Saturday, November 12, 2011

cbs news

  • Question:-What do you think of CBS Morning News anchor Michelle Miller?
    Don't hate me but I could not help myself when I kept staring at Michelle Miller this morning. Was it me or hey guys and gals and lads and lassies wasn't she showing more cleavage than would be allowed on that network or that early in the morning. Was she being flirty or just profiling for a spread in Playboy. Hugh Heffner I think you have a good candidate for the Women of CBS News.

    Answer:-I was blow away at how beautiful this woman is!! I was having my morning coffee today and was staring at the TV and thinking.."who is this goddess!!??" I googled her right away when I got to work.. I'm ready to set up a fan club web site as we speak!:)
  • Question:-Where can I find information on the comic drawing college in the America's choice segment yesterday CBS news?
    Re/CBS Evening news, Fri Mar 31, 2006 One of the choices for next weeks video referred to a school where you are taught to draw cartoons. I would like to find more info on the school.

    Answer:-who knows
  • Question:-Does CBS News Reporter Joe Floccari have a girlfriend?
    Does CBS News Reporter Joe Floccari have a girlfriend? He is my Facebook friend and I think he is really hot. I think it would seem creepy if I asked him on a date. Anyone know the answer?

    Answer:-If he became your friend then you should be asking him and not us. Just go for it and ask him.
  • Question:-will katie couric leave CBS news, as the rumors keep swirling?
    It's going around the news media today, that Katie will leave CBS news shortly after the presidential innaguration this coming january. Anyone think that this will happen?

    Answer:-Yes, definitely. She just hasn't pulled in the ratings. She's a nice lady, but as a news anchor her questions are too 'softball'. She needs to be asking tough questions and making her guests sweat. She needs to report news in an unbiased fashion and not come across as a talk show "fluff babe".
  • Question:-iraqi cirtizen biomedical engineer made interview with CBS news need someone 2 sponsor me to canada what 2do?
    hi im an iraqi citizen ,im male 24 im a biomedical engineer ,i made an interview with the CBS news and its dangerous for me to go back to iraq ,im in syria now i need someone to sponsor me to canada ,where shall i put an ad or whom shall i ask ?

    Answer:-Contact CBS News. Our State Department won't care (Bush has promised to emigrate thousands of Iraqis to the US and so far a mere handful have come here.) I'm sure that someone at CBS will be sympathetic and either get you a sponsor or put you in touch with the proper officials. The other option for you would be to contact the Canadian embassy in Syria (if they have one,) or some other Canadian official there.
  • Question:-How can I find a news story shown on CBS last night?
    Last night on the 11:00 news, CBS was going to show mammogram facilities in California that are not really reading them. I've tried finding this, but I'm not too good at finding stuff on the internet. I very much need and want this article. Can anyone find it for me?


    there are 3 articles..pick the one you think is the most accurate..
  • Question:-Is CBS News "Up To The Minute" Live or Recorded, And What City is It From?
    Is the late night news program on CBS live? And what city is it from?

    Answer:-yes its live, and i believe its in new yourk city
  • Question:-CBS News Office Address or CNN News Office Address in London ?
    Does anyone know the office address for CBS News or CNN News in London or Paris ?

    If so please help and email me with that. Thank you.

    Answer:-CNN London:
    Turner House
    16 Great Marlborough Street
    London W1F 7HS, UK.
    Tel: + 44 20 7693 0846
    Fax: + 44 20 7693 0847

    CBS News London:
    180 United Kingdom House
    Oxford Street
    West End
    W1D 1NN

    CNN Paris:
    25, rue d´Artois
    75008, PARIS
    01 42 25 41 68

    CBS News Paris:
    37, rue Marbeuf
    75008, PARIS
    01 53 83 80 90
    fax: 01 45 61 49 76

    ~ Pax / Paix / Peace : )
  • Question:-Why is CBS News feel that every story about the elec has to be anti mccain pro obama?
    Tonights news was one story after another of the mean old man clinging on to his "should be" state leads. While Obama gaining in old Bush States. They injected race by one interview. Now their pounding the economy.
    Are they trying to brainwash me?

    Answer:-the news is biased. what can you do? find the channel that suits you and go with it- i love cbs news (and i can't stand the republican slant they put on Fox News)
  • Question:-where can i go to watch local cbs news broadcasts that i missed?
    i want to watch a clip that i missed from last nights cbs local news, but all i get from is the "online news" from yesterday....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer:-wait for another day so they can upload it on there site

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