Thursday, November 10, 2011

thursday night football

  • Question:-When does NFL Thursday night football start?
    When will they start playing a game on Thursday night football? Will it only be on the NFL network?

    The season begins with the NFL's annual Thursday prime time kickoff game. This year the opener on Sept. 4 on NBC (7 p.m. ET) features the Super Bowl XLII champion New York Giants at home against the NFC East Division-rival Washington Redskins. Looks like you missed the first one. Go to and check out the remaining scheduled games for a Thursday night.
  • Question:-Why are the commentators saying Thursday night football for the Cowboys v. Saints game?
    I'm watching the game, and the commentators keep referring to tonight's (Saturday) game as Thursday night football. Am I missing something?

    Answer:-The reason for the whole "Thursday night" tag is because the NFL network usually hosts its games on Thursday nights. However the game against the Cowboys and Saints is a "Special edition" of Thursday night football. The whole is that NFL network is known for its Thursday night football so they use that term. The only difference is its on a different night.
  • Question:-Ok What is the song that comes on for the nfl network thursday night football commercial?
    Ok What is the song that comes on for the nfl network thursday night football commercial? It goes something like "Show Stopper, jaw dropper," and i try to find it online but no luck, please help

    Answer:-Showstopper" by tobyMac

    btw, its off of the album "Tonight" which comes out February 9, 2010 so u prolly wont find it
  • Question:-what is the song in the Thursday Night football ad 2010?
    There is an ad playing now for Thursday Night Football. What is the song that is playing? - they usually have an answer for everything
  • Question:-Does anybody know the schedule for Thursday night football?
    Does anybody know the schedule for Thursday night football on the NFL network for this season?

    Answer:-Here's the schedule for you:

    Week 10: Raiders @ Chargers
    Week 11: Jets @ Broncos
    Week 12: Packers @ Lions
    Dolphins @ Cowboys
    49ers @ Ravens
    Week 13: Eagles @ Seahawks
    Week 14: Browns @ Steelers
    Week 15: Jaguars @ Falcons
    Week 16: Texans @ Colts
  • Question:-Where to stream Thursday Night Football?
    Does anyone know if there is a place to stream thursday night football? I have Directv's sunday ticket superfan package. I might be wrong but I don't think they will stream the major networked games (thursday, sunday, and monday night games) Can anybody help?

    Answer:-Try, and should list the games they're going to show for Thursday at least a few hours before they come on. The other two sites, you just have to search at game time.
  • Question:-why is thursday night football starting in week 10?
    thursday night football doesn't start until thanksgiving why is it starting in week 10 this year?

    Answer:-stop complaining, get direct tv, watch the games and, save big bucks on Your movie channels, as well. greedy cable companies, like time warner, SUCK!!!
  • Question:-Why is the NFL having Thursday night Football on Friday this week?
    Is it so much to ask to call it Friday Night Football.

    Answer:-i also think there is a saturday night this week too....
    they've been doing this for decades...
  • Question:-Could Thursday Night Football on NFL Network be blacked out?
    I'm a jags fan and have been looking forward to the Thursday night game vs the Colts on week 15. Games in Jacksonville have been blacked out the whole season, but I was wondering if blackouts applied for games on NFL Network. I expect the attendance to be low as usual, but hope that the game is still televised. If I didn't live 6 hours away from Jacksonville, I wouldn't even be worrying this because I would be at the game, but that isn't the case so hopefully someone could answer this question.

    They're not going anywhere, douche.

    Answer:-blackout rules apply no matter what....gotta LOVE the NFL and their feelings for their fans....don't sweat it, you won't have to worry about seeing your Jags too much more..they will be moving soon.
  • Question:-Is Thursday Night Football broadcast to the hometown teams on local, free tv?
    My team has yet to play on TNF, so I was unable to check this myself. It would seem pretty unfair to have to pay to see your home town team on TV. Obviously this only applies to football, as I need cable myself to watch my baseball and sometimes basketball team, but that's mostly everyday whereas football is a once a week thing.

    Answer:-No, only on NFL Network. It's a joke.

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