Wednesday, November 2, 2011

21 jump street

  • Question:-Any 21 Jump Street fans that might know what episode this clip is from?
    In the themed intro to 21 Jump Street, season 4, there is a clip of Officer Penhall getting knocked down in wrestling, or boxing, or something. What episode is that from?

    Answer:-The episode is called Honor Bound! It is from season 2

    It is great! It is the one where they are investigating gay bashing in a town near a military school. Hanson and Penhall get sent there as students while Ioki and Hoffs are running decoy to catch those responsible. Penhall refuses to get his hair cut so Hanson picks on Penhall a lot in that episode! I so don't want to give anything away, but I am gonna tell ya anyways!!!! Penhall is knocked down by Hanson with a sucker punch in that scene. You would have to see it to understand why... BORROW IT FROM THE LIBRARY or better yet, BUY IT!

    Such a great season!!! I miss that show...
  • Question:-who sings the song walking on water in the 21 jump street episode?
    Who sings the song walking on water in the 21 jump street episode Brother Hanson and the miracle of renner's pond?

    Answer:-Snoop Dogg and Tray Deee.
    Or Liam Stemberg.
  • Question:-Who knows cars well and has seen the show 21 Jump Street?
    What kind of car did the character Tom Hanson own in the show 21 Jump Street? And what year was the car?

    Answer:-1969 Ford Fairlane.
  • Question:-Why is Johnny Depp not on the last season of 21 Jump Street?
    See i don't watch 21 jump street unless Johnny is in it so i didn't watch the last season because he's not in it!!

    Answer:-Season 4 was the last season to air on the Fox Network. In commentary on the Season 5 DVD set, Peter DeLuise said that Fox had decided to cancel the show after Season 4 because the ratings had fallen below a set limit. Following this season, Johnny Depp and Dustin Nguyen left the show. It was never explained where Officers Hanson or Ioki went, or why they were no longer with the Jump Street Unit. (It should be noted that Hanson's whereabouts were possibly hinted at by Penhall, saying "an old friend of his now runs a bowling alley." Hanson is known for his love of bowling.) The Booker spin-off crossover episode, "Wheels and Deals Part One", is included with 21 Jump Street's syndication package, and is also included on the fourth season DVD set.
  • Question:-Where can I find 21 Jump Street free online?
    I LOVE 21 Jump Street and was wondering if I could find whole episodes for free anywhere.

    Answer:-try this:
  • Question:-Anywhere I can watch free 21 Jump Street?
    I want to watch FREE 21 Jump Street online. Whole episodes. Anyone know where to find them?

    Answer:-Some Youtube channels with 21JS episodes:

    Hope these help, good luck!
  • Question:-Does anybody know about this 21 Jump Street episode?
    I'm trying to find an episode of 21 Jump Street with, if I remember correctly, a man and son/grandson who are on the run? I think I remember them being in a restaurant (which was actually an A&W).

    Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

    Answer:-Season 2 episode 1 - In the custody of a clown
  • Question:-The Mcquaid brothers in 21 Jump Street?
    I love watching 21 Jump Street. And I love the episodes with The Mcquaid brothers. So if anyone knows what episode number and season that their in I would be grateful. I want to watch it so bad. Thanks!

    Answer:-The first and arguably best one is 1x09, Blindsided.
    Then there's 2x17, Champagne High, which is very fun but not as fun as #1.
    Then there's 3x09, swallowed alive, which is really depressing and scary at points. Not really all about the McQuaid brothers, but about a lonely McQuaid brother in a pool full of bloodthirsty sharks. Has a very good moral and a nice ending.
    And lastly there's 4x20, Last Chance High, which just sort of sucks. The retirement of the McQuaids.

    I just finished watching the four seasons of 21 jump street, which Johnny Depp is in. The show was on a steady downhill spiral for mot of its run (let's face it, it was never much good in the first place - and Johnny Depp agrees; he left as soon as his contract ran out) and when Johnny Depp left I couldn't hang in there any more.

    I've watched it avidly for the fangirl value for as long as Johnny Depp has been in it ... I just love him! And the McQuaids might quite possibly be the best parts =)
  • Question:-What is the first episode of 21 jump street With Amy (Toms Girl friend)?
    I was wanting to watch "21 Jump Street" But I wanted to Watch the first episode with Amy Toms girlfriend...But I don't know which number it is...Does anybody know?

    Answer:-How Much is that body in the window
    it says that she's only been in 4 episodes
  • Question:-Where can I find a site that shows what music was replaced in tv shows (21 Jump Street in General)?
    I am wondering if anybody can tell me what music was replaced in 21 Jump, because I learned about all the music replacement from 21 Jump Street.

    Answer:-Check out this great web site I found. It's a free MP3 and other audio format search engine.

    It allows you to download AND to listen to any song out there.
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