Friday, November 4, 2011

peyton hillis

  • Question:-Should I start peyton hillis or steven jackson this week in fantasy football?
    Peyton hillis is projected to get slightly more points, but steven jackson is playing detroit, and the espn fantasy experts rank him higher in their week 5 rankings.. so who do you advise I start?

    Answer:-It's tough b/c Hillis has done really well against better D's than what he faces this week, but I'd stick with Jackson as he is going against a very bad Lions D...Hillis is doing great but Atlanta could opt to focus on stopping him and letting Seneca try and throw the ball. And Hillis isn't a secret any more so teams will stack the box against him knowing the pass game is a work in progress
  • Question:-What do you think of the Broncos trading Peyton Hillis to the Browns for Brady Quinn?
    Peyton Hillis didn't get much playing time last year in Denver because the Broncos' primary running backs were Correll Buckhalter and Knowshon Moreno. After Cleveland released Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn became expendable when the Browns signed Jake Delhomme. Josh McDaniels thinks Brady Quinn can start at QB for the Broncos. What do you think, football fans? Is this a good deal for either team?

    Answer:-Well in the Shanahan era, Hillis was an up and coming back. He has a lot of heart and is a downhill runner. However, in the McDaniels era (which hasn't proven to be any worse) he was under utilized and often in the "dog house" for costly fumbles and stupid penalties. A sixth round pick usually means nothing and a conditional pick could be even worse. So all Denver gave up was one legitimate player and two most likely future practice squad players. Cleveland on the other hand, didn't give up much either. Just like Hillis, Quinn is a talent, but under utilized. Quinn had minimal success in Cleveland only because he had such a short and tainted opportunity. After all he was injured throughout most of his time there. The Broncos see him as a possible asset and maybe even a future starter. At the very least a much more valuable backup than Chris Simms.
    I expect Hillis to have some success in Cleveland, he will no doubt get more touches than in Denver.
    Quinn, is not as easily predicted. He will never be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning but if he can be just a little bit better than Orton, than the Broncos will have a much better shot at the playoffs.
    This was a win-win trade. Low risk for Denver, could equal high reward. Trading away an unused player our of Cleveland in exchange for a sure player is good for the Browns too.
  • Question:-Does Peyton Hillis give hope to many young white folks around the country?
    Now that Peyton Hillis has proven that white men can run will many white kids start to believe in themselves that they can play running back?

    Answer:-Im white and i am an aspiring college football player...............the dude is an inspiration. Not being racist whatsoever, but it has just become a fact that the NFL has become that way. The african american players are just flat out better, bigger, and faster. Certain positions though also affect. Such as placekicker. There are white wide recievers tigh ends linebackers lineman. But runninback is unique for a white man so he is an inspiration
  • Question:-How many times did Elkgond vote for Peyton Hillis for the Madden cover?
    It had to be at least 100,000 times. Are you kidding me? Peyton Hillis? Really? The choice should have been James Harrison. James is the NFL's Poster Child.

    Answer:-6,257.....I hit every Library from Cleveland to Pittsburgh....only 5 votes per PC
  • Question:-How many yards did Peyton Hillis rush for this week?
    I heard that the punk Ray Lewis went public and said that they would shut Peyton Hillis down. I hope Cleveland made him eat his words.

    Answer:-Nope.... Ray Lewis is one of the greatest Football players ever. He doesn't talk unless he can back it up.
  • Question:-How would Peyton Hillis help the Detroit Lions?
    If the Lions traded a 3rd and conditional 3rd next year for Peyton Hillis how would he help the Lions football team?

    Answer:-When healthy, Peyton Hillis may be the most versatile back in the NFL, and would be an excellent addition to any team,. He is the type of back that makes a good team better.

    I think the Browns need to give him a contract extension though. If they do not, not only will the entire Browns organization look like morons, but the Browns would have the worst run offense in the league. Montario Hardesty just doesn't cut it.

    Also, if they do trade Hillis next season, I would not go for any deal other than 1st round pick (s) or a 1st round pick and current players.
  • Question:-Why is Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden 12?
    I mean, I understand he won the bracket. He's a good player, no disrespect, but this is the worst madden cover to date. The Browns were a terrible team last year as well, so it's not like that could be an argument. All I'm saying is why did they not pick someone more suiting than Peyton Hillis? No disrespect once again.

    Answer:-its basically a popularity contest just like most stuff. vick has his best year, which is still a pretty average year for most top 10 qbs in the league and all of a sudden hes a top 3 qb. i like hillis too, but in the last 5 games, he had no tds and lead the league in fumbles. but the browns should have won 6 or 7. they lost a game to the jets with 17 seconds left in ot on a 34 yard pass/run. and they didnt have a passing game either so he had to carry the load.
  • Question:-Should I start Peyton Hillis or Antonio Bryant in my flex spot?
    I know for sure that I am starting Lynch and Dunn as my running backs.
    And I'm starting S. Moss and Lance Moore as my WR.
    But should I start Peyton Hillis or Antonio Bryant in my last WR/RB spot.
    Hillis has the 30th rank run defense of Oakland.
    And Bryant has the Detroit Lions....nough said about that.

    Any advice

    Answer:-In my opinion... you are MUCH better off playing a RB in a flex spot over a WR. We have a flex in my league and I always play a RB. So this is an easy answer... Hillis. Aside from the fact he'll get EVERY goalline carry against a porous OAK D. (And he had 74 yds. and 2 scores last week against a 'tough' ATL D)

    The Lions do suck but Garcia isn't the most consistent QB.

    Maybe you could help me with my predicament...
  • Question:-Who should I drop for Peyton Hillis in my Fantasy Football team?
    My current RBs are:
    Arian Foster
    Steven Jackson
    Jason Snelling

    I was thinking that Peyton Hillis would be a good person to pick up but Im not sure which one to drop. I should also note that I am currently in last place in my league so I am looking for a way to catch up.

    Answer:-I'd drop Jackson.
  • Question:-Fantasy Football - Who should I start Peyton Hillis or Ryan Matthews?
    Peyton Hillis will get a significant bulk of the carries against some pretty decent linebakers....
    Ryan Matthews against a weak run defense.....
    My three running backs are Tomlinson, Hillis, and matthews. I like LT against the bills, not sure about Hillis and Matthews.

    Answer:-Absolutely Peyton Hillis. He is hot right now and especially since Harrison has an injury issue going on Hillis will get a lot of carries. The Chargers are a pass first team and Matthews has not even really proven himself at all yet.

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