Friday, November 4, 2011

conrad murray

  • Question:-Why is Conrad Murray allowed to go back to work?
    Conrad Murray, who is still being investigated in connection with Michael Jackson's death will be back at work tomorrow. Should he be allowed to go back to work while still under investigation?

    Answer:-HELL NO!!!!
  • Question:-How is doctor conrad murray being treated by mj fans/society?
    Im doing a project on the theme of individual vs socitey and I have chosen Conrad Murray as my individual. I would like to know, in detail, how he is being treated by the fans of MJ/Society

    Answer:-Well Im a hugh MJ fan and we don't like him to say the least.Some of us think he should be getting the death penalty, just like he gave Michael, but we know he's only charged with manslaughter and can only get up to four years if proven guilty. Michael
  • Question:-Who is Dr. Conrad Murray? What would possess him to fall in this murderous trap of adm drugs to Michael?
    Conrad Murray a Cardiologist. That take years of training and to throw it away like that--What was his motivation?

    Answer:-The medical industry unfortunately seems to be full of unscrupulous guys like this one. Somebody called them 'glorified drug pushers'. I once had a doctor who was sending me as many prescriptions as I wanted through the mail. I was addicted and in the end my family had to intervene. I should have sued but I'd signed this form protecting the doctor... so he's still practising.

    My sister died last year from a Methadone overdose. Her doctor was increasing instead of decreasing the dose and my family wanted a police investigation.

    Anyway, I hope they get whoever is responsible and it serves as a warning to others who are negligent and guilty of malpractice.
  • Question:-How long will this Conrad Murray trial last?
    How long do you think the involuntary manslaughter trial last with Dr. Conrad Murray killing Michael Jackson?

    Answer:-It will be over once he pleads guilty to a lesser charge
  • Question:-Has there been any progress in the Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray Case?
    I want to know when is Conrad Murray going to trial for Michael Jackson's death. I have been waiting all year long and have been able to catch a thing or two here and there but there really hasn't been anything new lately that I know of. If you know anything regarding the case I would love to know.

    Answer:-On Monday the judge set the date for the preliminary hearing for January 4, 2011 to determined whether there is enough evidence to require a trial. That can last 1-3 weeks, then if Judge let's case go forward there will be another Arraignment and then Trial will be set. I can see this going into 2012 with the LA Superior Court's Docket caseload. Oh and Murray's legal team was granted a request to get fluid samples of Michael's as part of their defense in his involuntary manslaughter trial.
    Murray's lawyers want to re-test some of the fluids to determine the accuracy level of the Propofol found in Michaels body!

    Once again the LA court system dragging their feet & wasting taxpayers money. This is truly a circus & not seeking justice and so murray's free to continue to lounge at the pool & sip on margarita's while the jackson family have to continue to live in torment to try & seek justice. what a total shame & injustice these people have to endure.

    At this point however I think we pretty much know there will be no justice there. It's obvious at this point that Conrad Murderer freedom was bought!

    @Lou C-the media doesnt give a damn about Justice4MJ- you saw in 2005 they were all going crazy reporting the accusations, the tria, whether MJ went in pajamas, and a bunch of lies. But now they rarely cover the case against Murray--only tmz & only because it benefit them not because they care about the case-they are treating this as some type of celebrity gossips.
  • Question:-Did Conrad Murray kill a key witness in the Michael Jackson overdose case?
    A key prosecution witness is MISSING! Did Conrad Murray have him "disappeared"?

    Answer:-I don't think so but who knows?
  • Question:-Is Dr Conrad Murray the most evil man alive?
    I think he is. Forget the jappy tsunami or the floods in pakiland, what 'Dr' Conrad Murray did was despicable and evil. Look at the f@ggot crying in the court room trying to make himself look innocent. Michael Jackson had more talent in his little finger than Conrad Murray will ever have.

    I hope he rots in prison.

    RIP Michael Jackson and God bless America.

    Answer:-Oh please. The only reason we know about this guy is because his patient was someone famous.

    Do you think what he did was so unique or evil? There are probably 1000s of "doctors" like him in Hollywood whose only job is to prescribe powerful narcotics for their clients.
  • Question:-What can I do to help Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson's death doctor, can I pay his legal expenses or bail?
    What can I do to help Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson's death doctor, can i pay for legal fees, or bail if I wanted to? I don't want too, but would people want to do that like they did for the little girl that was killed in her house, the beauty queen girl?

    Answer:-I didn't get the beauty queen girl part, but I wouldn't do anything to help that son of a b!tch Conrad Murray and if you are implying that you admire Conrad Murray BECAUSE he killed someone, you have some SERIOUS issues.
  • Question:-Do you believe Conrad Murray was poorly-trained or was he just greedy?
    Do you believe that Dr. (hmmm) Conrad Murray lacked specific knowledge about when and when not to use certain types of drugs? Or had he become so greedy, what with such a lavish lifestyle, that he became just another MJ "yes" man, blinded from sound judgment?

    Answer:-I don't know if "greedy" is the right word but I definitely think he did it for the money. He thought because he was a doctor, he could control it. But the thing no one seems to want to admit is most people will do just about anything for the right price. I think he got in way over his head but couldn't get out for fear of the next doctor Michael hired would probably be able to easily figure out what Conrad had been doing and could report him.
  • Question:-What do you think would have happened to Conrad Murray, if MJ found he was a crap doctor?
    Since conrad murray couldn't inject a barn door, i think MJ wouldn't have been happy...your opinions?

    Star please :)

    Answer:-Well if he fired Murray, he might have asked another doctor for those kinds of stong drugs. No doctor should give patients a drug like that, I'm sure there are better ways to treat insomnia. I wish he'd had a responsible doctor who would have treated his insomnia in a much safer way. Conrad Murray wanted money though, so he abandoned his ethics as a doctor... and look what happened.

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