Sunday, November 6, 2011

aesop rock

  • Question:-Mtv and Aesop rock what do you think?
    So The publicity for Atmosphere and Aesop rock on mtv.Sure it's good publicity but is it even close to selling out and what about the new fans?

    Answer:-It is only selling out if they water down there music to get the airplay. which I don't see happening. 7-8 years ago both were huge on college campuses so as there fans graduated I'm sure some of them went on to get jobs in the radio and TV industry. Time went by and they moved up into decision making positions they probably thought the guys could do well on the networks. Atmosphere might but I think Aesop is way to out there and intelligent for 90% of mainstream fans. I had some friends that got a video on Mtv back in like 99-2000 they aired it a few times but that was it, if it i doesn't blow up immediately they drop your @ss. If I see either of them do a song with Justin Timberlake they are dead to me
  • Question:-what song does aesop rock spit several verses on top of eachother?
    Aesop Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Lyrics, Songs

    Answer:-Idk, but if you mean what I think you do, that sounds pretty badazz in my head.
  • Question:-Do you think Aesop Rock is actually trying to say anything in his songs?
    I want to believe he's got a coherent message in every song, and sometimes I think he hints at it...but most of the time they make no sense whatsoever. What do you think, do Aesop's lyrics actually mean anything, or are they just a bombastic mess of random words he strung together?

    Answer:-nah they def. have meaning. look at none shall pass.
    "you never had a day a snowcone couldn't fix"
    its actually one of his most simple lines, but what is a snowcone besides a simple concoction of sugar and ice? so if you never had a day a snowcone couldn't fix, you never had a tough day.
    most of his lines just take a long a*s time to get
  • Question:-What do you think of Aesop Rock?
    What do you think of the emcee Aesop Rock, and what are some of your favorite songs by him?

    Answer:-A more abstract version of MF DOOM with a much better flow.
  • Question:-Which Aesop Rock album do you most reccomend?
    I got a few of his mp3s from limewire and daytrotter and I want to buy an album. I love No Regrets, Citronella, and 1000 Deaths, just saying.

    Answer:-i love float cuz of the blues influence it seems to have. labor days is probably his best album with the most searing messages.
    bazooka tooth has a science fiction feel to it, like it would be a soundtrack to a 1950's B movie. none shall pass was a lot more storytelling and it made me see Aesop as one of those hobo's with a bunch of crazy stories.

    But I'd recommend Float and Labor Days the most
  • Question:-Where can I get the Aesop Rock album Appleseed?
    I can't find it any where online!
    I want to buy it.
    BUY IT
    I've looked every where for it.

  • Question:-What's the Aesop Rock song with the woman singing in the background; a bit like vikings are going to battle?
    A bit like the opera singer woman-alien in the Fifth Element before she goes all synthesizer on us.

    Answer:-I want to know that too and don't know the lyrics because I don't have the song which is why I'm on this. Hopefully someone answers the question instead of telling us something we already know...
  • Question:-After hearing that new Felt song featuring Aesop Rock, I have a question for you: Def Jux or Rhymesayers?
    Some examples of artists from each:

    Def Jux:
    Aesop Rock
    Camu Tao (RIP)
    Mr. Lif
    MURS (Former)

    Brother Ali
    Eyedea & Abilities
    MF Doom

    Answer:-That song is dope by the way.
    Ill take the Def Jux only if MURS still is in it.
  • Question:-Does anyone else think that tons of Aesop Rock and MF Doom is just plain gibberish?
    I like some of the stuff they make but too much of it is nonsensical gibberish. Same thing with Cam-Ron and some of Ghostface. Thoughts?

    Answer:-Yea sometimes they say sh*t just cuz it rhymes. But it sounds cool so I don't care.
  • Question:-What would be a normal bpm or tempo for artists like Aesop rock mf doom or herbaliser?
    Old school hip hop east coast hip hop
    Ok so in bpm that would be?


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