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  • Question:-Which is better for Registered Nurse, veteran hospital or to join the military?
    Which is better for Registered Nurse, veteran hospital or to join the military?
    Hi, my husband is RN and he wants to join the military but I don’t want him to join. So, I am trying to allure him into working for the VA hospital. What are the pros and cons of working at veteran hospital for RN’s?
    I sound like a bad wife but I really just want him to be in safer environment…and I don’t want us to be separated. has job listings for the VA Hospitals. It's kinda strange that they list the salary range for every VA position except nurses, however the ones that I know here at the VA in Fayetteville, Arkansas while not saying a dollar amount do say they get excellent pay. In considering a VA job I would shy away from the ones in the big cities , but then I come from a town so small both city limit signs are on the same pole , so I am prejudiced toward the rural life. Also, a traffic jam is 2 pickup trucks behind a farm tractor on a gravel road.
  • Question:-What are the requirements to be considered a combat veteran?
    im being deployed and i was wondering how many days do i have to serve overseas before im considered a combat vet. im talking about getting the combat patch and other benifits. A true "combat veteran". There is a difference between a combat veteran and a veteran.

    Answer:-Generally speaking a veteran is anyone who has served in any branch of the Armed Forces for more than 180 days other than even a reservist can be a veteran if he/she was activated for federal service for 180 day.

    To be considered a combat veteran it will depend on where and when you served: You have to receive a campaign medal.

    Some dates include:
    WW2 Dec 7, 1941- Dec 31 1946
    Korean War June25, 1950 -Jan 31,1955
    Vietnam War Feb 28,1961- May 7, 1975
    Lebanon/Grenada Aug24,1982-1984
    Panama Dec20,1989- Jan31, 1990
    Gulf War: Aug 2, 1990 until cessation of hostilities.

    Gulf War era includes Desert Shield/Storm and Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Basically if you went to one of the theaters and got a medal like South West Asia Service Medal/Kuwait Liberation medal then you are a combat veteran.

    There is no "safe" place in a war zone. The enemy doesn't care where the "Front line" is...barracks get bombed. Places where service members eat, drink, or travel get bombed. The ememy wants to cut off supply and medical support... ( I do admit there are more dangerous jobs than others in war...but nobody is 100% safe...)

    I didn't see an real combat, but I went there...I am one of the lucky ones. I was in a hostile area and could have but didn't. I am still a combat veteran. I dont' go to the VFW and tell war stories...I wouldn't do that.

    Those dates are determined by congress and it has some bearing on veterans preference and a few other things.
  • Question:-How does a US military veteran claim a new spouse as dependent to get a pay raise?
    How does a United States military veteran claim a new wife as dependent so that he can get a pay raise? How is this done abroad? I am based in Bangkok and we're told the VA here doesn't process such applications and we have to go to the VA in Manila, Philippines. How do expats living in Bangkok, Thailand do this? What forms are needed and what are the associated fees?

    Answer:-The Embassy in Bangkok does not directly process Social Security or Federal Benefits claims. We do help U.S. citizens or dependants access federal benefits through the regional Social Security Administration office in Manila. We do this by:

    Providing information and federal forms
    Certifying supporting documents for SSN applications and federal benefits applications.
    Contacting the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration and Office of Personnel Management in order to follow-up on claims, application status, SSN applications, report change of address, and to report non-receipt of benefits.
    All original documents in Thai language must be translated by certified translators. However, legalization of English translations and Thai documents are no longer required by SSA.
    SSA Manila Contact information:

    Social Security Administration
    American Embassy
    1131 Roxas Blvd.
    0930 Manila

    Tel: (632) 525-6614
    Fax: (632) 522-1514

    What do you need to do?

    Open a “Direct Deposit” Account at the Bangkok Bank branch nearest your home. The Bank will assist you in opening a Direct Deposit Account. We suggest you clearly tell the bank staff that this account is for receiving a pension from SSA, or VA.
    Sign Form 1199: Please bring 3 completed forms sf1199 to the headquarters branch of Bangkok Bank. The bank will forward your completed Direct Deposit form (Form 1199 A) to the SSA in US. You will be able to access your benefits from the Bangkok Bank branch near your house after your request has been completely processed. This often takes a few months. For more information please contact:
    Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
    Currency Exchange Service
    Global Payment Services Department
    333 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500
    Tel: (02) 230-1322-3, (02) 230-1311, (02) 230-2168
    Transfering+Funds/Receiving+Funds/Advice_Direct_Deposit.htm or contact Bualuang Phone Tel: 1333 or (02) 645-5555

    please refer to this page i will add:

    Veterans Benefits (VA)
    Veterans should contact VA via

    not sure,as to where you would apply? this is really a new domain for me,
    you can look at the VA map,here given:
    and also look on the left side of the page.... and , check the frequent questions query/ faqs;

    here go to this page, write to them and ask them, or send them a copy of the wedding registration,

    translated, if you married in Bangkok,consult the US embassy under citizen consular services, look for marriage registration, if you have not done this yet?
    i imagine? you could contact the VA within your state of residence....... and explain your new situation?
    hope it helps?
  • Question:-How can I interview a World War II veteran?
    I have a history project to interview a WWII veteran. Does anyone know of any services or groups that can help me find a veteran to interview?

