Thursday, November 3, 2011

x factor results

  • Question:-Same difference miming on x factor results show?
    Is it just me, or were Same Difference not singing on the x factor results show?? To me it looked like they were blatently miming...Not very good seeing as this is a talent show and no other act has ever mimed on it.

    Answer:-I am an audio technician, they actually did lip sync extremely well, although there is no way they would jump up and down like that and sound so good....

    biggest give away, was when they were getting interviewed afterward, did you hear the quality of those headset microphones?

    in studios when recording they use pop sheilds, (view image below)

    what we heard was a classic example of how a mic sounds without one (when they got interviewed at the end)

    Also it was too obvious how it sounded, the sound quality was far superior to what anyone could get in a live performance, unless the sound engineer has GOD like tools behind the desk.......

    recording sound and live sound is so much different.....i think we have established this.......

    Melodyne is software which is pitch correction software for vocalists, they were even using this on the recording, i can spot it a mile off....

    example here of how it works...

    ok well i hope this clears things up for you, YES they were miming.....quite sad actually.....this is were commercialism and a true talent show collide in such a way that commercialism will always win....

  • Question:-What was the dramatic intro music on X-Factor results show tonight?
    When the judges came onto the stage tonight, there was a great piece of music used. I know it's not the usual one - O Fortuna - as that one is usually used during the performance shows, not the results show. This one was different, and I think it's also been performed by that girl group of violinists but I have no idea what the title is.

    Does anyone know?


    Answer:-I thought tonight they walked on to Queens "another one bites the dust" ??!
  • Question:-Where was the dress from that Sophie Habibus wore on the X Factor results show last weekend?
    it was a colour blocking green and black and white mini dress, fitted....she wore it on the results show, on sunday 9th october. I really wanna buy it!!

  • Question:-Are you looking forward to the X Factor results show this Sunday?
    For example, seeing Whitney Houston and Cheryl Cole perform?

    Answer:-Huh? Not really.
  • Question:-what does everyone think of the x factor results?
    do you think it was all a fix? what do you think simon should of done?

    Answer:-Total joke , why say you'll base your vote on that nights performance and then keep those two twats in !
  • Question:-Who are the special guests on X Factor results tonight?
    If there are any?

    Answer:-Joe McElderry & USHER (:
  • Question:-How nervous do you get when they do the X factor results?
    I get sooo nervous =P

  • Question:-what happened in x factor live results 3?? How did Miss Frank get eliminated?
    I kind of missed the show tonight but i was wondering HOW did Miss frank get eliminated???

    Answer:-ARGH I know I don't get that either! I mean, Danyl and Miss Frank are amazing acts! And Miss Frank this week were stunning in their singing and outfits! What has got into the public? I mean WHY are John and Edward still in? They're absolute bollacks!!
    Ha ha you can tell I get pretty worked up about this show :/ But I just think it's stupid that John and Edward are in, it's a singing competition and as entertaining as they may be, for the wrong reasons, they reaalllllllly need to go if we're starting to loss good acts like Miss Frank instead of them.
    I blame Louis for putting them through. Stupid Irish.
  • Question:-can someone please tell me what the latest x factor results are?
    Im in swissland and quite frankly the xfactor website is nt all that good for people who missed it.

    and if you have any online links I will be very very happy.

    Enkosi kakhulu (thank you very much)

    Answer:-Alexandra, Eoghan and JLS are in the final !!
    They left the pressure on the two left, which was Eoghan and Diana...and when Eoghan found out that Diana was going , everyone was in shock, especially Eoughan Quigg. I think there is something going on there haha!!
    Anyway, hope this helps and your having a nice time in Swissland :)

    haha xx
  • Question:-What's ur say about the X-Factor results last night!?
    I get annoyed by the results last night!
    It's totally vague & unclear that Simon Coward, I mean 'Cowell' deadlocked the votes to publicity & had save those 2 idiots 'twins' losing the beautiful talented singer..

    what's ur opinion with the show!?
    Is it still a 'singing' competition or an entertainment show only??

    Answer:-Apparently, I know that too many young people voted for this humorous Jedward cuz they consider them as 'entertainers'!! to the show that make it so funny..

    Well, what's the point of watching this programme!?? As ITV states X-factor a 'SINGING' contest not a 'comedy dancing' show!

    Honestly, the British Public had lost their consideration to it as a 'Professional Singing' Competition & now just regard it to a funny show.. This makes all POINTLESS! Jedward should've instead join the next Britain's Got Talent in 2010 cuz it's totally the TALENT show for all!!!!! They're utterly just digust the credibility of X-factor & ITV..

    I personally think Simon saving those twat twins so that his acts would have saved & win..

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