Thursday, November 3, 2011

death clock

  • Question:-death clock?
    go on death clock and tell me when youre going to die lol!!! (i cant put a link because it's blocked at school, just google it!)
    no i don't believe it! why do you think i posted this in jokes and riddles?

    Answer:-Hahahahahahahah im dying like, 2080
  • Question:-What is some music that is like death clock?
    I usually do not like this kind of singing but i really enjoy death clock especially blood lines
    is there any suggestions of music that resemble them? I cant take a lot of the screaming but nathan explosion has it right on the dot for me.

    Answer:-There aren't any bands like Dethklok, believe me. I searched when I used to like them. But their genre would be Melodic Death Metal, I think. So just look up Melodic Death Metal on Youtube.

    Kalmah - Bitter Metallic Side
    Be'Lakor - Neither Shape Nor Shadow
    Omnium Gatherum - The Return
    Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God

    Just a few bands/songs with similar sound.
  • Question:-Where can I find a death clock?
    Where can I find a death clock for the war in Iraq? I saw one once, but didn't remember the location, of a clock that showed the amount of time we've been in Iraq, the number of Iraqis killed, and the number of US Soldiers killed. I didn't know if anyone else knew or not.


  • Question:-Is there a Death Clock on the internet for substance abusers.?
    For example, is there an additional column based on how many beers I drink per day, how many cigarettes, etc. Because I don't think I'm going to live as long as the Death Clock says I will. I just don't buy it.

    Answer:-STOP IT!! you won't die.....*shakes are here to make the world a better place which you already have by making people laugh.
  • Question:-The DUI death clock says 21 people have been killed already this year?
    Is there any way i can find a list of the stories or victims or the statistics for 2008.I want to know who these 21 people were and their stories.

    Answer:-CNN has the names of 4 of them killed by a drunk driver.
  • Question:-How does the website 'death clock' work?
    I've done it five times. I enter in the same information; and yet. It says I'll die around 2085 (I'll be nearly 100). How does the site calculate the information?

    Answer:-I think I broke it. I tried click on the link I found and it wouldn't work...
  • Question:-who does the music video where a guy sees death clock over peoples heads and saves them to get rid of it?
    the guy saves the person who has one second left to live and then that person sees the clocks until they save someone?

    anyone know?

    Answer:-song: saving me
    artist: nickleback

    great song
  • Question:-Is there such a warning sound like a "death clock" or ticking sound when a computer is about to crash?
    *Usually hear a ticking sound or maybe it is just my monitor.
    *System sometimes restarts on it own and on next login there is a
    "system has recovered from a serious error" message with
    error report request.

    What can be done to correct this concern?

    Answer:-Sounds like your hard drive might be failing...

    Usually hard drives make a lot of noise and clicking when they are failing, because they are spinning, and the scanning head can be lose or rubbing up against something...

    I suggest back up your stuff, and get a new Hard Drive...

    Otherwise, recovering from a serrious error may mean there is a software/hardware conflict...

    Try updating windows fully...

    BUT #1 First and Foremost, back up the files you dont want to lose while you can :)>
  • Question:-The DUI death clock.Ever heard of it?How accurate is this death clock?
    also where are they getting their stats from.How can they keep the death clock current.Doesnt it take time to investigate cause of the crash and report it

    Answer:-See site below. Based on one death every 30mins
  • Question:-Why do we become death to the clock ticking?
    For example, when we are in our rooms we tend to ignore the sound of the clock ticking but when we concentrate on the clock we then hear the sound of the ticking. Why is that?
    I hope I made my question clear enough

    Answer:-Our body and mind are capable of focus. Some people use the term "selective hearing". If we are focusing on something else our brain is telling our ears to listen to that. You have to remember that our brain tells our whole entire body to do what we are doing, in a matter of milliseconds.

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