Saturday, November 12, 2011

stanford football

  • Question:-Stanford football?
    Will Stanford suck at football as much as they did last year? Any opinions?

    Answer:-They have some hope with a new coach. I think they'll still have a losing record though. GO BEARS!!!
  • Question:-Is Stanford football the next hottest thing in the San Francisco Bay Area?
    Wow, if not for a couple bad early season losses to Wake Forest and Arizona, we'd be talking national title contention!
    And you, Sarge, are a tool. I'd hope I can talk football with baseball fans and vice versa. Pretty much every baseball fan I know is also a football fan, and vice versa. This is the baseball subsection of a sports forum, and baseball, basketball and football are widely considered to be under the same umbrella of sports.

    Answer:-Yep they are the best team in the bay area, but that is not saying a lot considering the teams in the bay area. I think Stanford may win the Pac-10 but they have to have Oregon to lose again though.
  • Question:-what are some of the good songs played when the stanford football team is warming up?
    some goood songs...
    i heard one really good one
    and i wana kno wut it was called

    Answer:-jock jams........we will rock you-queen.........bring em out-t.i..............good luck!
  • Question:-stanford football line shift with 3 minutes to go video?
    If you watched the Orange Bowl last night, with about 3 minutes to play, Harbaugh called a play where he had his entire line shift at least 3 times before they hiked the ball basically making a mockery of VT's defense. Is there a video clip of this at all?

    Answer:-yes, there is.
  • Question:-College football Stanford minus 21 over duke ?
    College football Stanford minus 21 over duke ? I am taking Stanford thoughts?

    Answer:-Good pick.Andrew Luck will light up Duke.
  • Question:-Where to watch University of Oregon/Stanford college football game online?
    My friend is trying to find out where he can watch this online, and I wasn't able to find anywhere.

  • Question:-What was the Stanford football schedule and record in 1969?

    Answer:-They were 7-2-1. They played San Jose State, Oregon, Purdue, Southern California, Washington State, UCLA, Oregon State, Washington, Air Force, and California.
  • Question:-How good do you have to be to play D1 Football at Stanford?
    I am 16. 6'3" 230 sophomore. Bench- 285 Squat- 355. No lies. I expect to grow 2-3" and gain weight. I heard recruitment is based on potential. I play O-Line and Defensive End and Defensive Nose Guard. I am wondering. I was on varsity as a sophomore. I am just wondering about the possibilities.

    Answer:-They would be recruiting from All State, All League level. Stanford is a major program coming off a great year.

    Academics might help...if you were a straight A might help.
  • Question:-I might be speaking too soon but Stanford Cardinal football is looking very sharp this year?
    We might have a contender on our hands, I'll be they finish 5-7 but better than usual

    Answer:-Yeah, I'm definitely convinced that Harbaugh is the man to bring Stanford football back into relevance.
  • Question:-What is the average gpa for Stanford football players?

    Answer:-It's probably right up there since Stanford is a pretty famous academic University.

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