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weather phoenix

  • Question:-What kind of grass grows best in hot dry weather (Phoenix)?
    My husband and I are homeowners for the first time and we wanted grass in our backyard. We live in Phoenix, which of course is hot, and we wondering what the best type of grass is for this climate.

    You will want to grow warm weather grasses. In your geographic location you can use Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine and Centipede. You could also do a couple of cool weather grasses, such as Tall Fescue and Kentucky Blue Grass. These will all work and you can do seed or sod. I will link you to the outdoor feature section of my website. There is a page on sod versus seed and also a page on warm weather turf grasses. These two pages may help you. I will also link you to the site map, as this page has everything that is on the website. There are many articles, tips, and techniques that may give you additional information. Good luck to you and have a great day!
  • Question:-what is the usual weather for phoenix?
    im going to my cousin's wedding and want to know what the usual weather is for late may? around may 25th in phoenix, arizona?

    Answer:-It is pretty damn hot, and the air is bad. See here:
  • Question:-Whats the weather like in Phoenix during April?
    Just wanting to know what the weather is like on average in the month of April in Phoenix. Average temps during the day and night, how often does it rain, is it humid, etc. Thanks for any help.

    Average high temperature: 84
    Average low temperature: 55
    Warmest ever: 105
    Coldest ever: 35
    Average precipitation: .3

    Very low humidity
  • Question:-how is the weather in phoenix arizona?
    i'm from las vegas and it is pretty windy here. I am leaving sometime today to go to phoenix. my family is going to wet n wild tomorrow. so how is the weather today and will it be hot enough to swim tomorrow?? thanks!

    Answer:-At 3:53pm on Sunday it is 84 degrees and very windy. Winds are about 15mph with regular gusts of about 27mph. Then there are intermittent gusts over 35mph which knock over our small tables and chairs on the patio.

    Tomorrow it should be about the same.
  • Question:-What is the weather like in Phoenix Arizona?
    OK so I am leaving on a business trip to Phoenix Arizona on December 3rd, and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what the weather is like at this time of the year? Thanks

    Answer:-40.2 - 66.4 degrees Fahrenheit on average in December :D

    Have a good trip!
  • Question:-Is anyone familiar with the weather in Phoenix this time of year?
    We are flying out next Tuesday. We plan to fly our puppy out with us. The airline won't fly her if it is going to be above 85 degrees at any point during our trip. They won't check the hour by hour temp forecast until we check in before dawn Tuesday morning. We are scheduled to arrive in Phoenix at 9:45 AM. Is it likely to be up to 85 or above by that time? Similarly, we are scheduled to fly out of Phoenix at 6:00 AM on October 27th. Is it apt to be that hot so early in the morning?

    Answer:-Right now it is 10:00 AM in downtown Phoenix and it is 80 F. The forecast high is 89. We’re having a cold spell. The forecast high is going up each day of the extended forecast and is predicted at 95 on Thursday and 94 on Friday. It is very likely that the temperature could be 85 or above at 9:45 AM on Tuesday if you are talking about the 16th of October and not tomorrow. Unfortunately, our long range forecasts and our averages are suffering from climate change. We have had one of the hottest summers on record this year (and here, it is still summer). The last few days, however, have had way below average temperatures. But all the weather sources say that this is changing and the temps are going back up. But the predictions are sometimes off by a lot. If you’re flying from the east coast, you’re not likely to encounter higher temps before you get here. You shouldn’t have any problem with 6:00 AM on the 27th. I would recommend that you make some contingency plans for your puppy that you can put into action on the evening before you leave, and keep an eye on the Weather Channel or call the National Weather Service. If you want, you can send me a private message on Monday and I’ll let you know what the local forecasters are predicting for Tuesday. What time zone are you in? I’m 3 hours earlier than EDT, 2 hours if you are going to be back on standard time by then. (We don’t do daylight time, so I don’t keep up.) If you write me on Monday, I won’t be able to answer until around 7:00 PM Phoenix time (MST). In the time it took for me to write this, the downtown temp has gone up 1 degree.
  • Question:-What is the weather like in phoenix Ariz in March?
    What is the typical weather like in Phoenix Ariz. in March? Any packing suggestions? Will be flying there for the first time around the first of March

    Answer:-It's beautiful here in March. It will be in the high 70s, possible low 80s with lots of sunshine. There is a possibility of rain, but if you check the weather websites a couple of days before you leave you can get the upcoming week's forecast and if it shows sunny days all the way through you can rely on that. Hope you have a great time, there is so much to see and do here.
  • Question:-How's the weather in Phoenix, Arizona in March?
    I'm heading down to Arizona in March what's the weather like during that time.

    Answer:-Download Weather Toolbar - Instant weather reports, forecasts, and radar images anytime for free -
  • Question:-What kind of weather does Phoenix have?
    I need this to be in a short paragraph. First one to answer really good gets 10 easy points!

    Answer:-dry, arid, hot, not humid
    its a desert city
  • Question:-How is the weather in Phoenix Arizona? I'm planning a trip there and want to bring to right type of clothing.

    Answer:-The mornings now are comfortble cool. 65-75.
    The heat starts about 10 AM and it goes into the 90's.
    Bring summer clothes and light fall.
    A very light jacket in case of a cold spell for any one not used to the sudden changes.
    Mid Oct winter sort of starts with the AM being much cooler, but the temp rises about 20 degrees by 11AM.
    Thats for Phoenix. If you plan on any trips to Flagstaff or the High country bring some heavier pieces.

    It's 10:50 PM Saturday night, 6 Oct., and it's 58 degrees.
    Just a note if your a night owl.

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