Friday, November 11, 2011

kim zolciak

  • Question:-Who designed the shoes Kim Zolciak wore in the Kim and Kandi birthday episode?
    Real Housewives of Atlanta, on the 10/01/09 episode, Kim Zolciak had a fierce pair of shoes on. Tan stilettos with feathers blooming out of the heel. What designer made them??

    Answer:-I dont want but its cute! yea comment on her myspace page & ask her on twitter & her blogs on bravo she might write you back
  • Question:-Is Kim Zolciak really a lesbian or is it all a media stunt?
    Is "Desperate Housewive of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak actually a lesbian or not? I don't watch this show (it's not here in the UK) so i have no idea what she's like,after only hearing about this just now. So,you'll have to excuse my ignorance. Is she or is it just media stunt? Thanks & have a great Sunday. X Sarah

    Answer:-you should ask her personally, i bet none of these people here will know! yay for encouraging more rumorsssssss
  • Question:-Has anyone listened to Tardy for the Party by Kim Zolciak from Housewives of ATL?
    I am really liking this song! Despite all of the drama from the show and the way the other girls attack Kim...she has indeed created a hit! You can not help but dance to this song when you hear it!

    Answer:-I just recently heard the new and in improved "Tardy for the Party" and it is a hit!!!!
  • Question:-do you think Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is pretty?
    Lol I don't really think she is... But I'm just asking this because my mom is watching the show right now and she doesn't think she is pretty. I'm just wondering what other people think.

    Answer:-I wouldn't call her pretty but she's not ugly. As Nene would say she a'ight.
  • Question:-Where can I find shoes like the ones Kim Zolciak wore in the finale episode?
    When she went to Sheree's fashion show, she wore capri jeans and sparkling white sequin/jewel like pumps that she called her cinderella shoes.

    Answer:-I want to know too they were so HOT!!!!
  • Question:-How did Kim Zolciak make her money?
    So she's obviously rich, but I can't see Big Poppa picking up the tab for all of the money she's shown spending, so where is her money coming from?

    Answer:-Hi simple answer, ailmony from her ex hubby who is like daddy warbucks LOL ♥
  • Question:-Can anyone find pictures of Kim Zolciak from the real housewives of ATL on her recent trip to the bahamas?
    all i can find are the ones of her and "big poppa" but she says they got pictures of her without a wig and i want to see her in her real hair... thanks so much points to the first to find them

  • Question:-what kind of cigarettes does kim zolciak from real housewives of atlanta smoke?

  • Question:-what does Kim Zolciak from the real housewives of atlanta have that makes her hair fall out?

    Answer:-Minoo- she is lying! She has no illness. Her story didn't add up. She had cancer, then she didn't, the she almost had cancer, but it ended up being another illness that she can't say. She's crazy and delusional, I don't know why she has that wig, but whatever reason it is she surely doesn't want us to know.
  • Question:-Ok i heard that Real houswives of Altlanta star Kim Zolciak is hispanic?
    Ok so if she really is hispanic whats her maiden name??? because i know for a fact that the last name Zolciak is NOT hispanic. Can someone answer this please??

    Answer:-where did you hear that at? Idk if she is or not, but I know that I think she's lying about her age. If she IS only 30, then wow, no wonder she gets all that botox. IF I looked that old and I was that young, I'd be getting every facelift and botox that I could get.

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