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judy garland

  • Question:-Judy Garland?
    I am doing a school Bio project and I am doing it on Judy Garland I was wondering if you know her middle name? I can't find it anywhere!

    Answer:-Her real name was Frances Ethel Gumm, Judy Garland was a stage name
  • Question:-How many movies had Judy Garland been in before she died?
    Judy Garland happens to be one of my favorite old star movie actresses and i can't figure out this movie incident.

    Answer:-32 .... according to IMDB
  • Question:-What can I put in a time capsule for a report on Judy Garland?
    I have to do a time capsule as a book report/project in english. It has to include 10 items that Judy Garland would have put in a time capsule, and also a paragraph on why you included that certain item. Any Judy Garland fans that could help me out?

    Answer:-1.Something about Over The Rainbow, explain what a success it was and how the song Somewhere over the Rainbow was nearly cut out of the film and turned out to be Judy's signature tune.

    2. Photos of Judy when she young and when she was older.

    3. Perhaps something about Mickey Rooney, she acted in a lot of films with him.

    4. A list of all the films she made. Internet Movie Database would list those for you.

    5. A list of her songs/albums.

    6. For family life include information about her husbands and daughters and son.
    David Rose (1941–1944)
    Vincente Minnelli (1945–1951)
    Sid Luft (1952–1965)
    Mark Herron (1965–1967)
    Mickey Deans (1969, her death)

    7. Information about her children and how successful they are now.
    Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, Joey Luft

    8. Date of her birth and the date of her death - born June 10th 1922 and died June 22nd 1969.

    9. I would also include a short bio about the difficulties that she herself had with insecurity, her financial difficulties.

    10. Mention all the awards that she won throughout her career.
  • Question:-Which of the Smithsonian museums has Judy Garland's shoes from the Wizard of Oz and other movie props?
    I'm going to visit the Smithsonian with my school this week. We leave for Washington D.C. tomarrow morning. And I'm really interested in the entertainment stuff in the Smithsonian, like the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, and other stuff related to entertainment, like Will Roger's rope he used on stage during his performaces (im a distant cousin of his). Do u know what museum this stuff could be found in, and in what exhibit?

    Answer:-American History Museum on the National Mall, at 14th Street and Constitution Avenue
  • Question:-How Much Would A Live Version of Judy Garland be On a Record?
    My best friend and I went to her aunt's house on bulk night and realized she had thrown out a bunch of old records and one of them is a Live version of Judy Garland singing a bunch of songs including Over The Rainbow. How much do you think it would be worth?

  • Question:-Did Judy Garland grow up to become a fox?
    Just caught the opening of The Wizard of Oz with my girlfriend. The question is did Judy Garland become really hot when she got older? If you could answer ASAP I'd really appreciate it thanks.

    Answer:-She wasn't that attractive and had a drug problem.
  • Question:-Any other good versions of "Over the Rainbow" sung by Judy Garland besides the movie version?
    I need to find a different version of the song, not the recording of the song in the movie "The Wizard of Oz". Is there another recording of Judy Garland singing the same song in her later years?

    Answer:-the judy room. Go here:
    and btw, I love the main site, which can be found by searching, "The Judy Room".
  • Question:-What's the movie about a girl who can imitate marilyn monroe and judy garland?
    There's some movie about this girl who can sing like marilyn monroe, judy garland, and i believe one other famous female singer (thought i can't recall her name).. i think it was a fairly old movie. thanks!

    Answer:-That was Jane Horrocks in Little Voice,and yes that really is her singing
  • Question:-Do you remember where you were when you first heard that Judy Garland was dead?
    For those of you that don't know, Judy Garland was a famous Hollywood star. But now she's dead. If this is the first time you've heard about it, let me know. You'll get two points.

    Answer:-she was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

    I don't remember at all when I first heard she was dead, however I did know she was.

    how on Earth does no one know who she is?!?
  • Question:-How much to charge for a Judy Garland Composition doll?
    Hello. I have a Judy Garland composition doll. It was made by Ideal in 1939. It isn't in the best condition...a leg came off (I have the leg, but it's not attached) and her face is crackly (not broken, but crackly like dried mud).

    I'm interested in selling it, and I've had a few people who seem interested. I'm not a collector, though, and I have no idea what a fair price is. How much should I charge for this doll?

    Answer:-Look on Ebay. You may get a price idea there.

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