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  • Question:-bcs???????????
    Ok everyone hates this question about the BS BCS but now who is in it?

    Sunday I believe it will be
    Top 3

    1. Mizzou/Kansas
    2. WVU
    3. Ohio State

    West Virginia has a game against a good uconn team. Ohio State is done. And the winner of the kansas and Mizzou plays Oklahoma. So do you think a possible Ohio State/West Virginia game.

    Answer:-It is possible to see a WVU vs OSU, but i dont think it will happen. I dont see the winner of Kansas/Mizzou losing the Big XII game to an over rated Oklahoma team. Hopefully we get a Kansas vs WVU game. I think it would be a great game to see.
  • Question:-How many Bowl games do non-bcs teams need to win in order to start getting a chance?
    I want to see interesting match-ups, I want to cheer on the underdog.

    But why doesn't the BCS want this to happen?

    I think its great when Utah beats Alabama, Boise ST beats Oklahoma.

    Now we have TCU demolishing ranked opponents, but they're not taken seriously at all?

    The BCS seems to me to be more of a popularity contest than any real system of a teams strength.

    Answer:-Non BCS teams will never get a chance in the current system. Overrated conferences like the SEC and Big 10 will always get too many teams represented in the BCS since they only play patsies outside of their own conference and then play it out umongst themselves giving the illusion that a very good record means they are deserving of a high ranking.

    Example Ohio State. They did have the guts to sign a big time game out of conference, but they lost, to a sub par USC team. Played out the rest of their schedule verses small schools in Ohio and other Big 10 schools. This allowed them to build a decent record and get a BCS bowl invite by winning a BCS conference, even if it is the Big 10.
  • Question:-How are BCS bowls chosen? Is it based upon the BCS polls rankings and the Top 10 teams on that list?
    Is it based upon the BCS polls rankings and the Top 10 teams on that list?

    Answer:-Once the final BCS rankings are released -- which this year is 12/2 -- the national championship game will take the teams that finish ranked #1 and #2.

    Then, the other four BCS bowls -- Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar -- select the remaining teams. However, you don't have to be in the top 10 to be selected. (For instance, a conference can send a maximum of two teams to BCS games, so if they have 3 teams in the top 10, they can't all go).

    The bowls have conference tie-ins as well, so if Ohio State does not make the championship game, they will go to the Rose Bowl.

    To read more, follow the link I've included below.
  • Question:-Why do people complain about BCS during the years when SEC teams win the national championship?
    03, 06, 07, 08....Is it because the BCS national champions for those years had been beaten during the regular season while the other teams that won the BCS title went undefeated?

    Answer:-That may be one of the issues but people have complained about the BCS since its inception. They don't like the idea of a computer picking the National Champion. But it's funny that a team can be SEC bound after losing 1 or even 2 games yet it's the most competitive, talented, mythically BETTER conference in the nation. There are a lot of inequities in college football, it'll never be perfect.
  • Question:-Is the BCS computer rankings projections different from the Preseason rankings in college football?
    For the BCS bowl rankings projection, I am just curious on the ranking difference from the BCS compared with the Preseason rankings. Would they correspond exactly by points? Or would they differ initially? My main point behind this is to wonder since after #3 Oregon lost to #4 LSU, would Oregon still have a chance to go to the BCS National Championship if they lost the home opener but win the rest of the games?

    Answer:-The BCS rankings are released starting in mid October. The calculation for the rankings has 3 parts, 2 opinion polls and a computer ranking system. The polls used are the USA Today/Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll. The computer 1/3 of the BCS is an average of 6 separate computer rankings.

    The USA Today/Coaches Poll releases a preseason ranking and then every week after the season starts. The first Harris Poll is released when the same day the first overall BCS rankings are published.

    Most teams have played 6 or 7 games by the time the BCS rankings start so they will always differ a lot from the preseason rankings. The teams at the top of the rankings may be the same, or close to the same, depending on how they've done at that point in the season.

    It's much better to be undefeated but any of the BCS conference winners with 1 loss will have a shot at getting into the BCS Championship Game. However, it's a long shot for Oregon.

