Friday, November 11, 2011

the call

  • Question:-Why does the media call the Penn state ordeal a sex scandal instead of a homosex scandal?
    Not one media outlet calls this as a HOMO sex scandal. Letting them off will cause more of this to happen. The media is to blame.

  • Question:-Why did the politician call President Barack Obama a tar baby?
    I heard on the news a couple of weeks ago that a politician call the President a tar baby I really am wondering why he did that I know its a racial slur but what is the true meaning.

    Answer:-He didn't. The politician was talking about a piece of legislation that was proposed and supported by Obama. He said it was something that "nobody wanted to touch, like a tar baby."

    This politician was obviously confused as to what the term meant and was taking it literally rather than as a racial slur. He was probably picturing a disgusting, sticky, tarry mess, hence the "nobody wants to touch it" comment. I think the underlying idea was that the legislation was sticky and nobody was going to want to be involved with it.

    However, "tar baby" has traditionally been a slang term for an African American child. The idea was that these babies had black skin, as though they'd been rolled in tar black tar. This was obviously a derogatory term and basically meant to imply the same thing about these kids that the politician was implying about the bill--that they were disgusting and unclean. Since Obama is our first black president and this bill was proposed by his party, of course people's minds immediately connected Obama with the tar baby comment and assume it was meant to refer to him.

    The use of this term is so weird I have to think it was some kind of Freudian slip, that there was some sort of unconscious racism happening here. But the politician did not actually call Obama or anybody else a tar baby--he called a piece of legislation that, and he obviously wasn't using in the sense of meaning an African American person.
  • Question:-Should I call the store to see my application status?
    About a week and a half ago I applied at Best Buy as a cashier...but I never got a call or I wanted to call them and check the status or if they even consider me for the job. Should I call tomorrow morning? Or is it too late? And do I just ask for the status or do I have to be detailed since it's customer service picking up the phone?

  • Question:-What's the total percent for the Call of Duty MW3 campaign?
    I finished the campaign on verteran and found all the intel and it says I am 100.3% done. I don't know if it's a glitch or do I have to beat it on all other difficulties? Anyone know?

  • Question:-What do you call the yellow 'stain' under the finish on a vintage Stratocaster?
    I saw a vintage strat on ebay and it has some yellow stain-like finish on some parts of the body, especially on the arm rest surface.. Does the modern Vintage Hot Rod and Road Worn series have them too?

  • Question:-A Con walks into a public shower and see's a pedophile at work they call the cops but when a Lib?
    See's the same they cover it up and fails to report it? No way the OWS is the same being almost all lefties, right? Pedophilia, rape, robbery and numerous other things that violate the law but keep backing those wacko jobs, lefties..... OK?

  • Question:-Why do people call the idea of a woman having one breast that was bigger then the other an urban myth?
    Freakish anomalies like this occur in nature from time to time, just because something is incredibly rare doesn't mean its not real.

  • Question:-The new call of duty came out mw3 and now my boyfriend dosent seem to wanna talk much?
    This new game came out and he barley talks to me everytime we are on the phone he is playing the game the whore entire time and barley says a word. Does he not love me anymore?

  • Question:-Seems all of you were of age during the Viet Nam era.. why didnt you answer the call and join the service?
    Since you all seem willing to send other peoples children to fight..

  • Question:-Why aren't the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games set in or about the Iraq War?
    I was kinda upset how they didn't make these games about the Iraq war, They just made up a fictional GENERIC WAR, that is most likely never going to happen. What's the point of these games being made if its just going to be a generic war and a made up story. And the games are set in the future, COD4 was set in 2011, MW2 in 2016. That is not even modern times. Modern times in the present.

    Answer:-there making a new call of duty called ''call of duty black ops''
    loooks insane youtube it.

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