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urban meyer ohio state

  • Question:-Do you think Urban Meyer will be the new Ohio State Football Coach?
    According to someone I know down at OSU, he WILL be the next coach. He initially stated, "Urban meyer, welcome to THE Ohio State University." via Facebook. I asked if he had any insider information and he said that "it will be announced after the "that state up north" vs. ohio state game this saturday."
    GO BUCKS!!!

    What do you think?
    Well, its kind of funny that they are pulling Urban Meyer from ESPN's broadcast of the Ohio State/Michigan game. Seems kind of fishy.

  • Question:-Why does the news announce a 7 yr 40 million dollar deal between Ohio State and Urban Meyer?
    But the following day he denies that there is a deal.

    They even went as far as to name the Assistant Coaches too.

    Is there a deal or not? 40 Million is a lot of money for a coach.

    Answer:-One thing I've learned the past couple years with college ball and coaching jobs is that if they deny it, it's more than likely true.
  • Question:-Who thinks Urban Meyer will coach Ohio State next year?

  • Question:-Will Urban Meyer end up coaching the Ohio State Buckeyes one day?
    We all know Florida Coach Urban Meyer was born in Ohio and went to OSU for school, he also got his coaching start at Ohio State. Now that he has proven himself at Florida to be among the elite coaches in the NCAA like Pete Carroll and Jim Tressell and Les Miles, he can probably coach wherever he'd like.

    One day, a day I hope is a very long ways away, Jim Tressell will step down from coaching the Buckeyes, and will probably be remembered as one of the best if not the best Buckeye coach ever, and probably one of College Footballs best ever. When that day comes, do you think Urban Meyer will assume position of head coach at Ohio State? Its pretty likely in my opinion, although it would be 10-15 years down the road.

    What do you think?

    Answer:-Actually you may be right. I was listening to a call in sports show for the SEC and this subject came up several times.
  • Question:-Urban Meyer to coach Ohio State?
    so much for being with his familia, ur thoughts

  • Question:-Do you think urban meyer will coach at ohio state?

  • Question:-Will Urban Meyer be the next coach of Ohio State?
    What are your thoughts?

  • Question:-OHIO STATE BUCKEYES coach Tressel resigns! Urban Meyer set too take over at OSU. good or bad?
    Now that urban meyer is going too sign at OSU, is this good or bad? if you remember urban meyer is from the univ of cincinnati and from ohio, so this is not foreign territory. but why hang Tressel and fire the man? with all of the systematic bs in the ncaa everywhere why hang tressel? what did he do that was so terrible? he covered up for his guys.... who hasnt? the rest is guilt by association! opinions? is this the end of the ohio state buckeyes dominance? thanks
    steroid moe? do i have standards? Im a realist, and too compete and stay at the top of the ncaa in collegiate football one has too lie, bend the rules and leave out the truth or enjoy losing. dont think so? look at the thugs that got em in this mess? do folks really believe these kids really go too class and take exams like the rest of the student body? this is a billion dollar a year industry, sorry, too much at stake too walk the straight n narrow. and you people that say you would snitch and come clean on your starting quarterback? BS..... Tressel did what any good coach would do! could we imagine tressel comin clean too the ncaa and telling them that his starting quarterback sold his own property? then when the kid is suspended all season or the season is ruined? tressel gets slaughtered, morale goes in the sewer....

    Answer:-as a michigan & msu fan...i have to say...

    tressel set a very high standard on the field...
    he is a coach who elevated the big ten to a nationally recognoized an respected level.

    yea, he made some stupid mistakes...many do when they get to a level like this and are "expected" to "accomplish"

    and while as a no OSU fan...i do appreciate the intensity he brought to the rivalry...

    too bad...gonna miss him...

    pretty big shoes to fill...IMO...

    i think they'll remain unfilled for quite a while....

    just my opinion...
  • Question:-Do you think Urban Meyer will be the Coach of Ohio State next year, he was born and raised in Ohio?
    He also graduated from Ohio State and coached as a Graduate Assistant there.

    I do not think Luke Fickell is ready to be Head Coach, although he filled the role this year, he did not have the down to the detail preparation that Jim Tressel had. I think Urban Meyer would have the team ready to compete at a high level every Saturday. That is why I think Ohio State will make him an offer, even if he only does it for a couple of years, it will help to get the program back on track, but I hope he signs on to coach for a decade or more. Urban Meyer is only 48 and is still relatively young for a coach.

    Answer:-I heard that rumor the other day. My dad read on the bottom ticker on the tv during Saturday's game that Meyer bought a house in C-Bus two months ago.

    Meyer lived in Ohio not that long ago. His family is here. He coached for Bowling Green up here near Toledo before moving out to (I think) Utah.
  • Question:-Why don't these idiotic gators realize Ohio State is still better??? (Urban Meyer is a Buckeye remember!!!)
    Yes I know Florida won the game 41-14. But that was not a sign of the better team, and program for that matter. Why was it nominated for "Best Upset" at the ESPY's? Ohio State and the Big 10 is where real football is played. Look at the list of talent Ohio State has given the NFL in the past 10-15 years.

    Orlando Pace
    Eddie George
    Terry Glenn
    Joey Galloway
    Shawn Springs
    Nate Clements
    Antwain Winfield
    Ahmed Plummer
    Chris Gamble
    Will Smith
    AJ Hawk
    Le Charles Bently
    Nick Mangold
    Shane Olivia
    Donte Whitner
    Alex Steponovich
    Ted Ginn Jr.
    Anothey Gonzalez
    Tim Anderson
    Kenny Peterson
    Damion Scott
    Mike Vrabel
    Na'il Diggs
    Michael Jenkins
    Aston Youboty
    Bobby Carpenter
    Mike Doss
    Santonio Holmes
    Adrien Clarke
    Matt Wilhelm
    Ben Hartstock
    Donnie Nickey
    Will Allen
    Rodney Bailey
    Nate Sally
    Drew Carter
    Ryan Pickett
    Rob Sims

    What have the gators done for the NFL lately? Rex Grossman??? And don't say Emmitt Smith. I SAID LATELY!

    I know there a couple..

    Answer:-Ohio State would win that game 7 out of 10. Imagine if that was played in Big Ten weather, instead of yet another warm weather bowl for the SEC. Talk about speed?
    Terry Glenn
    Joey Galloway
    Shawn Springs
    Nate Clements
    Santonio Holmes
    Antwain Winfield
    Ahmed Plummer
    Chris Gamble
    Ted Ginn, Jr
    OSU is as fast as anyone!!!! Ask Miami
    Florida is a Fad, OSU is a Factory!!!
    You might have created Gatorade, but Ohio created football!

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