Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dancing with the stars winner

  • Question:-Dancing with the stars winner, get me the exact result of DWTS please?
    I m not looking for any details or spoilers for Dancing with stars!! i want the name of his or her person who exactly wins this great reality show Dancing with the stars 2010.. They had claimed that the winner name of DWTS had been exposed!! i don't have television in my home.. sorry for this disaster but i want to get the live results details of Dancing with stars the winner of 2010 year.

    Answer:-Download the show from the link here:
  • Question:-Who's dancing with the stars winner? Give me the right answer and get 10 points.?
    Hello guys I want to know Who's dancing with the stars winner. Can Jennifer Grey is the winner in dancing with the stars series. Please share your new about dancing with the stars winner.

    Answer:-Jennifer and Derek won. Making Derek the first three time pro winner!
  • Question:-Is Donny Osmond the oldest Dancing With the Stars winner?
    I mean for all seasons, not just this one.

    Answer:-John O'Hurley, born in October 1954, is about 3 years older than Donny, born in December 1957. But when John won in 2005, he was still 50 years old, not having had his 51st birthday yet. Donny is currently 51, almost 52.
  • Question:-What does Dancing with the Stars winner win? Trophy?
    Is that all?

    I know they are already rich.

    but what else?

    Answer:-i don't know
  • Question:-Who was the Dancing with the Stars winner tonight?
    I forgot to watch the end and can't find anything on the net.
    That's what I figured. Thanks.

    Answer:-Kristi Yamaguchi...
  • Question:-dancing with the stars winner?
    I was wondering if anyone knew who the dancing with the stars winner tonight was.

    Answer:-APOLLO and JULIANNE!!!!! WOOHOOO the best couple ever. :)
  • Question:-What is the prize for the winner of Dancing with the Stars?
    What does the winner of 'Dancing with the Stars' get for winning?

    Answer:-Nothing but that God awful ugly trophy! and the Title Best Dancer!
  • Question:-Dancing with the stars winner?
    Who do you think will win the latest Dancing With the Stars? Joey? Apollo? Layla? Also, who is still on there that should have been voted off by now? John? Billy Ray? Ion? I was glad to see Heather go! Can't stand her.

    Answer:-Apollo! I just love him and Julianne, they're soooo cute. Laila's good, but I don't think she'll win. I think Apollo and Joey will be the top two, with Laila coming in third.

    I don't think anyone there should have been voted off by now because everyone who's gone home so far definitely needed to. But my guess is John will go next, then Billy Ray, then Ian.

    I can't stand Heather either, I was willing to even keep Clyde around if Heather would just go home!
  • Question:-Dancing with the Stars winner?
    who do you want to win out of the finalist? and are you satisfied with who the finalist are this Season 12?

    Answer:-CHELSEA!!! :) I love her! I will say though that Hines is a really good dancer too. I like Kirstie but she isn't the best. My favorite is Chelsea but if Hines won it, he would deserve it too. Good luck to all on DWTS tomorrow! :D I really loved romeo... I wish he were still on. That boy was FINE. Mmmhmm. Hehehe.
  • Question:-What happened to dancing with the stars winner Benji? Did winning do anything to help his career?

    Answer:-He won "So you think you can dance?" and the prize was a contract with the Celine Dion show in Vegas... in an interview for Seattle Times, Schwimmer indicated that he had turned down the Dion contract, saying that though it was an honor, it wasn't really his genre of dance, and he did not wish to be tied to Las Vegas for a full year.

    He toured with the other contestants last year...

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