Thursday, November 3, 2011

florida state football

  • Question:-Florida or Florida State football: which program is more popular in FLORIDA?
    I have a question for current (or former) Florida residents. Which college football program is more popular (or has a more dedicated fan following) in the state itself: Florida or Florida State? And why? Thank you!

    Answer:-Florida, because the Florida Gator has an orange sweater and is a bad ass.
  • Question:-Would the Florida State Football program be anywhere near what it is if Mr.Bobby Bowden never touched it?
    The Florida State football program would not even be anything if Mr.Bobby Bowden did not build it. that is just my view.

    What is your opinion on this?

    Answer:-Bobby Bowden put the entire state of Florida on the college football map when he went there. What he did to Florida State is similar, but not as significant as the turnaround of the Hurricanes in the 80s, though.
  • Question:-What do I need to do to bring an RV to a Florida State Football game?
    Is there a specific parking lot for RVs at Florida State? Do you need a permit? How do you get a permit?

    Answer:-Lots of Gas ;)
  • Question:-Anybody Excited About Florida State Football?
    With a new offensive coordinator, do you think Florida State can bring its football team back to the top 15?

    Go Noles!

    Answer:-All of these people are just hating because of what's going to happen. We might not when it all this year but in year 2 or 3 we are going to have the best recruits in the nation coming to play. Fisher and Amato are some of the best recruiters in the nation. Bobby will be there to win one more before he leaves then Fisher is going to take over. We are going to get a running game going and then it'll open more for the pass. Trickett is going to get the O line to open those holes and take the pressure off the quarterbacks. I'm not worried about the D because we reload every year. I'm confident that we will be in the top 10 and playing in a BCS game this year. If we were 8-4 and played Penn State in the Orange Bowl 2 years ago, then the sky is the limit.
  • Question:-How much would this Florida State signed football sell for?
    I have an official NCAA football signed by all of the 2009 starting defense and offense of the Florida State Seminoles.

    Answer:-Looks like $129.99 on up from auctions on ebay:
  • Question:-Do any sattellite radio providers broadcast Florida State University football games?
    I'm looking into buying a sattellite radio for my boyfriend who is a HUGE Florida State University fan. It's important that he get a provider that broadcasts all FSU football games. Is there a provider out there that does this? I'm having difficulty locating this information on XM or Sirius' sites.

    Answer:-why would you want to listen to them play 45-12 GO GATORS!!!!!
  • Question:-What Florida State Football Jersey Should I Get?
    I've been out of the loop for the last couple years for personal reasons...

    Any suggestions on what jersey I should get?
    Good call.

    Answer:-Since college players have a tendency to graduate and/or move on, I'd say pick a number you like because a year or two from now the player wearing it now will be gone. College players jerseys in stores don't come with a name for amateur status reasons.
  • Question:-What is your prediction on how Florida State football will do this year?
    they revamped the entire coaching staff and now have one of the best staff's in the country with the additions of Amatto and Fisher, but they have a BRUTAL schedule. With the schedule, they might have a worse year than last year, but im hoping for better.

    what does everybody think?
    i am about as big of an fsu fan as you will find, and im interested in more than beating florida, but if you think fsu has any chance of beating them at the swamp at this point, then you are smoking something better than my camel cigs!

    you might wanna re evaluate tim tebow, this kid is the real deal. i am still curious to see if he can drop back and throw the ball 30 times a game and be successful, but we havent seen anything that says he will not be good. i hate florida too, but they are gonna be stacked for many years to come.

    can we get some real speculation in here or are these the answers i am gonna have to choose from?
    wow...this guy says we will go 12-1! the chances of that happening are as slim as me winning the heisman next year. good try though. us losing to clemson and nc state had NOTHING to do with them knowing our plays. that is the weirdest, most basic thing ive ever heard. we just werent any good, face it. we open the season at clemson and that will be a very tough game. we play Alabama, who may be on the rise this year, @ Va Tech, @ Florida, @ Clemson, @ Wake Forest, @ Boston College, @ Colorado, and Miami and Maryland at home. There are 2 for sure games on the schedule. We could end up 3-9, or 4-8 with that schedule and you say we will go 12-1! haha. unrealistic fans are the best. i think we can be around 8-4 if we drastically improve, but that is a nasty schedule so who knows.

    thanks though

    Answer:-if they finish at .500 id say it was a good year...theyre in a rebuilding stage and have a tough schedule...
  • Question:-Where can I find authentic Florida State football jerseys to buy?
    With the number 9 or 4.

    Answer:-Ask Peter Warrick to go to Footlocker and get his special discount price.
  • Question:-What was the score of the Florida, Florida State Football game today?

    and who won?

    Florida St.-12(kicker made 4 field goals including a 60yd)

    Gators Chomped Them!!!

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