Thursday, November 10, 2011

billy crystal

  • Question:-What was the name of the Billy Crystal stand up on video during the middle to late 80's?
    What I remember from it was Billy Crystal had a picture of a dog with the tongue cut out of the picture & he stuck his tongue thru the hole, he also did a dog walking on his hind legs? Does anyone know the name of this video?

    Answer:-If it's the one I'm thinking of, it has him talking about playing cards & having "FOUR aces"...hilarious video...sorry, I cannot remember for the life of me. I'd love to watch that again myself.

    Could it have been Midnight Train To Moscow, A Comic's Line or Don't Get Me Started???
  • Question:-What was that movie that Billy Crystal was practicing what he would tell his boss or new boss that the lowest?
    What was that movie that Billy Crystal was practicing what he would tell his boss or new boss that the lowest amount of money he would take as a salary?

    Answer:-I don't know, but you might want to check out his filmography on IMDB:
  • Question:-Is it my imagination, or does it seem that only Yankee haters are making a big deal about Billy Crystal?
    I think too many fans are making such a big deal about the Yankees allowing Billy Crystal to play one game with his favorite team. It's only spring training. Don't fans realize that it was for one game. If Red Sox were to allow Ben Afleck or Matt Damon to suit up for one game, would the same haters react the same way? It's spring training so all you haters, why don't you give it a rest already.

    Answer:-Seriously! I just thought it was a fun story and I enjoyed it. If it had been Bill Murray with the Cubs, I would have thought it was hilarious.
  • Question:-What position will Billy Crystal play on Thursday?
    I think its cool that we signed him to a one day deal. Remember when Oakland offered Ricky Henderson the same thing 2 years back? he wanted to finish his career as a A. But we Billy Crystal we should see alot of people at that game. But i wish it was on espn. That would be sweet.

    Answer:-At age 60, I doubt that the Yankees will take a chance at putting him in the infield. His reaction time would not be enough to protect himself from a hard hit ball. I'm guessing the outfield. Either center field or right field. Center would be better because he won't have to deal with line drives pulled down the line. Those are the hardest hit balls.

    I hope he does well. And to all the critics who have been bashing him all day..........get a life!
  • Question:-Billy Crystal????????
    Is this a joke or what?? How can you let a celebrity sign a contact with your major league club???? Wheres the respect for your organization and your players in it??? Yanks ya'll are weird

    Answer:-It's just a publicity stunt. Nothing will come of it.
  • Question:-Where can I find a good copy of the 1984 Baseball Skit from SNL w/ Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest?
    Where can I find a good copy of the 1984 Baseball Skit from SNL w/ Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest as Leonard "The Rooster" Willoughby & "King Carl" Johnson?

    Answer:-I also want to see the answers
  • Question:-Do you think Billy Crystal was short changed?
    Do you think with his one day contract that Billy Crystal be allowed to play the full game? Or was Johnny Dammon complaining about the day off? I think if he got the normal three at bats he could have got a hit and done something with his time.

    Answer:-Yeah, I was kind of disappointed to see he only got one chance at the plate myself.
  • Question:-is billy crystal funniest man in baseball?
    today billy crystal played for the yankees, one at bat ,and he struck out .but did make contact once, after the game in a interveiw. he was asked if there were any other fantasy he wanted to do. he said, yes the governer its open !

    Answer:-by reputation, he was the funniest man in baseball.....for one day
  • Question:-What do you think about the Yankees signing Billy Crystal for a day?
    I think this is funny.

    I know a lot of you are going to say its a joke and its not funny, but our beloved Yankees never do anything like this so its nice to see them do something like this.

    Hopefully he starts in we can say that DiMaggio, Mantle, Bernie, and CRYSTAL have played CF for the Yankees.

    Answer:-Well... he is a little taller than Eddie Gaedel.
  • Question:-Can Billy Crystal actually say he played for the New York Yankees, albeit for only a part of one game?
    Even if he only played for the team for a few minutes an an actual game, that's awesome!

    Answer:-While he didn't play in a regular season game, he can definitely say he played with the Yankees, just not that he made their roster.

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