Friday, November 11, 2011

anita hill

  • Question:-What address would I mail a letter to Anita Hill to?
    Where would I send a letter to lawyer and professor Anita Hill; does she currently have an office the public knows of?

    Answer:-The info in the link below should help you.
  • Question:-Eighteen years later, do you think there was some sort of relationship between Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill?
    I just finished reading Thomas' book. And it made me start thinking about the whole Anita Hill thingy.

    What I believe is that, although Hill probably exaggerated some of the allegations, I think there was some sort of relationship or some sort of attraction between the two of them. I just think it was a relationship gone bad.

    What do you think?

    Answer:-Didn't care then, I care even less now.
  • Question:-Why would Joe Biden withhold evidence supporting Anita Hill in Clarence Thomas's vetting?
    Why would Joe Biden withhold evidence supporting Anita Hill in Clarence Thomas's vetting?
    I hated how Biden colluded with the GOP during those confirmation hearings. Now we are stuck with a horrid Supreme court justice.

    Answer:-Joe has been a liar for a long time.
  • Question:-How did Clarence Thomas get confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice after what he did to Anita Hill?
    He treated her like she was just a piece of feminine meat.

    Answer:-Ah but he was black and influential.. and it just goes to show that even when both are black.. the male still wins.

    Sexist country that this is!
  • Question:-Was Clarence Thomas' wife stoned or drunk when she left a message on Anita Hill's answering machine?
    That's the only thing I can think of to explain her behavior. Its a pretty brazen thing to do. Her timing is awful and it wasn't like this was a part of an ongoing discussion between the two parties. I can think of no good reason why after 19 years she wold call Anita Hill to say she should apologize to her husband. It doesn't make sense unless she was drunk or stoned. What do you think?

    Answer:-Obviously she was, and she demonstrated that women never forget any transgression
  • Question:-Is Anita Hill finally going to apologize to the wife of Clarence Thomas and Judge Thomas?
    The wife has asked Anita Hill to apologize to the Judge.

    Answer:-Apologize for telling the truth? I think not. Thomas' wife must be losing it. Hill properly reported the strange call to the campus police.
  • Question:-what is the force that propels anita down the hill?
    Anita is riding a toboggan down a hill. If Anita weighs 120 pounds and the hill is inclined at an angle of 72 degrees from level ground, what is the force that propels Anita down the hill?

    Answer:-Convert lbs to kg
    120lbs = 54.43kg

    F = mgsin(θ)
    F = (54.43kg)(9.8m/s^2)sin(72°)
    F = 507.3N
    or 5.1 x 10^2N (2sig figs)
  • Question:-At 54 years old, is Anita Hill the oldest virgin among prominent Democrat females?
    Do you know anyone else like that who is close to her age?

    Is this her anti-male bias?

    Answer:-I can think of several, how about Hellooking Thomas (Helen) Janet Reno, Ruth Bader Ginsburgh.

    I use to wonder why the government always shied away from raising taxes on alcohol, then it dawned on me that none of the democrat women would ever get laid.
  • Question:-Why did Anita Hill report Justice Clarence Thomas' wife's voice mail to the media and the FBI?
    If Anita Hill had ignored Virginia Thomas' voice mail, that would have been one thing, but this? Emily Miller provides the details on this at Human Events today:

    Answer:-Because she is a sleeze bag who will do anything for publicity. She worked for him 10 years before an investigation started before confirmation and she decided she needed to tell everyone what he did! She is a work of art......
  • Question:-How long did it take for Anita Hill to come forth with allegations against Clarence Thomas?
    Just wondering, because I'm seeing an awful lot of libs that are questioning why the victim/masseuse waited so long to come forth about Algore sexually mauling her.

    Answer:-Way too long in both cases.

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