Wednesday, November 23, 2011

urban meyer

  • Question:-Urban Meyer?
    What a cry baby?"They had their shot and we play in the toug (studders) I mean one of the toughest confrences. Loyd Carr said the right stuff and Meyer was about to cry.

    Way to have sportsmanship

    Answer:-Hey he was just taking a page out of Mack Brown's book when Brown lobbied to get Texas into the Rose Bowl 2 years ago. I think it's ridiculous to "campaign" to get your team into a BCS game. The coaches seem to double as politicians.
  • Question:-Are Utah fans embarrassed that urban meyer was once a coach there?
    Utah's program is squeaky clean and it appears urban meyer along with floriduh and the $chedule ea$y cupcake$ conference have $old their integrity for bc$ big buck$. If spikes had gouged out 1 eye, urban meyer would have sugar coated the assault by saying Washaun Ealey still has 1 eye.

    Answer:-I think Utah fans are happy that they have their current coach, and that Meyer took his lack of integrity elsewhere.
  • Question:-Why do some football fans at Florida compare Urban Meyer to Steve Spurrier?
    Spurrier helped Florida win its first national title (first is always hardest especially when at that time FSU and Miami had more advantages to better recruits). He helped USC returned from the pits of college football to a SEC East division winner. Urban Meyer was lucky to have Ron Zook his first National Title and Tim Tebow in his second one.

    Answer:-Now matter who the coach is Spurrier will be the one that the coach is compared to. He was an all american football player & Heisman winner at Florida & also led them to their first national championship. Similar to what if is at Alabama. The "Bear" will always be in the discussion there. RT
  • Question:-What do you think about Tom Brady's demand that the Patriots hire Urban Meyer as offensive coordinator???
    Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe is reporting that Tom Brady was disgusted with the offensive play-calling during the Super Bowl and demanded that a change be made. Just yesterday Brady called both Bill Belichick and VP of Player Personell Scott Pioli to give them permission to do what it takes to get Urban Meyer. Apparently Brady is enamored with Meyer's success running the spead-offense and believes he'd have no problem adjusting from the college game to the NFL. Would Urban Meyer be a good fit for the Patriots??

    Answer:-I think that would be a good choice.

    Hasn't anybody figured out he is making this stuff up? By the way I think it is very amusing.
  • Question:-Who is a better coach Pete Carroll or Urban Meyer?
    I would personally say Urban Meyer, he just took the College Football world by storm in a mere 3 years.

    Answer:-I'd take Carrol.
  • Question:-Do you think Urban Meyer would leave Florida to coach Notre Dame?
    Next week Urban Meyer can talk to other schools about leaving Florida do you think he would leave for Notre Dame? If he did how soon would it take the Irish to become a national power again?

    Answer:-If it were after last season, I would say yes, but like Miles going to Michigan, he isn't going to do it in the middle of a national championship run. Now if he loses the SEC championship game, there is a chance.

    A good coach at ND can out recruit any school, even USC. Charlie Weiss went 3-10 or whatever and pulled a top 10 recruiting class, what do you think a guy with a 10-3 record would do?

    Never underestimate the draw of ND to a kid from NE Ohio.
  • Question:-Why are people coming down on Urban Meyer?
    All Urban Meyer did was go to bat for his team, like any good coach should. He fought for his players and his program, never coming down on Michigan. I don't see what the problem is.

    If that is the case shouldn't michigan fans be mad at Carr, for not stating his case.

    I seriously doubt coaches and analysts put much weight on Urban Meyer's press.

    Answer:-your right, people i guess dont understand what sticking up for something you believe in is. in urbans case is that his gators deserve to play for a national title. i guess its wrong to stick up for what u believe in(michigan fans). people need to back off the man and just accept the fact that the gators are playing for it all, you cant change that.

  • Question:-Who will coach Michigan next year Les Miles or Urban Meyer?
    Les Miles went to Michigan and has already expressed intrest in the job, and Urban Meyer is from Ohio and has an out in his contract if he leaves to coach Michigan, Ohio State, or Notre Dame. Plus he has already made it obvious that he would much rather coach in the mid-west than down south.

    Answer:-i wish it was ron english

    but i'll take miles
  • Question:-How long will Urban Meyer's suspension be for calling out officials for missing the late hit on Tebow?
    And what will his fine be?
    BQ: When will Florida have to play by the same rules as everybody else?

    Answer:-He should be suspended indefinitely and fine the Florida program 250,000 dollars. Hey Zinger, how much you wanna bet that if Kiffin had of said that their wouldn't be a suspension? That guy has no right to say anything about the refs. Let's just say that the calls have went Florida's way this year. I hope the refs enjoy it bause they ain't gonna be able to save Urban's candy a$$ next year!

    Edit: Zing....I hate to break this to you but just because its going on in other conferences doesn't make it right. Can't believe out of all the people on here, you would throw that argument. And also, I spent years steaming about Steve Spurrier and the crap he used to mouth off about and the SEC never did a damn thing to him. Now they get mad cause the new kid on the playground ain't scared of them. They can rot in hell. Urban's just as much a punk as the rest of them.
  • Question:-Where does Urban Meyer's daughter, Nikki, go to school?
    I have a friend in Florida who claims he goes to school with Nikki Meyer, Urban Meyer's (Head coach for the University of Florida) daughter. I know she goes to school in Gainesville somewhere. I heard a private Catholic school, but I dunno where.

    I tried searching for her on facebook, but no luck.

    Any help would be great.


    Answer:-You win creepiest question of the year.

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