Sunday, November 6, 2011

earthquake today

  • Question:-EARTHQUAKE TODAY!!...?
    was there an earthquake today because my windows where shakingg:/

    if it did happen "quakeprediction" was saying the thruth!!!!

    Answer:-There was a mag 2.7 near the Salton Sea yesterday, which is the only quake in the last day or so meeting criteria. Unfortunately, there are so many small quakes in California that forecasting one, especially in an active fault zone, is meaningless in the long run. Also, it looks like is hedging their bets. Looking at the percentages for the Bay Area, it looks like they're predicting a swarm of quakes, with a 90% or better chance for a quake on five days in a row. If one quake does hit in the next week, that's not just a successful "prediction," it's also four unsuccessful predictions.

    Link is to the USGS map of recent quakes in California. New quakes are plotted within a few minutes. If what you felt was an earthquake, it will be on the map.
  • Question:-Earthquake today !?
    Did any of you heard about the earthquake in southern california, man i was sooo fuken scare when it happen. ( i live in los angeles)

    Answer:-Yes. But I don't live in LA. I found out when I looked at this link. I bet may of you guys were afraid. Be careful if you plan on going to the beach because of after effects. It could be possible a tsunami could hit.
  • Question:-What caused the earthquake in Chicago today?
    There was a mild earthquake today 2/10/2010.
    The earthquake was felt around 4am and it was a 3.8 magnitude! Hard to believe this could happen in Chicago.

    Answer:-Maybe it has some connection with the New Madrid fault.
  • Question:-Did the earthquake today hit Georgia and how bad was the damage?
    Hi, does anyone know if the earthquake today hit the state of Georgia? Like, was it affected? And how bad is the damage in Georgia? I really am concerned about this because my brother's best friend is visiting Georgia right now, and my brother hasn't contacted him yet. Please let me know. Thanks!

    Answer:-I'm not sure if it went that far, but the news said that it hit 22 states. Or rather, the tremors could be felt in 22 states. The worse hit were D.C. and Virginia where the Epicenter is. Call your brother back to see what he's found out, that's your best bet. I think your friend will be fine.
  • Question:-Is there suppose to be an earthquake today at 2pm?
    I heard that there is gonna be a big earthquake today since "the world is ending" has any of you heard about this earthquake thing?? Is it really true?

  • Question:-Do you think the earthquake today is linked to Obama?
    There was an earthquake today. It originated in Chiacgo, home of Barry and Michael Osama. In the Bible it states that with the arrival of the antichrist there will be many earthquakes, floods and volcanoes. Maybe this the start of that. Maybe it is God trying to make those blind and deaf Bama supporters really look and listen to what his true colors are. He is a racist, muslim, terrorist befriending, American hating, grandmother bashing, liar who will destroy this country. Listen to God, the earthquake may be the first of many such things, because Obama the antichrist is here.

    Answer:-You give everyone something to think about ! I agree that he should NOT be even running for President. I agree with everything you said, you are not alone on this one!
  • Question:-Was there an earthquake in new york today?
    I live in Queens and i playing call of duty when i felt my house started to shake. After a few seconds it stopped. So was there an earthquake today, around 9 AM?

    Answer:-The person above gave you a link to a NY Times City Room blog post. I knew that didn't sound right, because I just read the entire NY Region section of the online NY Times, including the City Room blog, and didn't see it.

    So I clicked on the link provided above. It was from June 23, 2010!!!!! So, no, I don't think you felt an earthquake. (I don't know what that other person was thinking.)
  • Question:-OMG is there really going to be an earthquake today and the world is gonna end?
    Omg i am so scared because they have been saying that the world is going to end today and it's going to be an earthquake. Is this true? Please please i'm really scared i don't wanna die yet.

    Answer:-Omds are you gonna believe dem, this have been said many times and never came true, its all bull3it
  • Question:-Were you shocked about the earthquake today?
    I grew up in New Jersey and I never experience this earthquake today of 5.8! Wow!

    Answer:-Me too. I thought it was the trucks that go by my house that usually shake my house. But after 3 seconds went by I thought my house was falling down so I ran outside and then I noticed the rest of my street was outside then relized it was a EARTHQUAKE!!!! I was like a earthquake in new jersey????
  • Question:-Will Rome, Italy be rocked with a major earthquake today ?
    Years ago a scientist predicted Rome would suffer a major earthquake on May 11th 2011. That's today.

    Answer:-This "prediction" was made about a hundred years ago.

    This was before people realized that earthquakes are actually caused by plate tectonics.

    Earthquakes CANNOT be predicted.

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