Monday, November 7, 2011

joe paterno

  • Question:-Hugh Heffner and Joe Paterno are about the same age, but who played the more important role in history?
    Hugh Heffer established the adult industry. Joe Paterno established college football where it is today. Twenty years from now, who would you look back to and say had a bigger role in our history.

    Answer:-hef of course

    mark k
  • Question:-Is this proof Joe Paterno is the classiest act in college football?
    All his players are devoid of talent, therefore they couldn't possibly be paid. Ergo Joe Paterno doesn't pay players. Class act.

    Answer:-Todd Blackledge was good.
  • Question:-Should Joe Paterno retire after this season?
    I am a huge Penn State fan and I am planning on going to college there, but I think Joe Pa should retire. He is too old to be coaching and he obviously has just lost the touch. He has so much talent on that team and he is basically just wasting it. Luckily, Austin Scott got kicked off the team, or Evan Royster would have never gotten a chance to play this year. Don't get me wrong Joe Paterno was a great coach but he should hand the job over to someone else!

    Answer:-If he wants to, that man has earned the right to choose how and when he leaves.
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can find the video of Joe Paterno chasing down Dick Honig?
    It's a shame that video footage of football is hard to come by but I've been searching the internet to no avail for the 2002 Penn State Iowa game where Joe Paterno chases down Dick Honig. Does anyone know where to find this and or other great college football clips?

    Answer:-In 1002? There wasn't any video back then. But there was Joe!
  • Question:-Would it be fair for Penn State to remove Joe Paterno if the guy charged is convicted?
    Would it be fair for Joe Paterno to be kicked out of the door if he really was not aware what took place.

    Answer:-If they have proof that he had prior knowledge, he just might get the 'early retirement' treatment.
  • Question:-When is that selfish old geezer Joe Paterno going to hang it up?
    Look at the top teams in college football, look at their coaches and their energy level, then look at that old geezer Paterno. Now ask yourself if it is any wonder Penn State struggles.

    Answer:-When he dies probably
  • Question:-How many years does Joe Paterno have left in him?
    With the retiring of Bobby Bowden, how many more years do you think Joe Pa has left in him to coach?

    Answer:-As many as I want. My team still wins games and has a great incoming recruiting class. In all seriousness, I would say probably 2 more years. He'll be 83 in about a week or so. I think Bradley will take over.
  • Question:-What is Joe Paterno's record vs. Bear Bryant?
    With Penn State playing Alabama this weekend, it's a meeting between two programs that have two of the biggest coaches in college football history. I know Joe Paterno has more all-time wins, but in head to head match-ups who came out on top, and what was the record?

    12/31/1975vs. #4 Alabama#8Louisiana Superdome • New Orleans, LA (Sugar Bowl)ABC NationalL 6-13

    01/01/1979vs. #2 Alabama#1Louisiana Superdome • New Orleans, LA (Sugar Bowl)ABC NationalL 7-14

    1/14/1981#6 Alabama#5Beaver Stadium • University Park, PAABC RegionalL 16-31

    10/09/1982at #4 Alabama#3Legion Field • Birmingham, ALCBSL 21-42
  • Question:-Is it just be or are Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno just college figures?
    They don't call plays like most coaches, they are laid back unlike most coaches. I think Paterno coaches more than Bowden because he talks to the players, but I don't see these two coach much at all. Maybe it's me, but it seems like Bowden just sits there in his FSU apparel and doesn't say much. I know they have been successful and the programs are stong, but are these guys figures, not coaches, or is it just me?

    Answer:-Joe isn't as involved as he used to be as far as play calling, but he still is very involved at practices. I would hardly call Joe laid back. He's forever yelling at the refs and talking with the players and other coaches on the sidelines.
    I don't watch FSU all that much, but I have noticed his laid back demeanor. The two of them are just waiting for the other to retire so they can be the all time winningest 1A coach. Bowden only has a game or two lead on JoePA.
  • Question:-Are all the busts that have come from Penn State proof of how good of a coach Joe Paterno is?
    Bear Bryant has Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler, Joe Pa had Todd Blackledge and Anthony Morelli.

    John McKay had OJ Simpson and Mike Garrett, Joe Pa had Kijana Carter and Curtis Enis.
    No, Timmy, the exact opposite.

    Answer:-No. This is COLLEGE Football, not the NFL. How does this have anything to do with how good of a coach he is? It isn't his fault that he's coached quite a few great College players that turn into busts once they reached the NFL. Coaches can only do so much to help the kids out when it comes to being ready for the NFL. It's not the College Coaches fault when the players don't perform in the NFL. Their main priority is to make sure their players graduate.

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