Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the band perry

  • Question:-Are the people from The Band Perry Steve Perry's kids?
    Steve Perry is the lead singer of Journey, and The Band Perry is made up of Kim, Reid, & Neil Perry.

    Answer:-Nope. Steve Perry doesn't have any kids.
  • Question:-How old is the girl in The Band Perry?

  • Question:-Where do you find pictures taken at the band perry concert?
    After the tim mcgraw concert, the band perry went to the lobby to take pictures and sign autographs. Their mother took the pictures and they said to go to their website to find them and download them for free. We have searched and cannot find the pictures anywhere. Please give a link if you know where to find them.

    Answer:-You find them here:
  • Question:-What should I say when I meet the band Perry ?
    Me and my friends are going to see the band perry in concert next month. What should I say to them if I meet them ?

    Answer:-Tell them you think they are an amazing group, and that they are on their way to the top. That you truly believe they will become one of the few country artists who reach legendary positions if they keep up the great music they are producing today.

    or scream, "I LOVE YOU!!"
  • Question:-What are some other recommended songs for fans of The Band Perry?
    Looking to make a playlist haha. My starting songs are

    If I die Young - The Band Perry
    Heart Like Mine - Miranda Lambert
    Nobody Drinks Alone - Keith Urban
    Lauralee - Madison Violet

    any suggestions for songs that are kind of like these 4 would be very much appreciated! Kind of sad-sounding emo country-ish music if that makes any sense :)

    Answer:-You Lie - The Band Perry
    Day by Day - Kyle Park
    Good Night For Dancing - Josh Abbott Band
    Buried Me - Josh Abbott Band
    Shut Up and Dance - Aaronn Watson
    Just Can't Love You Back - Easton Corbin
    Ask Me to Stay - Casey Donahew Band
    Boy Like Me - Jessica Harp
    A Table Away - Sunny Sweeney
    Smoke a Little Smoke - Eric Church

    Just to get you started ;)
  • Question:-Is it weird for a guy to like The Band Perry?
    I don't normally like women artists (except miranda lambert). But the Band Perry is so good. They're lead singer has a great voice and its awesome that they're all family. I was just thinking it might be weird cause it feels like theyre focussed a lot more on women and girls.

    Answer:-It's weird that ANYBODY likes them, they stink! They look like the Jonas brothers with a girl and they sing stupid pop songs that are so dumb nobody can understand them (and if you doubt me look at how many times people have asked what "If I Die Young" means) and their name is horrible.
  • Question:-Is it weird I like the Band Perry and I am a boy?
    Is it odd that I like the Band Perry and I am a boy?

    Answer:-Not at all! And don't listen to anyone who tries to say that you are weird for liking them :)
  • Question:-How do you break The Band Perry's- If I Die Young into dance counts?
    I'm planning on doing a competition lyrical to this song, but I have no idea how to break it into counts...This will be the first piece I'm choreographing on my own.

    Answer:-Cut them after the first six bars.
  • Question:-Meeting the Band Perry and want them to sign something for a friend?
    me and one of my friends are getting to meet The Band Perry. One of our good friends died the week that song came out and we are really close to his mom. She loves the song and was devistated when her son died. I want to get something special that she would like for The Band Perry to sign but i dont know what.nothinglike a shirt . I thought maybe get a big picture of him or like an angel or something but i don't know how easy that would be to sign. please give suggestions!!

  • Question:-what is the song if i die young by band perry mean?
    Iknow its about death, but can someone explain the meaning i love it
    She talks about her mother, and burrying her baby?

    Answer:-It's like if you die young, right now, you'll be happy with your life because of what you have been able to experience

    shes saying that her mother is burying her baby, which is her
    "The sharp knife of a short life
    Well, I've had just enough time"

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