Thursday, November 10, 2011

edmund fitzgerald

  • Question:-Did the Edmund Fitzgerald cause the water level of Lake Superior to increase?
    The Edmund Fitzgerald boat weighed over 26 tons. When it sunk in Lake Superior, did it cause the water level to raise at all?

    Answer:-Even if the water level did raise for a brief period, the excess water would have just shortly after raised the level of the water flowing on to the next lake in the chain, and so on, and would have dropped back to normal.
  • Question:-What other ships sank on the same date as the USS Edmund Fitzgerald?
    I heard that there are other ships that sank on November 10th (or 11th) in the same area as the USS Edmund Fitzgerald. What were the ships called and what year did they sink?

    Answer:-No other ships sank that day. Another ship did sail with the Edmund Fitzgerald, but it reported the loss of communication with Fitzgerald, and was part of the search for survivors.
  • Question:-Edmund Fitzgerald? ?
    What do each of these lines mean?
    With a crew and the captain well seasoned
    And the good ship crew was in peril

    Answer:-With a ship a crew very experienced
    And the good ship crew in danger
    (they were in a huge storm and a big wave hit them or something and they sunk)
  • Question:-Is it true the Edmund Fitzgerald cook was to be arrested for molesting little girls?
    I heard that Robrt Rafferty, cook on the Edmund Fitzgerald was a child molester. He was not supposed to be on the ship the night it sank. He volunteered to take the place of a sick shipmate. I heard he was from Toledo Ohio. Have I heard wrong or is my best friend from Ohio lying to me?

    Answer:-Your best friend is probably lying to you. I've read quite a bit on the Edmund Fitzgerald and have not heard that. Also, consider that the cook couldn't have just happened on the ship that night. The voyage began on Lake Erie and passed up to the iron ore dock on the Lake Superior, they filled there and then were returning. So there's a few days at least that he was on the boat. I'll check with the local maritime museum tomorrow.

    Regardless of that outcome be sure to listen to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald tomorrow out of respect for the 29 men who died on the ship.
  • Question:-I have a question about the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    Hey. I've been doing research on the sunken ship, the Edmund Fitzgerald. Lately I've been looking on the internet about the wreck and I came across something about a body being found near the wreck. A man named Fred Shannon went down on a dive and discovered it taking pictures and a video of the remains. Supposedly he put it in a book and I was wondering where i could find the book, pictures, or video of this as it interests me greatly. Thanks for your help.

    Answer:-Your librarian is your friend. Since you know the author, the search should be pretty easy. Try Library of Congress catalog (, WorldCat (a subscription database) or Books in Print. Once you have the publication info, you can use inter-library loan if your library doesn't have it.
  • Question:-Why was the Edmund Fitzgerald so important?
    Im doing a report on the Edmund Fiztgerald but i have to be persuasive.

    Answer:-At the time it was the largest vessel of its kind and there was some controversy as to how it sank.

    It was immortalized by Gordon Lightfoot in a classic song and is no more important than the other sailors and vessels claimed by Lake Superior.
  • Question:-I would like to fictional book about the Wreak of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Would people find it offensive?
    Ok I want to write a book (fictional) about a survivor that was on the Fitzgerald, and how she kept silent about it for many years but is finally sharing her story. Would it offend anyone?
    I am planning on making the book in memory of all the 29 men who died
    ok- FICTIONAL book made up story. I have been weighting a few theories but none involve a drunken captain and a bunch of incompetents.

    Answer:-Many books have been written about the Titanic and the Andrea Doria as well as other shipwrecks. Most of these tend to be more romantic in nature (think Titanic the movie) or adventurous (Raising the Titanic) or include some mystery element.

    However, yours sounds more like a fictionalized retelling, more along the lines of The Perfect Storm.

    If you use good taste and judgement you should be fine. As long as you don't intend to sensationalize the incident, since many of families are still alive, you should be fine.

    You might find it easier to keep the main elements of this story, but fictionalize it even further - use a different ship name and character names, change some locations and minor details. You can still dedicate your story to this event and the sailors who died, but are less likely to cause offense.

    Good luck with your story.
  • Question:-Have people brought up the Edmund Fitzgerald?
    I have been reading and i have heard the story of the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald. My husband said he saw some people bring the ship up from the bottom. I would like to see that. If anyone has any idea please tell me. Thank you!!!!!

    Answer:-I haven't heard a thing about that. I'm sure it would be's in a nasty lake. It's (the ship) over 500 feet deep and over 700 feet long......
    Many years ago a friend and I took a 4 hour ferry ride to Isle Royale National Park across Lake Superior and I remember it was overcast and the lake had a scary look about it....the water was choppy and black. Lake Michigan is supposed to be more dangerous than an ocean also.
  • Question:-What makes the Edmund Fitzgerald so memorial compared to other shipwrecks?
    I see the sadness, but it has been almost mythically treated.

    Answer:-se was one bigesst ships of her time too
  • Question:-what is the exact location of the wrecked Edmund Fitzgerald ship?
    I need to try to locate the wrecked ship on google earth.

    Answer:-see below.

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