    Answer:-Is your city large enough to have an area where seniors live? Senior housing? If so, just about everyone there will have lived through WWII.
  • Question:-What Questions would you ask a veteran police officer?How about a rookie?
    I am doing an interview documentary comparing the differences between a veteran police officer(more then 20 years) and a rookie (less then 5). I have a general idea of questions i would like to ask, but when it comes down to it you can never ask enough for a documentary. I am not looking to get into the specifics with the questions, just trying keep them broad.
    One officer i am interviewing had been on the force for about 20-25 years and is chief.
    The other is his son, whom was just hired this year.
    I have until Saturday to prepare for this interview.

    Answer:-"How has being a member of law enforcement for so many years formed / affected your feelings about humanity? What advice would you (or do you) give to your son?

    ...that's what I'd be interested in knowing.


    Okay, 'thumbsdowner'---what do YOU have for questions, genius?
  • Question:-What benefits are available to a veteran with a 10% disability claim?
    Other than the $123 per month, what doors does a 10% claim open? I've heard that in California, your kids can go to a public university for free, and I understand that a disability claim will usually provide a veteran a few more points when applying for a federal job.

    Beyond that, what else is there?

    Thank you.

    Answer:-go to the va, and have it upped. DAV are the guys to go to. call them. look them up.
  • Question:-How would you report someone who receiving veteran benefits, but does not qualify?
    She was a veteran's widow, he was killed while active, but she has remarried twice since. In between each marriage she starts getting benefits again. I dont know if that right. If it isnt, shouldnt it be reported?

    Answer:-Yes it is allowed, if it wasn't she would not be getting the benefits. When she gets married again the benefits stop, if she divorces the person the benefits start up again.
  • Question:-How long does it take to acquire veteran status?
    In any branch of military how long does it take to acquire veteran status?? Or what does it take to acquire it?
    I've heard you have to be deployed or have to go through training and it takes 6 motnhs.

    Answer:-180 days prior to 1980, 24 months afterwards. Wartime or deployment status does not apply. An honorable discharge is usually required, but time in service is waived for medical discharges.
  • Question:-If the wife of a veteran dies many years after he does,can she still be buried next to him in a VA cemetery?
    The veteran was honorably discharged. Or would she buried in the VA cemetery possibly not even close to his grave? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Both the US Army veteran and his wife are still alive. They are just planning funeral arrangements for some day in the future.

  • Question:-Can a veteran go to school if he collects 100% VA disability for a mental disorder?
    This is for a veteran who was just awarded 100% VA disability for Major Depressive Disorder. It is not a permanent and total rating.

    Will it affect his benefits? If so, how many credits must he take before it affects his benefits? Just one class? Or must it be full-time (12+ credits) before it affects his benefits?

    If you have a source, please site it.

    Answer:-The veteran in question would do best if he or his advocate posed this question to the VA workers responsible for knowing the prohibitions set against or perquisites accorded on behalf of a 100% disabled veteran.

    Any veteran may readily concede that to successfully administer his affairs with the VA system can prove a byzantine task and can be daunting, because there exists much apprehension or just the outright patterns that human nature tends to express, which is to say, an element of ambivalence if not cowardice.

    And much misgivings appear exhibited in VA employees; this, by demonstration of many simply who adjudge to say nothing. So few veteran representatives are there who appear willing to own to what they know that they would then dare tell of it. Too quick are they to second-guess or demur to their superiors. Added, there is simply insufficient numbers of VA Benefits and Compensation specialists working in the compensation and reparation complement of the VA Medical system.

    The mental health staff assigned to the veteran would bear the ultimate say so, in which case the question would be (1) Can the veteran undertake a full-time schedule without the weight of it affecting his overall stability?, and (2) Is the veteran undergoing a protocol for which attending classes interrupts recovery? And 'this' is primarily the brunt of it, and not of itself if he can take a full course load.

    This is because having a disability rating in itself does not obstruct any veteran from the pursuit and then fulfillment of higher education, which by the very nature of doing bears a potential to avail a veteran success and harms no one, and which attaining certainly accords promise for many veterans, as would getting more education accords most people today.

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