Wednesday, November 2, 2011

black friday 2011

  • Question:-How much will the iphone 4 for sprint cost on black friday 2011?
    I am thinking of buying the iphone 4 on black friday.

  • Question:-How much percent do they take off of item prices on black friday 2011?
    like say i want to buy a video game on this years black friday, like call of duty, and it costs 50$, i want to know, how much do they take off like 20%, 30%?
    like if i were to buy any game, or any item , how much percentage would they take off?

    Answer:-It doesn't work that way. Some things get marked down a lot, some do not get marked down at all. There is no way to know if any store will mark down Call of Duty or how much they would mark it down.
  • Question:-Will the purple 3DS before Black Friday 2011?
    I went to best buy, looking to see which DS i wanted, and the man was telling us about the 3DS. Then he said, "There might be a purple one coming out this year". He said he wasn't sure but I REALLY want to find out for my parents so they can pre-order it to get me for Christmas. Does anyone know if it WILL or WILL NOT come out for Black Friday 2011?

    Answer:-The Pink one is maybe coming out this year.

    But I haven't heard anything about the purple one since E3 2010.

    But right now is Red, Blue, Black and maybe the Pink one by December.

    But there will be a Purple one & a Green one & a Gold One & a White one (the White one is probably coming out in January).

    Sorry I can't be of much help, but I haven't heard anything about the Purple one's Release Date.....YET.
  • Question:-Would the iPad 2 go on sale for Black Friday 2011 in the US?
    I'm interested in buying an iPad 2, but I was wondering if they go on sale during Black Friday events, or if they get a discount. Would this happen in stores in the US, specifically Boston, Miami or New York?

    Please reply! and thank you!

    Answer:-most likely at best buy keep an eye on best buy always good black friday deals and if anyone is gonna have a sale on the ipad 2 its gonna be best buy
  • Question:-How much will plasma tvs go down for black Friday 2011?
    I'm thinking from best buy. Preferably Panasonic. Definitely 1080p, 600 Hz, 42-45 inches. Smart capabilities would be nice but not needed.

    Answer:-No one really knows what the black friday sells will be but they usually dont mark down the best tvs for black friday and if they do the stores usually dont have enough to meet demand.

    In response to the guy that doesnt know what he is talking about:

    Plasma all the way-Only thing Plasma Starts at 42" and goes up
    -better and deeper blacks
    -wider off angle viewing
    -awesome for fast motion-600Hz refresh rate while the top LCDs/LEDs are only 240Hz-Best for gaming and sports watching
    with a LCD you will have to drop it to 60Hz for gaming to help eliminate the lag
    -No burn in-on new plasmas-was a problem 5 years ago
    -they do use more power than the LCDs-But really if you cant afford the possible 3-5 bucks a month in and increase in your power bill-You do not need to be buying a big tv to begin with.
    -The short life people are talking about equals about 10-15 years of watching. really who wont buy a new tv in 10 freaking years???
    -I have my 65" Hung about 4' from a 72" window and even with the blinds open i have no trouble seeing it or get any annoying reflections. But The ceiling light that is behind the couch will reflect off it at night.

    Right now the top Plasmas are made by Panasonic(according to Cnet, consumer reports and a few home video mags). Right now 50" 1080p ( i own this one and the 65" version) at best buy USA around 899 for the 50" 720p is 599

    LED tvs are just a LCD with a LED back light instead of Florissant tubes!!!!!!!!!!
    LED tvs ARE JUST LCD with different backlighting they still suffer all the drawbacks of LCD but are just brighter
  • Question:-Will iPads go on sale for Black Friday 2011?
    Would they go on sale, especially in the Boston and New York stores? Any idea of what possible discounts they will have?
    Thank you!

  • Question:-Are you ready for black friday shopping? what's you plan to buy on black friday of 2011?
    Black friday is only 38 days to go.

  • Question:-How much will iPhone 5 cost on black Friday 2011?

    Answer:-You're jumping the gun a bit on this. The next generation iphone isn't out yet, and the rumors can't decide if it's going to be an iphone 5 or 4GS. The pricing on the next phone isn't out yet either.

    I don't think there will be a price drop on black Friday, since the phones cost more to make than they get when they sell them to you. Your contract if where they make their money back.

    Apparently in 2010, they offered refurbished (used) phones for about $30 to $50 less than the usual price.
  • Question:-Black Friday Deals 2011 for the store Best Buy?
    When will the ads for best buy be out for black Friday? I never shopped on black Friday does best buy give out coupons or can I get coupons?

  • Question:-Is there a good black friday 2011 guide,list, of the items going on sale this year?


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