Friday, November 11, 2011

david nelson

  • Question:-David Nelson?
    Anyone know the actual address of David Nelson(the one from the adventures of ozzie and Harriet) i know he lives in newport beach CA but that is it. Also do you know the address where his deceased brother ricky live. It would be a big help.

    Answer:-27 belcort dr
  • Question:-Should I start David Nelson or Dexter McCluster?
    Not sure what to do. I think that David Nelson could have a big day, but think that Dexter McCluster could breakout. Add in the mix though on him that I have the Charger D that is a #1 or #2 play this week on defense.

    Thoughts? Who should I start - Nelson or McCluster?

    Answer:-I have the same predicament...Patriots D is suspect at best and Nelson is the number 2 now...he could have a solid day. McCluster is facing a much tougher day, but has the potential to make some big plays...Game time decision.
  • Question:-Should i pick up victor cruz or david nelson?
    Which 1 should i pick up?. David nelson seems to have a better QB and a better RB to ballance out the offense and keep them guessing but then again Cruz seems to be eli's new favorite weapon and he's put up big numbers the past 2 weeks. Who should i go after?


    No, R-Fitz is not a better QB.
    I believe Cruz has passed Manningham on the depth chart, and I like Cruz a lot. So does Eli.
  • Question:-Ok for next week better start for WR david nelson at NYJ or robert meachem at STL?
    Because they said Robert Meachem isnt going to to be that big of a factor cause he doesnt get a lot of targets. But compare him and david nelsons matchup next week im not sure.

    Answer:-David Nelson doesn't play the NYJ for 2 more weeks. Make sure you're looking at the right week.
    Unless there's an injury, Meach is done.
  • Question:-Should I add Nate Washington or David Nelson?
    I had Kenny Britt who is now done for the year, and my initial reaction was to get Washington because he could essentially replace Britt. However, I just saw that David Nelson is available too. Who is the better pickup?

    Answer:-Nate Washington is a better pick up because he will be there #1 WR now and he was putting up good points when brit was there and I wouldnt pick up David nelson because the buffalo bills aren't always going to throw for 300 to 400 yards every week and he is their 3rd WR
  • Question:-For week 6 in fantasy football should I start David Nelson, Pieree Garcon or Victor Cruz as wide reciever?
    I only have one more spot as wide out open I am starting Roddy White and Wes Welker above them. I am thinking of gambling on Nelson since the other starter is out for Buffalo but Garcon had a monster week in week 5.

    Answer:-VICTOR CRUZ....i don't know if you have seen any giants games recently but he's eli's favorite target especially late in the game expect another 100 yard td game
  • Question:-Who should I start between David Nelson and Mario Manningham?
    Need one as a bye replacement for Greg Jennings.

    Answer:-Mario Manningham is a better option because the Giants are throwing the ball a lot more than they did in previous years. I think Manningham is could for anywhere between 50 -100 yards and a score
  • Question:-I want to know if david nelson of the Ozzie and Harriet show is still living?
    He should be in his late 60s early 70s by now if still living.

    Answer:-Yes he is alive and well and living in New York City.
  • Question:-should i start david nelson from bills or mario manninham from giants?

    Answer:-David Nelson is the safer play. But Manningham has a really good match up. I actually dropped Nelson for Manningham when someone in my league overreacted to the injury. Manningham is much more likely to take it to the house and you saw what Cruz did in that position last week, but you can pretty much bank on 70-80 yards and about 50-50 for a score from Nelson. I would start Manningham until you see a reason not to, simply because of the big play potential.

    Please answer mine.
  • Question:-Hakeem Nicks vs the Eagles or David Nelson v the Pats?

    I'm worried about double teams on Nicks especially with Nmadi at Cornerback for the Eagles.
    I am in a PPR league (1 point per reception) and Nelson has close to a league high amount of targets this year.

    Answer:-Nicks will see a lot of coverage, but he is still #1 on his team and with his supporting cast out he is going to see a lot of targets. The Giants will be passing alot in this game and Nicks will get a solid # of looks.

    Nelson is still a slot guy and unless your league is ppr, he probably wont put up amazing numbers as a possession guy. He will have a good game against the Pats as the BILLS (lol at above poster) will be throwing alot to try to keep up. But Nicks is a top 10 WR. You want to start him every week.

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