Thursday, November 10, 2011

ashton kutcher twitter

  • Question:-what was the appeal of Ashton Kutcher's twitter account?
    I have an interest in people how effective people promote themselves and their content online. I've seen Ashton Kutcher's twitter and it's not really that interesting. What do you think drove him to beat CNN. I think he just networked a lot and it might also be because people are interested in his marraige

  • Question:-Poll: Do you follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter? Why do so many people follow him?
    I personally think his tweets are boring.

    Answer:-No. He's annoying.
  • Question:-Is CNN becoming so irrelevant that Ashton Kutcher has more followers on Twitter?
    LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Ashton Kutcher has become the first member of Twitter to have over one million followers.

    Surrounded by his wife, Demi Moore , Soleil Moon Frye and Sean "Diddy" Combs supporting him via phone, the star officially crossed the one million mark, beating out rival CNN Breaking News shortly after 11 PM Pacific time.

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    "Where's the champagne, where's the champagne," Ashton said on his Ustream.TV web feed just a short while before reaching his goal. "We've gotta pop the cork on this folks."

    CNN, which lost by less than 1,200 followers, quickly congratulated the star

    Answer:-Is Twitter so irrelevant that Ashton Kutcher has more followers than anyone else?
  • Question:-How many people are following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter? For the Million Twitter sign up?

    Star if you TWITTER~

    Answer:-Does he even like.. do anything anymore or does he just trot behind his wife like a little puppy and whore out his Twitter?
  • Question:-How come people don't like Ashton Kutcher? He is the Twitter King don't you know that?

    Answer:-I love most of the movies he does
    Hes hilarious!
    He should do more comedy movies...Definitely
    But im not sure about Valentine's day (the movie)
    I've seen the trailer and it doesn't look very interesting ( Its copy a movie called Love Actually)
    But Ashton Kutcher still rocks....:)
  • Question:-Why does everyone follow Ashton Kutcher?
    Why do so many people follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter? He is the person with the most followers overall, and I want to know why. I mean I'm not a big fan. But has he done something really big besides Punk'd?

    Answer:-Because Ashton is a charismatic person. He did That 70's Show, The Butterfly Effect, Dude Where's My Car? and What Happens in Vegas (I'm pretty sure on the last one not 100%) and a lot of other things too. He's not afraid to risk making people incredibly mad (Punk'd) and everyone just forgives him automatically anyhow because he's Ashton and everyone loves him. Getting Punk'd actually became a good thing because if you're considered famous enough for Ashton to embarrass you horribly, then you've definitely made it in the business. Plus, Ashton manages to add humor to most everything, but can also speak sincerely about stuff, like his relationship with Demi, or how he came from the middle of like, nowhere (I don't really remember the exact place he came from. Ohio, or something) and got to where he is today.
  • Question:-new Demi Moore Twitter picture by Ashton Kutcher. can't find it.?
    Ashton Kutcher wife Demi Moore has a new Twitter picture. anybody? (don't have Twitter, sorry)

    Answer:-if you're talking about Ashton Kutcher's new prank on his wife, here it is
  • Question:-Poll: how do you feel now that Ashton Kutcher's twitter is hacked?

    Answer:-ashton kutcher is too cute for words to describe how cute he is
  • Question:-Why does Ashton Kutcher have the most followers on Twitter?

    Answer:-When Twitter first came on the scene Ashton was hired to promote it (although I doubt he would actually admit that he was hired). He went on Larry King Live on CNN and made a bet with him that he could get more fans than ALL OF CNN PUT TOGETHER!!! So the race was on. The site became more popular. Celebrities were all getting accounts. Both CNN and Ashton tried hard to get as many followers as possible but ASHTON WON. And he's kept the most since the site began. >>>
  • Question:-Why does "Ashton Kutcher" (???) have more followers on Twitter than other celebs?
    So I hear there's this Ashton Kutcher guy... Really famous and has -- WHAAAAT ?! -- over a million followers are Twitter. I've never even heard of this guy before; why does HE have more followers on Twitter than, for example, Obama? (Also, who IS he? Include that in your answer, too, please) :]

    Answer:-Ashton Kutcher is an actor, he's starred in a lot of movies over the years, and was in 'That 70's Show', some notable movies of his are 'Dude Where's My Car?', 'The Guardian', and most recently 'Killers'. As for his twitter followers, I really don't know why he has so many, but I know last year he was in competition with CNN to who could reach a million twitter followers first (he won).

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