold S.B. 5, which bans public employees from being able to collectively bargain for benefits and requires employees to pay a certain percentage of their health and pension benefits. A "no" vote repeals the law.

  • Question:-What animals are protected under Ohio's Issue 2?
    More specifically are horses protected? Because it states livestock, but horses are considered companion animals right?
    If they are included, how will it affect the Horse Slaughter laws?

    Answer:-What animals are protected under Ohio's Issue 2?

    The Indiana chip ferret
    The Leserovtu weevils
    The Moon marmot
    The Ohio Water Buffalo
    Various tits
  • Question:-If you were a registered voter in Ohio, how would you vote on State Issue 2?
    State Issue 2 limits the collective bargaining rights of public employees, including police, fire, teachers, nurses, social workers, etc. What is your reason for your vote?

  • Question:-what exactly is the "ohio issue"?
    specifically ohio issue 2


    Here ya go. One happy websearch on "ohio issue 2"
  • Question:-Why was Ohio Issue 4 withdrawn from the ballot? Your thoughts on this proposed law?
    Why was Ohio Issue 4 withdrawn from the ballot? I thought this was supposed to be a vote for the people. Why couldn't the people get a say in this?

    It requires businesses with 25+ employees to provide their employees with at least 7 days of sick leave.

    Critics say:
    -This would kill jobs in Ohio as it would persuade businesses not to move here
    -This would make it easier for people to cheat by missing work when they aren't sick

    Well guess what.....
    1. There are far more issues of greater importance when deciding where to move, and businesses don't moving decisions based on issues of that low level of pettyness.
    2. Not having sick people come to work and spread their germs is far more important than 'catching cheaters'.....people who cheat on sick leave is an unfortunate side effect but it's a small price to pay in order to have a germ-free working environment. & besides, if someone doesn't show up to work, but they dont fall behind in their work, what harm does that do?
    3. Most businesses already provide their employees with more than 7 days of sick leave. That's what they are already providing them with! So why not just make it an official right, given the importance it plays in not having sick people coming to work?

    Your thoughts?
    And for the record: The more vacation time people get; the more well-rested and energized they will be when they do show up. That could lead to increased effeciency rather than decreased.
    and 7 days is hardly anything.
    If you're against this proposed law..............then tell me, do you expect sick people to come to work when they are:
    A. in terrible condition
    B. contagious and spreading germs to tohers

  • Question:-Should we vote Yes or No on Ohio Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in 2006?

    Answer:-Vote wisely on the issues!
  • Question:-how did issue 2 for ohio about clean ohio get on the ballot?

    Answer:-The measure has a bi-partisan base of support. Gov. Ted Strickland, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, House Speaker Jon Husted and Senate President Bill Harris are co-chairmen of the campaign supporting passage of Issue 2

    When both major parties support an issue it gets on the ballot easily.
  • Question:-Should I vote "yes" or "no" on issue 2 in ohio?
    I'm not really up to date with politcal details, so could someone explain to me what is the adavatages/disadvantages if I vote yes/no?

    Answer:-the state has a monopoly on public jobs such as police fire and teachers. But they want to limit the rights of workers to negotiate a wage? If you trust that the goverment is going to give people a fair wage and people should just accept what they get vote for it.
    If you understand unions set the prevailing wage that people should be able to organize to get better page. If you understand that unions built the middle class and have earned what few rights worker have. vote against it

    Nothing ever has been given to the worker without them fighting for it

    Go union
    bread and roses
  • Question:-Should you vote yes on issue 2 in ohio,U.S.A.?
    I think so; all goverment workers[ who make more than us] should pay 10% on pensions & 15% on health care. The average worker pays more than that,

    Answer:-Absolutely not.
  • Question:-Can someone please explain to me what Ohio's Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 is?
    it's not passed, right? I'm really confused, please explain!


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