Sunday, November 6, 2011

nene leakes

  • Question:-Why does Nene Leakes hate Star Jones so much? Is Nene jealous of her or feel threatened by her?
    Star Jones is one of the strongest candidates on this season's 'Celebrity Apprentice' so why is Nene attacking her?
    Star has not done anything to her.

    Answer:-Well star hasn't done anything directly to nene but she doesn't like stars personality. On the show star is so manipulative and she'll take control like when hope was pm she was taking over and she took over the shoot for the trump hotel project. She's just so outspoken and will talk to you like youre 3 years old and nene has a really strong personality so she doesn't want to deal with that. I can see both of their POV's why they're mad but its just because star's personality is too strong for nene to handle. Also, star will like completely take you down to win. Like when latoya got fired she didn't even say anything to her and it's like you're not going to get any respect like that.
  • Question:-Where can I find the dress or something similar that Nene Leakes wore in episode 9 season 2?
    It was off the shoulder, red and white.

    Answer:-do a google search
  • Question:-Why is Nene Leakes still on Celebrity Apprentice?
    She's so ghetto and cold to other people and she blew up in front of Trump.
    She's so ghetto and cold to other people and she blew up in front of Trump.
    She also isn't even a real celebrity. Being on Real Housewives of Atlanta doesn't make you a celebrity.

    Answer:-For The Don has not fired her yet..
  • Question:-What is NeNe Leakes, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta's catch phrase?
    I need it for an art installation, thanks!

    Answer:-"I don't keep up with the Joneses, I am the Joneses." -NeNe Leakes (Season 1)
  • Question:-What does everyone think of NeNe Leakes?
    She is one of the housewives of Atlanta and just walked off Celebrity Apprentice.

    Answer:-She is a bully and a big mouth. I am glad she walked on Apprentice she showed the world what she's all about - a loser.
  • Question:-NENE leakes quits apprentice what do you think?
    I think she is a complete loser!!! All that mouth all that drama and what did she do quit! she is a real big loser talks a talk but honestly a waste of space.

    Answer:-Are you surprised? She just showed ... officially ... what a true loser she really is. If she was a good player, she would have stayed and overcome opposition. Now ... if we can just get her off Housewives of Atlanta! Hoping her extended 15 minutes of fame is almost over.

    BTW, have you ever checked out her twitter page and seen that everyone is so positive? Well, that is because when you answer a question honestly and not so 'pro-nene' she unfriends you! LOL ... don't ask a question if you can't take the truth.
  • Question:-What brand of sunglasses does Nene Leakes wear throughout season 2 of Housewives of Atlanta.?
    They are VERY large and roundish. thanks!

    Answer:-Her shades are by Tom Ford the model is "Alessandra 0094". However, they are being discontinued. Be careful of shady sites offering them. Good Luck ladies!
  • Question:-Does anyone know where Nene Leakes from the Real housewives of Atlanta is?

    Answer:-I know where she's not...
  • Question:-Do you think Nene leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta is hot?

    Answer:-Her and Kim and Sheree are trannylicious
    I like Candie and Lisa
  • Question:-Real Housewiives of Atlanta: NeNe Leakes new house: does it look like Lisa's old house?
    Did anyone else notice how the new house looks like Lisa's old house? Maybe I'm wrong.
    Real housewives of atlanta look different: NeNe and Kim and Sheree all look like they've had plastic surgery...

    Answer:-Well lisa still has the same house from last season. If you go to, all of the wives give a tour of their homes and lisa still has the bowling alley in hers that was featured in an episode during season 1

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