    Oregon is ranked 14th in this weeks Coaches Poll. That puts them behind 3 teams from the Big 12, 2 teams from the Big 10, 2 teams from the ACC, 4 teams from the SEC, and Stanford from the PAC 12.. plus Boise State.

    Obviously, the only impact Oregon can have in the rankings of those teams would be beating Stanford.

    It's likely that 2 or more of those teams will finish the season undefeated. If that happens, it's highly doubtful that Oregon or any team with 1 loss will be ranked #1 or #2.

    And, if all the BCS conference winners have 1 loss, it's unlikely the winner of the PAC 12 will be ranked above SEC, Big 12, or Big 10 conference winners with 1 loss. That's because teams in those conferences are generally considered to have a stronger strength of schedule than Oregon.

    So all that Oregon can do is focus on games week to week, beat Stanford, stay undefeated for the remaining games, win the PAC 12 and watch to see what happens with the other conferences.

    Since teams in the other conferences play each other, I can see Oregon rising up in the rankings to #4 or #5. But it will be very difficult for the Ducks to get the #1 or #2 spot.
  • Question:-What is the lowest seed a BCS conference team has gotten in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?
    My brother and I were debating this. I don't think they can get a seed lower than 13. I remember a couple of years ago Georgia won the SEC tournament and won the automatic bid and were seeded as a 13 seed. Has there ever been a BCS team that has been seeded a 14 or 15?

    Answer:-Georgia's #13 was the lowest seed ever from a Major-Conference.

    But, there could theoretically be lower seeds.

    The conferences are each assigned RPI rankings just like teams are at the end of the regular season based on how their teams fare against other conferences.

    If a Power Conference, like say the Pac-10, had a very low conference RPI, and the winner had an average record, like 16-15 or something, they could technically be a 16 seed.
  • Question:-What is the worst record team to mke the BCS?
    My friend is saying a 500 team has made a BCS bowl game before, and I am saying they have not. Maybe a 3 or 4 loss team, but not 500. Can anyone recall who has the worst record and still made a BCS game.

    Answer:-1993 Texas Tech 6-5 in the bowl alliance lost the Hancock bowl to Oklahoma 41-10

    1994 Texas Tech 6-5 lost the Cotton Bowl 55-14 to Southern Cal

    The BCS was formerly the Coallition then the Alliance before changing to the BCS in 1998

    2005 Florida State 8-4 lost in the Orange Bowl to Penn State 26-23 in 3 OT.
  • Question:-Can somebody please explain the conditions of the automatic BCS bowl berth?
    It seems to me that there is a rule if the conference champion does not finish in the top 16, a bowl bid is not guaranteed. Can anybody confirm this or fully explain the process? I am really hoping that the Big Least can be shut out of the BCS bowls this year and a deserving non-BCS conference team gets that bid. Is this possible?

  • Question:-Can the BCS teams no longer rely on an easy win when they play a FCS team?
    After the upset by Appalachian state, are the 1-A schools looking at their "easy wins" with just a little bit of nervousness now?

    Is the fact that the BCS (1-A) teams play easy schedules and get invites to bowl games hurting 1-A ball?

    Are the 1-AA teams getting better because they actually have to scrap to win their divisions and win real playoff games?

    I'd love to see the UMass Minutemen beat BC later this year. As the Minutemen lost to Appalachian State in the championship game last year, that may just be a possibility.

    Answer:-Well just look at Bobby Bowden of Florida State said in an interview. He basically said the top tier teams have actually stayed the same when it comes to players and getting recruits but with some many kids out there they can't take them all of offer them scholarships so they jump to another school to start instead of being a backup at his school for 2 or 3 years when they can immediately start somewhere else like in JuCo or other DIV 1A, DIV 1AA, or DIV II schools and still get s great shot at the NFL
  • Question:-How much is my Fossil BCS 2009 Oklahoma Championship watch worth?
    I ordered a BCS Championship watch from Fossil from last years game and instead of it stating Florida is the champion, it shows Oklahoma as the champion. It was even sent in a Florida BCS Champion tin. Obviously it was sent in mistake. Fossil is begging me for the watch back, probably due to embarassment. How much would a watch like this be worth?

    Answer:-Being that it never happened its worthless!

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