Monday, November 7, 2011

conrad murray verdict

  • Question:-Who you think screamed out "Yes" during the Conrad Murray Verdict?
    While the lady was reading the verdict and say Conrad Murray guilty, someone screamed out yes and I think it was Latoya Jackson.

    Who you guys think screamed out "Yes"?

  • Question:-So what is your opinion on the Conrad Murray verdict?
    So in just case you passed it Conrad Murray was guilty in MJ death trial. What do you think about it? Be nice

  • Question:-What do you think the verdict on Conrad Murray will be ?
    So the verdict will be announced in less than 2 hours,
    I think he is guilty but i have a feeling the verdict will be not guilty,i think the prosecution did a great job though so im not fully sure.

    It's obvious,he's black.
  • Question:-Conrad Murray, Verdict: guilty or not guilty?
    it will be read in the next 10-30 minutes.

    i say no doubt the Jury reads guilty.

  • Question:-Dr Conrad Murray due verdict in 10 mintues: Guilty or Not Guilty?
    I actually think not guilty what do you think

  • Question:-What are your feelings about the Dr.Conrad Murray's verdict? ?

  • Question:-What do you think about the verdict in the Conrad Murray trial?

  • Question:-do you agree with the verdict on conrad murray? <---- news video about it lol
    do you agree with the veridct? if not, why?

  • Question:-Poll: How long do you tnink it will take for a verdict in the Conrad Murray/Michael Jacksonn/s case?

    Answer:-I hope it's not going to be too long and be one of those media drawn out things. I'm thinking it will take a couple of days. There's a lot for them to weigh up with all this. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes.
  • Question:-ALL Hail The King: MJ Fans/Family: Regarding Conrad Murray's "GUILTY" verdict, what are your thoughts?
    I am okay with the verdict, yet the BAD doctor is the bona fide fall guy in this case!

    Any one who enforces the law, should go after ALL parties involved in the death of: The Greatest Entertainer Of ALL Time: Michael Joseph Jackson

    We LOVE U MJ!

    Gone, but NEVA 4 gotten!


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