Friday, November 11, 2011

whitney duncan

  • Question:-How many of you know who Whitney Duncan is?
    I just want to know if her label is pushing her very much.

    Answer:-I remember her from Nashville Star a few seasons back...I believe it was the same season that Zac Hacker was on.

    Anyway, I have never heard a Whitney Duncan song on my local country station.
  • Question:-Is Ryan Kwanten really dating Whitney Duncan?
    Maybe you have better media coverage in the US than here. Apparently they have been spotted together a few times. Wasnt she just going out with someone else? Any real news?

    Answer:-The country singer, Whitney Duncan?
    I can't say for sure but I doubt it. It's probably just a rumor.
    We have great media coverage in the US but I haven't heard anything about them dating, but then again it probably wouldn't be mentioned because it's not that big of a deal? Haha, I don't know? But I did search it on Google and didn't get much on it.
  • Question:-When does the music video to SKINNY DIPPIN by WHITNEY DUNCAN come out?
    I was jw.

    Answer:-It's right here
  • Question:-How is Whitney Duncan allowed to participate for Nashville Star?
    She is already an accomplised artist and has sung with Kenny Rogers in the video "My World Is Over w/o You". This is a substational edge over every one else. What do you all think?

    Answer:-And wasnt George Canyon(2nd place Nville star 2 years ago) a somewhat accomplished artist also?
  • Question:-Does anyone know the Kupl Whitney Duncan Cruiser Code Thanks?

    Answer:-i cannot remenber but i think it was dancing, give it a try
  • Question:-Where can I find a free Mp3 download of Whitney Duncan's "Skinny Dipping"?
    FREE, Please. I've looked everywhere and can't find it. I've now resorted to this.

    Find it here : (on the right side of the site)

    Saya Arnold SuasanaSegar
  • Question:-Whitney Duncan Guitar Skinny Dipping?
    Hi, i was kind of hoping that someone could tell me the chords to whitney duncan's skinny dipping? thanks y'all!

    Answer:-I can't find them either !!!!!!!!
  • Question:-What does Whitney Duncan's tatto say?

    Answer:-Whitney Duncan does list tattoos as a turn-on, but she would rather have a painted on, change-to-her-mood tatt on her pretty body.
  • Question:-away lyrics by whitney duncan?
    cant find them anywhere =[ please help!
    p.s. already checked google..

    Answer:-emm, are you sure that's the title to the song?
    because I've just found this

    hope i helped, good luck
  • Question:-New girl named Whitney, song with Girls in the title?
    i was watching cmt or gac the other night and there was a cute song about girls (that's all I remember) and I think her name was whitney, not whitney duncan, I don't think. I think she is very new. I cant find any info at all so any help would be appreciated
    This was a VERY young maybe like early 20's year old. and it was "girls rule" girls do it, something like that.

    Answer:-Her name is not Whitney, its Jesse Lee and the song is "Its a Girl Thing"

    I think anyway.

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