Friday, November 11, 2011

ucla basketball

  • Question:-UCLA Basketball?
    Any1 know what number Jrue Holiday will be?

  • Question:-UCLA basketball?
    Where is the best Pub/Bar near Pauley Pavillion?

    Answer:-You can try Maloney's on campus. It's pretty good and fairly close.
  • Question:-will UCLA basketball team ever play a team like duke or Georgetown during regular season?
    will the ucla basketball team ever play any big east, big 10, or other eastern teams?

    Answer:-Yes in Preseason games or Preseason tournaments or in the NCAA tournament.

    However, during the regular season UCLA can only play schools in their conference, the PAC-10.
  • Question:-where is a good place to buy ucla tickets basketball?
    im going to buy ucla tickets for my family's present(basketball).and so i need to know where i can find a good web site to buy them.

    Answer:-Go here and use the code TL45M4
  • Question:-Who sponsors the UCLA basketball team?
    I have a paper due for my marketing class and i would like to know who sponsors the UCLA basketball team?

    Answer:-Adidas is the supplier of all the UCLA teams
  • Question:-Can you try out for the UCLA Mens basketball team?
    Hi, just thinking, lets say im a freshman at UCLA, and want to try out for bruins mens basketball team. Can i or do i have to get a scholarship?

    Answer:-No.. sorry. Good luck.
  • Question:-Am I the only person near LA that likes USC in basketball more than UCLA?
    it seems like everybody is a USC football fan,and a UCLA basketball fan.

    Im loyal to USC and they're my favorite team in both sports

    BQ: Who had a better 1 year at USC: OJ Mayo or Demar Derozen?
    USC Pac 10 Champs 2010!

    Answer:-USC basketball is not really too popular around LA. But don't worry, I am the only UCLA football fan around LA too. We're on the same wagon.
  • Question:-what are the chances of playing basketball at UCLA?
    i know there are alot of palyers in high school who want to play basketball at UCLA but what are the chances?
    I personaly know Ben Howland but that isn't going t omake a differance im a 4'11" Guard and im bound to grow im in 6th grade.
    How can i get better to get a scholarship?

    Answer:-Hold up there. If you are 4'11 in 6th grade, you are gonna have to grow a lot. I'm assuming you will probably end up between 5'7 and 6'0, which is pretty small, so you are going to have to work on your dribbling, 3 point shooting, and defense. Just work your tail off. I think it's great you want to play for the best school ever, UCLA BRUINS!
  • Question:-Did UCLA Basketball deserve their wins over Stanford and Cal this past week?
    There was a questionable call at a critical moment in both games. Were the calls valid? Could they have gone either way? Did the officials give UCLA the benefit of the doubt because they were the home team or just because they're UCLA?

    Answer:-Hey you can't question the ref's you learn this when your like 2. I think that UCLA fought their heart out and won both games Shipps shot was clean and Collision got the free throws. UCLA fought and won they are a top ranked team and they played to stay there. The calls could have gone either way. I don't think the refs were biased in any way i think it was perception and how they saw what happened.

    Go bruins
  • Question:-How many UCLA basketball players are in the hall of fame?
    All I know is that there is a lot because of UCLA's great program

    Answer:-There are 70 players who played for UCLA and played at least one game in the NBA.

    Of those 70 players three are in the Hall of Fame. Those three are Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Gail Goodrich and Bill Walton.

    Click the link to a list of the 70 players. Note that the asterisk denotes Hall of Fame enshrinement.

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